Dignitas vs. Team Vitality Picks | ESL One: Road to Rio EU Betting Predictions

It’s time, boys and girls, to focus our attention on Dignitas vs. Vitality predictions! It’s going to be a fierce match from start to finish, and I’m sure we can extract proper value from it.

As always, let’s focus on another important factor regarding the vast waters of the esports betting industry before moving onto the actual predictions. I won’t take too much of your precious time, I promise! We’ll be digging through the upcoming ESL One: Road to Rio EU Matches in no time!

Most Common Esports Betting Mistakes | How to Avoid Them

The esports betting industry packs quite a few traps. Traps that could seriously endanger your esports betting career’s start. Heck, they could hurt your personal finances too. Here’s what I’m talking about:

Betting all the Time

Bookies love when you do this one on a regular basis… Do I even have to point out the wrongdoing here? I mean, it takes no genius to realize that betting all the time won’t lead you anywhere.

Heck, scratch that – it will lead you somewhere. It will lead you to a serious case of gambling addiction!

Take your time, pace your bets, and never splurge through them on a day-to-day basis!

Betting Too Much

Bookmakers love this one as well! Betting too much money is as bad as betting all the time. If there’s a single most important esports betting advice I can share here, it’s that you should never borrow money to get back on level terms so you can pay your rent and pay back the money you borrowed. It’s the quickest way to serious gambling issues, so stay on the smart side and never allow yourself to sink so low!

Betting on Your Favorite Team

Last but not least – never bet on your favorite team. This is probably not as big as the aforementioned duo, but it’s still important. Placing bets on your favorite team puts quite a bit of emotion into the mixture, and we all know emotion clouds our judgement.

That’s why, even if there’s nothing else you can bet on – don’t bet on your favorite team! Not even if it’s just a one-off thing…

Do everything you can not to succumb to the pressure and stay away from these common esports betting mistakes at all costs! You can thank me later…

Dignitas vs. Vitality Predictions

Let’s start off with the important stuff – Dignitas vs. Vitality predictions. In all honesty, if these two teams were supposed to play this game in the first round, I would’ve definitely gone with ZywOo and the French boys. However, now that we’ve seen them both in action, I have to admit I’m expecting a much tighter contest.

Yes, I know Astralis beating Vitality isn’t that big of a surprise… but the way the Great Danes went about their business and the lack of Vitality’s response was just unearthly. It must’ve been devastating not just for ZywOo but for the entire French roster and all of their fans who watched the match live.

Dignitas’ losses were much tighter. I’m referring to their first-round loss against Heretics which saw them lose the second and third map with 16-12 and 16-14 as the end scores. Plus, Dignitas won against Fnatic, which ought to be a big push to their sails.

The never-ending rivalry between Fnatic and Dignitas has finally been rejuvenated… and I can’t wait for it to happen again.

Final Thoughts

Map-pool-wise, both teams are looking pretty good, which suggests we’re going to see the deciding map once again. Remember – Both Vitality and Dignitas played two out of three possible decider maps. That’s something that’s definitely going to affect our Dignitas vs. Vitality predictions and pave the way the story goes from now on!

With all that in mind, let me share my match-winner predictions first! Believe it or not – I’m going with Dignitas here. Yeah, I’m going with the massive underdog once again. The luck (and skill, of course) was on my side when it came to predicting upsets for this event… so I’m hoping I’ll manage another one.

At +190, we’re talking about pretty solid value here; value you shouldn’t miss out on.

If going with Dignitas is too hardcore for your taste, you can always go with the good old total maps action. You know me, I’m a sucker for overs – even though I’ve had mixed luck with them since the start of this event. But, I really do believe this match will reach the decider map. Betting on Dignitas to win really is a bit on the risky side, so total maps over 2.5 at -106 ought to serve as a great alternative.

That’s about it, guys!

Thank you all for sticking till the very end; hopefully it will be well worth your time…

Until next time,


My Pick
Dignitas to Win!
Total Maps Over 2.5
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