Complexity vs. Vitality Betting Predictions | DreamHack Masters Spring 2021 Match Analysis

Complexity Vs Vitality DreamHack Masters Spring

We aren’t done with the DH Masters Spring opening-round coverage just yet! We’ve already done our research on Astralis vs. Extra Salt. Feel free to check that piece out. Now, we’re here to say a couple of words about Complexity vs. Vitality predictions. It’s another vital (pardon the pun) matchup; a tricky bo1 that could easily swing this side of the bracket in an upset-friendly direction.

Please Note:
Make sure you don’t go big on the opening round matches. These types of matches bring forth additional risk in what’s already a chaotic online environment. There will be lots of awesome CSGO betting opportunities down the line – don’t waste too much money on these bo1s!

Complexity vs. Vitality Predictions

Once again, we’re looking at a bo1 contest here. To top that off, DreamHack Masters Spring 2021 features a double-elimination bracket.

What does that mean?

Well, it means that the bo1 losers aren’t automatically eliminated, they still have a chance at going forward through the lower bracket.

In other words, to get eliminated, a team must lose at least one bo3!

With those words, let’s jump into our Complexity vs. Vitality betting predictions!


Vitality are in a terrible form. With RPK gone, the Frenchmen rely on Kyojin as the go-to replacement, though I don’t believe he’s going to bring much to their campaigns. The team is experiencing one of their worst dry spells in history, winning just three of their last thirteen matches. One of those thirteen was against Complexity, and it was a clean 2:0 loss on the BLAST Premier Spring group stage.

Complexity’s 2021 hasn’t been that good, though they do have one campaign to show off. I’m referring to their quarterfinal finish on ESL Pro League which saw them defeat the likes of VP, NaVi, and OG on their way to the quarters. The NA org doesn’t have an ideal track record, but they are in a better shape than Vitality, be it ever so slightly.

Map Pool Stats

No worries, I know this is a bo1 so I won’t be talking too much about the map pool. In bo1s, the map pool stats are a double-edged sword and any deep discussion is (more or less) irrelevant since there’s no way of knowing which map we’ll end up watching.

What I can say is that Vitality will hope for Dust 2 whereas Complexity will be satisfied with either Vertigo, Inferno, or Mirage. Complexity feeling comfortable on these maps doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the heavy favorites on them…

Heck, how can a team be labeled as the favorite when there’s ZywOo on the other end of the server?

Individual Aspects

The stats are pretty one-sided here – Complexity’s players are in much better form. This is especially true for blameF and k0nfig who’ve been doing all the dirty work for this Complexity team. But, you just can’t count ZywOo out in situations like these. Not just because it’s a bo1, but because it’s a pressure-packed encounter that Vitality desperately needs to win.

So yeah, even though the stats point towards Complexity here, we have to be objective and account for the circumstances surrounding ZywOo and his team.

They need to win this match…I just can’t stress this enough!

Should Vitality lose this one, I reckon it’ll be the end of this roster as we know it…

Complexity vs. Vitality Betting Predictions
Vitality to Win!

Odds are courtesy of BetOnline. You can check out our BetOnline review here.

Vitality need to wake up and there’s no better time than now! The match against Complexity is a fine opportunity to get back at them for that defeat on BLAST Premier Spring, but also a great opportunity to turn a new page and push up the rankings. Once again, things aren’t looking good for Vitality – winning this match ought to be imperative for these players!

I for one think they’re going to flourish under this pressure…

Especially ZywOo who’s been rather absent in recent weeks. If he hits the ground running tomorrow, this bo1 could have his name written all over it. At +114, I’m relying on the best player in the world to return to his pedestal and amaze us with his brilliance tomorrow!

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