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It’s on, guys! Just a few more hours separate us from the first IEM XV Beijing-Haidian matches! The European contest kickstarts first with Vitality vs. Spirit and Faze vs. OG. Here, we’re going to concentrate on the second matchday of Group A. Complexity vs. Fnatic predictions is what we’re here for, so let’s not waste any more time and cut straight to the chase!

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Yes, you might get rich with CSGO betting! It’s highly unlikely, but it is possible! But, if you’re just in it for the money, you better walk away.

Complexity vs. Fnatic Predictions

Coming into this match, Complexity is considered as the heavy favorite. Well, perhaps heavy is not the right word here since most bookies have them at around -200… but I’m sure you know what I’m talking about here.
How should we approach this matchup knowing Complexity’s superiority? Well, just like we approach every other matchup out there – with cold hard facts and a fully objective look into both sides.

Getting the facts was pretty difficult because jks arrived to Complexity just recently. As most of you probably know, oBo stepped down from the roster and moved back to the States last month. In came jks following 100 Thieves’ disband, and now we’re looking at a much more complex complexity roster (pun intended).

What’s the perfect topic to start our Complexity vs. Fnatic predictions? It’s recent results, of course!

Recent Results

Even though they haven’t had that many positive campaigns in 2020, recent results of the Swedish side aren’t all that bad. True, they’re currently going through a three-match losing streak (Astralis, NiP, and BIG), but prior to that, they had a few notable scalps. Most importantly, they defeated Complexity in their last head to head encounter during IEM XV New York. However, I have to point out that oBo had already stepped down before that match, with naToSaphiX serving as the replacement. So yeah, now that jks is on board, things will be drastically different.

Complexity’s 2020 has been pretty good! They won four #HomeSweetHome cups followed by their biggest pot ever – $335,000 from winning BLAST Premier Spring EU Finals. Unfortunately, they’ve been in a downward spiral since then. Good things are bound to be just around the corner, though. As I’ve said earlier – jks’ arrival ought to push Complexity up a notch and make them more competitive. They’ve been stellar in Europe thus far; I can’t wait to see what sort of a show they put on once they return to the States.

Map Pool Depth

Fnatic used to be known for having a superb map pool. Nowadays, they’re far from that flattering title. Nowadays, Fnatic is known for being the second-best team of all time. Of course, I’m referring to their marvelous roster that swept through the scene back in 2015. Yep, that’s the sad story of the fallen Swedish giants.

Enough with the history lessons, though, as we have another Complexity vs. Fnatic predictions section to go through.

Complexity’s map pool isn’t exactly superb either. They’re good on Overpass, Mirage, and Vertigo… and that’s about it. They avoid Inferno, though, which is Fnatic’s strongest map… and that alone should seal the deal for us here.


Realistically speaking, Fnatic has a good set of individuals. The likes of KRIMZ, JW and Brollan aren’t to be taken for granted. The same goes for flusha and Golden. Fnatic has perfect the mixture of youth and experience… but they just can’t seem to figure out the teamwork part of the game.

Complexity is bound to encounter the same issues, at least until jks settles in for good. He’s a brand-new signing so that’ll probably take a while. But, the thing is, even if Complexity isn’t fully synced ahead of the match against Fnatic, their individual superiority should be enough to grant them the big W.

With that in mind, here’s what I’ve decided to go with.

Betting Pick
Complexity to Win

-189 is not that bad, really! After all, Fnatic are in a world of issues and just can’t seem to string more than a few matches together. Plus, we can’t forget about the fact Complexity now has a beastlike fragger in their team, a fragger that’s ready to let loose no matter who’s on the other end.

We’re all done with Complexity vs. Fnatic predictions! Thanks for sticking till the end with the hope that you’ll cash some money out during this event.

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