EG vs. Gen.G Betting Predictions | CS_Summit 6 Picks & Betting Odds

EG vs. Gen.G Betting Predictions | CS_Summit 6 Picks & Betting Odds

Unfortunately, fellas, this is our last esports picks in quite a while. You see, the players’ summer break starts with the end of CS_Summit 6 grand finals. The show is coming back sometime early August, meaning the rest of July is going to be picks-free. Yep – enjoy our EG vs. Gen.G predictions, you’ll come to miss them in a few weeks’ time!

What’s worse, we might not even have that many CS:GO news to share with you either. Players summer break usually doesn’t have that much transfer action, although we’ve seen a few sensational ones over the years. If something pops up, though, we’ll be sure to let you know.

EG vs. Gen.G Predictions

Before we venture deeper into our picks, here’s a short informative section covering the most common esports betting mistakes you should avoid doing at all costs:

What to Avoid When Betting on CS:GO?

Avoid Limiting Yourself

How can one limit himself in the world of esports betting online? Well, the best example would be bookies. People tend to limit themselves with just one bookie, even though going with several platforms yields much better results. More betting variety and the ability to compare the odds are what makes joining several bookies vastly better than joining just a single one.

Additionally, people tend to limit themselves with a bad bookie, which is even worse than having just one go-to platform. Bad bookies hinder one’s ability to have a pleasant online betting experience with stuff like high profit margins, unintuitive website experience, and ineffective customer support.

If you’re struggling to find your pace, perhaps you need to change your bookie. That’s where our esports betting sites guide comes into play. If you don’t know what makes a good bookmaker or you’d just like a few good options to check out, reading our guide is a must-do!

Betting Too Much

Another important aspect that’ll keep more money in your pocket is the following – avoid betting too much! What does that mean? Well, it means you shouldn’t excessively wager both quantitatively and qualitatively.

Quantitatively, you shouldn’t bet every day. Time your bets, don’t sweat it if you don’t place a single bet for days on end. Wait for your opportunity and you should be all good!

Qualitatively, you shouldn’t bet too much. Keep your stake modest even when you’re heavily in the green and you won’t have to worry about getting into any financial difficulties.

Relying on Luck

Last but not least – if you’re even remotely serious about your CS:GO betting campaign, don’t rely on luck! Relying on luck is the quickest way of landing into a world of trouble. Your bets are supposed to be research-driven. Trust only facts and nothing but cold hard facts. Your gut feeling, hunches and luck… there’s no place for such things in the chaotic world of esports betting!

Recent Results

Now that we’ve pointed you in the right direction as far as esports betting mistakes are concerned, let’s concentrate on the actual EG vs. Gen.G predictions!

Starting off with the recent results, Gen.G has to be pointed out as the inferior side here. In their last eight matches, Gen.G suffered four losses. EG, on the other hand, has just one defeat in their last eight matches… and that was against MIBR during BLAST Premier American Finals… in a match that didn’t mean that much in the grand scheme of things.

That said, EG definitely takes the win in this department, there’s no doubt in that! Gen.G is a good side, and that’s perhaps an understatement considering the fact they won ESL One: Road to Rio earlier this year. Still, their form has been steadily declining since that triumph, and I honestly think EG will come out victorious here.

Map Pool Info

Map pool stats suggest that too, which means it’ll definitely push our EG vs. Gen.G predictions to one side. EG’s map pool stats are superior across the board. Mirage, Inferno, Nuke, and Train, all these maps shouldn’t really be in question. However, the likes of Overpass, Vertigo, and Dust 2 are as open as they come, which means Gen.G will have their chances… to take at least one map, if not more.

Individual Prowess

Even though Gen.G’s leading fragger, automatic, is playing really well, he’s nowhere near CeRq’s form. Even though the Bulgarian struggled earlier this year, this newest batch of online events helped him get his old form back. Ethan is rising too, and Brehze needs to step his game up in the grand finals. Long story short, EG is the superior side team, but they’ll need all five of their players to bring forth their A-game if they are to defeat Gen.G later today.

EG vs. Gen.G Predictions

Total Maps Over 3.5 at -200

Even though most things are on EG’s side, Gen.G proved their worth by eliminating Cloud9, 100 Thieves, and Team Liquid.

That said, I expect autimatic and the boys to stand their ground and win at least one map against EG. Train almost went their way last time out, but I’m confident that they’ll do better this time around, especially if they capture Vertigo or Mirage. Once again, EG is coming into this match with a map advantage, plus they’re objectively the stronger side which shouldn’t bring their triumph into question. So, if you decide to go with a simple match-winner on EG here, be my guest… Just, be warned – the odds are ridiculously low…

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