Dignitas vs. Liquid Betting Predictions | 2021 BLAST Premier Spring Showdown Match Analysis

Dignitas Vs Liquid Blast Premier

Tomorrow marks the first day of BLAST Premier Spring Showdown! There are three matches on the table, one of which is the focal point of this piece! Don’t worry, we’ll go one step at a time, just like we usually do!

This Dignitas vs. Liquid tips piece is divided into several subcategories, each of which will tell us a certain aspect of this matchup. Recent results, map pool depth, and roster qualities – those are the three main aspects we’ll be checking out today.

So, let’s get down and dirty!

Dignitas vs. Liquid Predictions

There are plenty of betting options for BLAST Spring Showdown. You can’t miss them; they are everywhere! Betting on CSGO is now a piece of cake! It requires absolutely no tech know-how; you just need to be good at browsing the internet and that’s it!

Of course, you will need a valid online payment method with some cash on it… but now is not the time nor the place to talk about this sort of stuff.


Let’s talk about how these two teams form is shaping up.

Dignitas’ form is actually pretty solid in fact.

They have just four defeats over their last fourteen matchups. Those are some solid numbers, we have to admit! But, there’s something we’re forgetting here – Dignitas have been playing against weaker opponents.

Liquid have been solid over the last few months.

They have five losses in their last fourteen matches, but the quality of their opponents is much higher. You can’t compare playing against G2, Astralis, and Virtus.pro to playing against the likes of HAVU, K23, Sampi, etc. It’s a different level of play; it requires a different approach.

Unfortunately, we have no recent head-to-head matches between these two to back our Dignitas vs. Liquid predictions. Nothing to be alarmed about, I’m sure we’ll dig out plenty of useful info in the following sections!

Map Pool Stats

Dignitas have been absolutely fuming with confidence on Overpass and Nuke. If they can get their hands on one of them, they’ll have stuff to look forward to in tomorrow’s clash.

Don’t get me wrong, though, Liquid aren’t terrible on those maps… but it’s not something they’d prefer to play against Dignitas. Mirage will probably be off the table since that’s their primary map but Dignitas’ permaban.

The boys in blue will probably hope for Inferno or Vertigo. The map pool is pretty close, come to think of it, though we haven’t accounted for the fact that Dignitas built their map pool stats on much weaker opponents.

Individual Aspects

The remnants of the old NiP roster are still here, nicely poised with some of the region’s experienced veterans. Lekr0 is the newest arrival, coming in from North last month. HEAP came last October and has already established himself as a viable asset to the team. Lekr0 is doing the same, though he’ll need more time to properly adjust. Don’t get me wrong, he’s been doing okay ever since he arrived, but I know there’s room for even more growth!

Liquid can be happy for one thing – EliGE is back! Their golden boy finally has his old form back, which means Liquid is at least 50% more dangerous.

NAF and Stewie2K are limping behind him, especially Stewie2K who’s finally doing some good stuff, but is still not at the level people expect him to be. Overall, though, Liquid wins this department. I respect Dignitas’ roster, their sheer experience and mechanical brilliance… but the likes of in-form EliGE and NAF are just too scary to be taken for granted here.

Dignitas vs. Liquid Betting Predictions
Liquid to Win!

Odds are courtesy of BetOnline. You can check out our BetOnline review here.

A match-winner on Team Liquid at -303 is what we’re going for here.

Yep, that settles our Dignitas vs. Liquid tips! Of course, you can always go for a -1.5 handicap or 2:0 correct score for Liquid. It’s likely to happen and the odds are around +115… However, it might not be that straightforward for Team Liquid, which is why the less valuable -303 match-winner is what I’m going with here.

Well, I guess that settles it! Liquid to win this one at -303 is the final pick here. Take it or leave it!

As always, thanks for sticking through to the very end!

May the odds be in your favor!

Donnie out…

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