Complexity vs. BIG Betting Predictions | IEM XV Beijing-Haidian Quarterfinals Analysis

Complexity Vs Big Beijing IEM

Another day, another set of IEM XV Beijing-Haidian betting predictions. Nope, the $150,000 event is not over just yet. There are still seven playoffs games to go and, today, we’re bringing forward another quarterfinal matchup.

Complexity vs. BIG predictions are the main focus here; hopefully we’ll manage to find some value in this one.

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There’s plenty of information online that should resolve any teething issues you’re bound to stumble upon. For more experienced esports betting enthusiasts, let’s jump straight to Complexity vs. BIG predictions and see what sort of value can be found here!

Complexity vs. BIG Predictions

Let’s make one thing clear here – both teams have high expectations coming into this match. They’ve both had a successful group stage, although we have to note Complexity came out with two wins to their tally. BIG slipped against Mousesports but was tenacious enough to advance to the playoffs through the lower bracket.

We’re up for a thriller here, no doubt about that!

The bookies can’t decide the favorite here. Some of them have both teams at identical odds, while others have Complexity as the slightest of favorites. Odds aside, let’s see how these two stack up against each other in key areas.

Recent Campaigns

BIG clinched BLAST Premier Fall Finals and that ought to mean a lot for the Germans. They’ve had solid outings on DreamHack Open Fall, as well as IEM XV NY and ESL Pro League S12, but really struggled on ESL One Cologne where they got eliminated right off the bat. Before that, though, BIG had won three top-tier events and were regarded as the best team in the world.

Complexity’s last few campaigns haven’t been the greatest. Disappointing runs on ESL One Cologne, ESL Pro League S12, and IEM XV New York prompted the need to change. With oBo back in the States, Complexity had to find a proper replacement… and I believe they’ve found it in ex-100T star jks.

His debut was a big heartbreak since Complexity failed to clinch a ticket to BLAST Premier Finals.

They’ve struggled in elimination contests, though, which is important for the grand scheme of our Complexity vs. BIG predictions.

All in all, I think we can agree BIG is in slightly better form. They’ve clinched a spot on BLAST Premier Fall Finals, and had better overall results than Complexity this year… especially this summer when they were crowned as the best team in the world, be it for a short period.

Individual Stats

There’s more to this matchup than jks and syrsoN. Heck, I’m not even sure if jks can be put in the lead-fragging position just yet… especially with blameF in such great form. Jks’ arrival definitely means a lot for Complexity, but you need to understand the Aussie will need more time to show his true potential.

XANTARES is stepping up his game too.

The mighty Turk has a +41 K/D difference over the last thirty-three maps (cca one month of competitive play), just eighteen below syrsoN, and fifty-seven more than k1to. We’re talking pure frags here – XANTARES’ map coverage goes beyond that but it’s still important to note as it opens the door for BIG’s transitional play which could be of crucial importance against Complexity.

Map Pool Stats

Map pool stats are pretty well stacked on both ends, which means the third map is rather inevitable. BIG are the favorites to take Dust 2, Inferno, and Nuke, although the latter could be anyone’s game. BIG’s stats are superior on Mirage too, but the difference isn’t that big so I’m afraid to give any concrete calls.

The only thing I’d like to add here is the fact that we’ve had the third map in four out of last six head-to-head matches. And those two that didn’t go the distance both went the full thirty rounds on the second map. These two are as tight as they come, which means total maps over is a very likely option here.

Complexity vs. BIG Betting Predictions
BIG to Win 2:1!

Let’s take some risk today, folks! Lady luck hasn’t been on our side lately, so let’s try to break the deadlock with a potent one.

Correct score 2:1 in favor of BIG at +300 looks promising. A match-winner on BIG at -103 is the second-best thing you can do here, assuming you deem BIG the favorites here.

Of course, you don’t need to go that risky. Total maps over 2.5 will do just fine for those of you who aren’t big on the whole risk-taking game. I know -105 isn’t the greatest, but it still possesses good value, especially considering their map pool stats.

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