Copenhagen Flames vs. C0ntact Predictions | ESL One: Road to Rio EU Picks

Copenhagen Flames vs. C0ntact Predictions | ESL One: Road to Rio EU Picks

Okay guys, I’m not trying to jinx anything here, but we’re starting a proper roll here. Our first two days of ESL One: Road to Rio action were outstanding. First, we nailed down Gen.G’s surprising win against Cloud9; then we predicted both the correct score and map totals for FURIA vs. Envy. Let’s make it three from three with these facts-driven Copenhagen Flames vs. C0ntact predictions!

We’re talking about two relatively new teams here; teams that will be eyeing their chances of reaching the playoffs from a distance. But, a win in their first matchup would do them both a world of good. Not to mention the fact they both have great opportunities to make it two from two since they’re going up against Riders and GODSENT next.

But, that’s too far of a stretch for now. Let’s turn our attention back to Copenhagen Flames vs. C0ntact predictions. More precisely, let’s check out how you can start placing bets on ESL One: Road to Rio matches!

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Copenhagen Flames vs. C0ntact Predictions

Let’s start off with our Copenhagen Flames vs. C0ntact predictions with the obvious – these two teams played against each other slightly more than a month ago. C0ntact Gaming won the match after suffering through overtime drama on Nuke and then stomping over CPHF on Mirage. SHiPZ was an absolute menace on both maps, securing 54 kills and ending the match with 1.53 HLTV rating.

For those of you who don’t know, C0ntact Gaming is basically CR4Zy, just without huNter and nexa. Even though the dynamic Balkan duo was the cornerstone of that CR4ZY roster that enjoyed an impressive run of form on the StarLadder Major last year, I honestly think the current roster (post-acquisition) isn’t too far off either.

As for CPHF, Farlig is still running the show. In fact, he’s the only CPHF player that’s been playing consistently well over the last month or so. Yes, refrezh wasn’t half bad either, but Farlig’s contribution had to be pointed out.


When it comes to recent matches and form, neither of these teams looks superb. Copenhagen Flames, for instance, won against Gambit Youngsters, SKADE, and Team Spirit, but lost against Endpoint and BIG. Okay, I can understand the defeat against BIG… but Endpoint, really?

As for C0ntact Gaming, it’s safe to say their Flashpoint performance was underwhelming… and that’d be putting it lightly. I, and many others, expected great things from this lineup, but luck just wasn’t on their side during that wicked match against FunPlus Phoenix in which they lost their playoffs tickets. That match must’ve shaken the team straight to its core. Could it influence how they perform tomorrow? I think not!

Wrapping Things Up

Considering the fact neither of the teams have been playing well recently, I reckon they’ll both have a chance for a fresh start on Road to Rio. As for the actual Copenhagen Flames vs. C0ntact predictions, they’re heavily influenced by map pool depth and roster quality. Needless to say, both factors go heavily in favor of C0ntact.

Combine map pool depth and superior individuals with a ton more experience (mainly referring to ottoNd and espiranTo), and you’ll understand why I’m going with C0ntact Gaming here. Nothing fancy – a good old match-winner on the Balkan boys will suffice. End of discussion!

Copenhagen Flames vs. C0ntact Predictions
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