EG vs. Gen.G Betting Predictions | BLAST Premier Showdown NA Picks & Betting Odds

EG vs. Gen.G Betting Predictions | BLAST Premier Showdown NA Picks & Betting Odds

There’s just one BLAST Premier Showdown match left to go. Two out of three tickets have already been awarded; and now EG and Gen.G have to battle it out against each other for the third and final one. Two Brazilian teams snatched the BLAST Premier American Finals tickets, FURIA and MIBR, meaning they’re set to join Team Liquid next Tuesday. But, which of these two teams will get the right of passage? Well, that’s exactly what we aim to find out in our EG vs. Gen.G predictions!

EG vs. Gen.G Betting Predictions

There won’t be any informative parts here; sections talking about betting on CS:GO or any of that kind of stuff. Today, we’re just going to focus on EG vs. Gen.G predictions, nothing more and nothing less.

Let’s dig right into the matter at hand:

Evil Geniuses’ Rollercoaster Continues

Evil Geniuses started their BLAST Premier Showdown adventure on the right foot by defeating Nadeshot’s 100 Thieves on Nuke. They followed it up by another solid win, this time against Cloud9. It was a tight match, there’s no question about it, but Brehze and the company pulled themselves together and finished it off with style.

And right then when the whole CS:GO community started thinking Evil Geniuses are back on track, they got swept away by MIBR. Well, perhaps swept away isn’t the term that best describes the shocking thriller that unfolded last night. The match featured two overtimes and a tightly contested final map which went in MIBR’s favor after 29 rounds of pure thrill. So yeah, long story short – it seems as though EG’s rollercoaster is still going strong…

Gen.G Needs One More Good Match

Gen.G is one of the biggest sensations in the North American region, and they’ve been labeled as that since their amazing ESL One: Road to Rio triumph. A quick reminder – koosta and the boys won the event after beating FURIA in the grand finals.

As for their BLAST Premier Showdown adventure, they had a mix of success and failure right from the group stage. They started off with a win against Chaos but couldn’t confirm their pole position in group A against FURIA. Still, they managed to squeeze through to the playoffs by drawing with MIBR in the final round. They did lose against FURIA in the Finals, which is why they have to play for the third and final ticket against EG.

Map Pool Info

Believe it or not, map pool depth goes in favor of Gen.G. When looking at the teams’ map stats for the last three months, they’re pretty equal but Gen.G has a slight advantage. Dust 2 and Mirage should see Gen.G as the clear favorites, while Inferno and Nuke should help EG’s cause. However, as far as Vertigo and Train go, the stats are on level terms but I reckon Gen.G should have a slight advantage over Brehze and the boys.

In the end, I guess it all comes down to EG’s dynamic duo (Brehze and CeRq) and their ability to control the match from the first round. If they set the tempo right off the bat, then it’s going to be insanely difficult for automatic, koosta and the rest of Gen.G’s roster to assert dominance later on.

But, looking back at CeRq’s performances over the last few days, I don’t think we’ll see the Bulgarian in the best of light… which is why I’m siding with Gen.G for this one…

EG vs. Gen.G Predictions

Gen.G is going to have a tough job against Evil Geniuses, but if they play like they did against Triumph, grinding from an already-lost match to a full blown comeback, showing tenacity and teamwork like never before, then I am certain we’ll see them clinch a spot on the BLAST Premier American Finals today. A quick reminder, the Finals start next week, following the end of DreamHack Masters Spring, both European and American events.

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