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Group B is underway, fellas! Well, technically, the first match starts in roughly five hours, delivering an intense matchup between Vitality and Complexity. This here piece, however, revolves around the second opening-round match of group B. Yep, EG vs. G2 picks are what we’re all about here, so let’s not waste your precious time and jump right into the discussion!

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EG vs. G2 Predictions

Even though we’re talking about one of two opening-round matches here, the stakes couldn’t be any higher. We’ve seen how group A panned out following massive upsets throughout its course. Teams will now be extra careful of such shenanigans, meaning they won’t take a single round for granted. As far as EG vs. G2 predictions are concerned, we can rest assured both teams will give their 120%!


Everyone expects G2 to cruise to a win here, but could be far more difficult than most people imagine. True, Evil Geniuses can’t seem to find their pace; they can’t find their winning ways… but the same can be said about G2 as well. People expected them to reach new heights following the signing of NiKo. And while the Bosnian star did bring forth stability and individual brilliance, other burning issues still faze Ocelote’s organization.

Despite EG’s poor performances lately, they’re still one of the best NA teams out there, and they’ll definitely fancy their chances of qualifying for the Spring Finals, one way or another. It won’t be easy, that’s for sure. Their match crosses with Vitality vs. Complexity. If they win, they have to play against the winner of that matchup for a direct spot in the Spring Finals.

Map Pool Stats

Evil Geniuses haven’t had that many proper matches in late 2020. That, combined with the fact they’ve been absolutely poor at the start of 2021, means their map pool stats are pretty poor. Statistically, Inferno is the only map they’re better on than G2… and guess what, G2 ought to make a quick deal of it in the banning phase and leave Overpass up for grabs.

G2 will fancy Dust 2, Mirage, and Nuke. The NA org will be able to ban one of these three, with the remaining two posing as the go-to options for G2’s initial pick. They’ll probably avoid Nuke seeing as EG had a solid run on it. As for the decider, I reckon EG won’t have an easy task no matter which map they end up on… assuming they reach the decider, that is.

Roster Strength and Readiness

Readiness-wise, I reckon both sides aren’t anywhere near their 100%. As stated earlier, both G2 and EG didn’t have a blast on BLAST Premier Global Final (pun intended). On top of that, EG made a complete mess of themselves on DreamHack Open January. However, these failed attempts are going to make both sides fight even harder tonight… and that ought to reflect on our EG vs. G2 predictions.

Individually, though, G2 have the upper hand here! Even when everyone else is playing poorly, NiKo is he man you can expect to put up more than a proper fight. The Bosnian superstar is going to be the key figure in G2’s BLAST Premier Spring Finals qualification run, that I can guarantee!

What about the other end of the server? Well, typically, Brehze and CeRq are EG’s key figures… but it’s safe to say they haven’t been at their best recently. Ethan rose up for the occasion, but he’ll need his teammates if he is to do anything noteworthy with EG in this event. Can they turn a new page and deliver a solid performance against G2?

My Pick
G2 To Win

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That’s about it, boys and girls! We’re ready to wrap up our EG vs. G2 predictions with a simple (but hopefully effective) wager – match-winner on NiKo and the boys!

Needless to say, they are the heavy favorites coming into this one. Their form isn’t the greatest, I know, but neither is EG’s. Both teams are out there looking for redemption and, despite the upset-friendly trend in the event, I reckon G2 will come out on top and fight the better of Vitality vs. Complexity in the second round.

With those words, I guess we’re all done with our CSGO picks for today. We’ll have more stuff for you before the second-round matchups.


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