EG vs. Dignitas Betting Predictions | Funspark ULTI 2020 Match Analysis

EG Vs Dignitas Fun Spark 2020

The first day of Funspark ULTI 2020 is behind us! We had two matches to watch, one of which was a proper upset.

Yep,, the main favorites for taking the title here, got dumped to the lower bracket following the defeat against ForZe. An insanely close Overpass encounter that went to several overtimes decided the winner. In the second match, Complexity justified the role of the favorite by beating HAVU 2:0 on Mirage and Overpass.

EG vs. Dignitas predictions are here to guide you through the second day of the event. It’s the second match of the second day, scheduled to start at 5.30 pm CEST. Make sure you tune in if you don’t have any obligations.

It has all the makings of a proper cracker!

EG vs. Dignitas Predictions

First things first – why is Dignitas playing against EG when Heroic was supposed to be on that spot? Well, Heroic can’t compete on this event due to conflicting schedules. Dignitas will step up as the replacement and will square off against EG in the opening round.

No worries, most CSGO bookies already have the updated matchup as well as proper CSGO betting odds for it.

That said, you should be all set as far as where to bet on Funspark ULTI 2020 goes. But, if you’re wondering about concrete EG vs. Dignitas predictions, all that can be found down below:


BLAST Premier Spring Showdown saw Dignitas create a major upset in the opening round. Driven by HEAP’s and Lekr0’s inspiring performances, the Swedes managed to eliminate Liquid and venture into the next round. Unfortunately, Team Spirit took them down, but Lekr0 and the boys did put up quite the fight.

But, Evil Geniuses aren’t exactly in fine form either. They have just one win in their last six outings. The fun part is – that win came against Dignitas on Snow Sweet Snow #3. It’s a match that could’ve gone either way. The third map (Train) finished 22:19 in favor of the NA organization.

All in all, it’s safe to say neither of these two is in good form. They both have their issues, which could be a double-edged sword for our EG vs. Dignitas tips.

Map Pool Stats

Nuke and Overpass are Dignitas’ strongest maps. As for EG, they’ve been solid on Nuke, Inferno, and Train. The stats don’t really tell us a lot here, meaning we’ll probably have to look elsewhere if we want to find valuable information.

But, keep in mind that EG defeated Dignitas on Inferno, while the Swedes took Nuke.

Train went in EG’s favor, although it happened after two overtimes and could’ve gone either way. So yeah, it’s a pretty level story as far as map pool stats are concerned. Let’s take a look at both sets of players before finalizing our EG vs. Dignitas betting tips!

Individual Aspects

While I still do think highly of EG’s starting roster, I’m not so sure in their superiority against Dignitas. It has everything to do with MICHU’s arrival. Looking at the long-term effects of his arrival, EG is in for a proper boost in the fragging department. But, I don’t think we’ll see the Pole snap into his true form right off the bat.

Please Note:
On the other hand, Dignitas’ Lekr0 and HEAP were absolutely fuming with confidence against Liquid. They were good against Team Spirit too, but just lacked composure to finish things off on the third map. While this section is pretty level too, I am leaning towards Dignitas a bit.

I guess that leaves us with just one more thing to point out – the actual picks:

EG vs. Dignitas Betting Predictions
Dignitas to Win!

Odds are courtesy of BetOnline. You can check out our BetOnline review here.
At +119, Dignitas are the slightest of underdogs coming into this one. But, if their key players step up to the challenge from the very first round…

I see no reason for them to lose this one.

They are tricky to play against, they stomped over Liquid and gave Spirit a run for their money. Should Dignitas win against EG, you can count on them to do majestic things on this event!

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