2020 World Championship: DAMWON Gaming vs. Suning

Damwon Vs Suning

The 2020 World Championship final is right around the corner, and no one’s quite sure what to think of it. On the one hand, the fact that we’re getting an LCK vs. LPL clash almost guarantees a skirmish-heavy Best of 5 that’ll entertain us beyond measure. On the other, there’s no telling who’ll come out on top.

In other words, if you’re just a fan of competitive League, then you’re in for an absolute treat. If, however, you’re looking to put your money on the line, you’d be wise to look elsewhere as this match can truly go either way.

It’s baffling, really — the very definition of a hindsight 20/20 kind of clash.

We have quite a sizable sample size to analyze and go over, but it means very little in the face of a match-up no one saw coming.

All signs were pointing towards Suning losing to JD Gaming and yet they found a way to win; everyone thought they’d succumb to the LPL champions Top Esports and yet Suning persevered despite the overarching narrative. (and in quite convincing fashion, one might add) They don’t care much for what the oddsmakers have to say, and watching them flex over their opposition has been a thing of beauty.

And it’s not just the fact that Suning manages to win, but rather the fashion in which they do so.

There’s really no hesitation whatsoever, no time wasted between one play and another.

They might not have the best laners in the world but that’s also relatively unimportant given just how well they teamfight and how good their timings are.

Top Esports, for instance, often had the gold lead, but they didn’t execute well enough. They had all the right tools for the job but time and time again Suning found the right openings and capitalized. The speed at which they rotated around the map was absolutely sublime, and they were far more calculated and precise with their aggression — they reserved their energy for those oh-so-important mid and late-game skirmishes.

They know what’s important in today’s meta, and while they’re also prone to trading blows just for the sake of it, there’s a very concrete, calculated method behind their madness.

They’re also darn good at the game. Surprisingly so, even.

Please Note:
Suning is far better than anyone expected coming into Worlds which leads us to the biggest and most fascinating question surrounding the upcoming finals: have we seen their ceiling, or do they still have a couple of tricks up their sleeves?

If it’s the former, then DAMWON Gaming shouldn’t have too big of a problem in taking them down. If it’s the latter, however, then we should be in for one heck of Best of 5 — the winner of which simply cannot be predicted with confidence.

LCK — A Triumphant Return to Form

To say that DAMWON obliterated all opposition would truly be an understatement.

The sheer fact that they beat G2 Esports — the best and most accomplished team Europe ever fostered — in under twenty minutes tells you all you need to know. That was the quickest game in World Championship history, and it was about as clean and dominant as it sounds.

  • If DAMWON gets an inch they’ll take a mile — regardless of whom they’re up against. They can create insurmountable leads in just a couple of minutes, and then snowball them out of control equally as fast. This is truly some next level stuff; they’re like an unrelenting beast on the hunt or a blunt weapon of destruction that can still strike with surgical precision. Watching them execute so well is almost unsettling, even more so when you realize they’re running circles around some of the best teams in the history of the game.
  • Still, much like Suning, they’re not infallible. But their biggest flaws and most pronounced weaknesses aren’t on display all that often. Both G2 and Top Esports knew what they had to do to win — they “just” couldn’t deliver and execute in time. That’s the most impressive thing about both finalists, the fact that they’ll push the pace until you’re out of your comfort zone and then create advantages in any way they possibly can en route to a dominant finish.

They’re both immaculate and have been playing some exceptional League of Legends which makes predicting things quite an agonizing challenge.

Wrapping Things Up

Anyone looking to bet on this LPL vs. LCK match-up will probably do so with a bit of reluctance, and rightfully so. All signs are pointing towards a DAMWON victory, but the fact that Suning managed to defy the odds on so many different occasions does surround this whole thing with a ton of uncertainty.

That, in short, is not something you want as a part of the equation when you’re putting money on the line.

But competitive esports can, at times, be a volatile beast — one that cannot be easily predicted. Some teams rise whereas others fall when you least expect it, and there’s often very little rhyme or reason behind it all.

And tournaments as big as Worlds often have a nuanced (albeit incredibly important) micro-meta that’s hardly perceptible by the community, and only in hindsight do fans end up realizing what went down and why.

Still, we simply have to side with DAMWON on this one. Their level of play throughout Worlds has been nothing short of mind-blowing.

If they find a way to contain Lê “SofM” Quang Duy — Suning’s biggest catalyst — they should definitely be able to get the win. Still, they need to execute to a tee, otherwise they’ll be in for a rude awakening.

Mark your calendars, folks, because you do not want to miss any of the action.

DAMWON Gaming to Win!
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