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What’s going to happen in the all-new Flashpoint season 2? The inaugural season was heavily plagued by issues before and during the actual event. Will the second season bear the same curse? Well, let’s hope it won’t! Let’s hope it goes according to everyone’s expectations because we have big plans with it betting-wise.

Our Cloud9 vs. predictions are just the tip of the iceberg. They’re based on the first group C match and are the first Flashpoint S2 betting picks we’re going to feature here. All things considered; fingers crossed we start our Flashpoint S2 betting campaign with a win!

Cloud9 vs. Predictions

Cloud9 and are in group C AKA Tower of Babel, alongside OG and Gen.G. We’ve already discussed this in our Flashpoint S2 event coverage, but it’s important to emphasize the complexity of it. What we’re looking at here is the group of death. All four teams have solid chances of winning; C9, VP, and OG are the front-runners, but Gen.G will fancy their chances too.

As for this particular matchup, we’re going to cover all crucial info (forms, news, map pool depth, and player stats) before giving guidelines for Cloud9 vs. predictions. We know you betting enthusiasts are eager to get things going, but betting on CSGO requires a patient approach, and that’s what we’re all about!

Recent Campaigns

I’m sure most of you know is no longer featuring the good old Polish roster. Since December last year (almost a whole year has passed, jeez), is featuring the ex-AVANGAR roster. Well, a part of it, at least.

Their campaigns have been pretty solid as far as the CIS region goes. They don’t have anything noteworthy to add from international events, but that’s nothing that’ll massively impact our Cloud9 vs. predictions.

As for Cloud9, they had several solid (at best) outings in NA. They’ve been searching for a new identity for most of 2020, to be frank. Luckily, they could be on the brink of finding it. With woxic and es3tag secured, things are finally looking good for the North American organization. That said, we can’t really spend too much time talking about their past performances. We need to focus on their long-term potential… and my oh my, it could be huge!

Map Pool Stats

The same goes for C9’s map pool. Most of their team has played just one event together. Woxic and es3tag are yet to make their mark under new colors. Obviously, we can’t know for certain just how much their map pool preferences will change.

What we do know is that will probably fancy their chances on Dust 2 and Train. They haven’t lost a single map on Train in six matches, and have a superb 79% win rate on Dust 2 over the last nineteen matches. Mirage and Inferno are looking good too – 78% and 75%, respectively. In fact, has been great on virtually all maps except for Nuke, which is their permaban.

However, please note that has mostly been playing against tier-B CIS sides, which is why their map pool might seem a bit inflated.

Individuals Stats

If we’re going to indulge in individual stats and their trickery, four players are worth mentioning. On VP’s end, we have Jame and YEKINDAR. I’m sure you all know just what a powerhouse Jame is on his trusty AWP: The Latvian prodigy (YEKINDAR), on the other hand, is slowly developing into a world-class rifler too.

They’ll have to play against woxic and es3tag on the other end. The Turkish star doesn’t need further introductions, I reckon. He has come to Cloud9 to finally reach his true potential, something which he was unable to accomplish during his tenure at Mousesports. Es3tag’s Astralis campaign was met with pretty mixed feelings. He has come into Cloud9 to be in the starting roster and hopefully get his consistency in order.

It’s difficult to separate the two sets of teams, but I honestly fancy Cloud9’s roster alterations… for their potential, if nothing else!

Betting Pick
Cloud9 to Win

Even though are the favorites because of their superb form and much better campaigns in recent months, I’m going to side with Cloud9 here. This new roster has great potential and I reckon they’ll show everyone they mean business right off the bat. This is their first competitive game with the new grandiose duo woxic and es3tag. We’re talking about two world-class players and they ought to be the difference against Jame and the VP boys.

Why Betting on CSGO is so Popular?

Betting on CSGO is topping the popularity charts within the esports betting ecosphere. Valve’s legendary first-person shooter was quick to “support” betting activities long before the days of legit online betting. 2014 was the year CSGO skin betting gathered a massive following… fast-forward to today, the popularity is still there but the means of betting on CSGO are vastly different.

What’s driving such striking popularity, though?

Well, I can think of several reasons right off the bat. For starters – betting on CSGO online has become a habit for many esports fans. It’s already in their blood and addictive habits are hard to get rid of. Additionally, betting on CSGO is just pure damn fun. If you’re an avid CSGO fan, you’re going to love the opportunities betting on CSGO brings forth. There’s the profitability chance too – some people are in it for the money and that’s alright as long as they don’t splurge through their savings month in and month out.

That’s it for today, guys! Fingers crossed Cloud9 fulfills our expectations!

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