EG vs. Gen.G Betting Predictions, Picks & Value Hunting

EG vs. Gen.G Betting Predictions, Picks & Value Hunting

In this piece, we’re going to focus on the North American DreamHack Masters Spring 2020 event. Group A is all done; FURIA took the top spot and are in the upper bracket final, while Team Liquid and MIBR will have to battle their way through the lower bracket. Group B is just getting interesting – Gen.G lost against 100 Thieves in the first-round while Cloud9 took down EG. It’s safe to say both first-round matches in this group had a surprising finish. Our EG vs. Gen.G predictions will assess the situation and hopefully make the right choice for this one. It’s going to be tricky, especially considering the first two matches, but I’m sure we’ll turn a profit here!

EG vs. Gen.G Predictions

We’re not exactly on a good streak at the moment. Two losses in two matches – that hurts! If you’re interested in CS:GO betting online and you’ve listened to my advice regarding those two matches, I have to apologize. Betting on CS:GO is not a risk-free hobby. You win some, you lose some… But I guess it’s all good if you learn something from your mistakes, and we definitely did! No worries, we’ll use our newfound knowledge for our EG vs. Gen.G predictions.

Gen.G’s Run of Brilliance

ESL One: Road to Rio NA showcased Gen.G as one of the strongest teams in the region. Unfortunately, the start of this event painted them in a completely opposite way. I’m not sure if their ESL One campaign was a spark of brilliance or if that 16-14 loss on Train against 100T was too much of a heartbreak for the boys. Either way, I believe we haven’t seen the best of what this roster has to offer.

They’re not particularly strong, that has to be said. They do have a good set of players, but there’s not a single superstar possessing that winning factor… Possessing that special something that can make or break rounds in an instance. There’s no one in Gen.G to fit that description. Still, the way they handled their game on ESL One was, to put it simply, amazing! If they can come back to their winning ways against EG, and I reckon they can, I can’t wait to see them rise to ESL One levels once again!

Can EG Get Back Up?

Evil Geniuses were a force to be reckoned with right after the acquisition. They got to the final four of four events in late 2019 – won two and finished on the third/fourth place twice. More recently, in April 2020, EG almost went all the way on ESL Pro League S11 NA. They were up against Team Liquid in the grand finals, but the boys in blue swept them aside with a resounding 3-0 on the scoreboard.

However, it seems as though that massive grand finals heartbreak greatly affected EG’s lineup. Zews was brought in as the new coach, but no starting roster alterations have been made just yet. Earlier this month, EG had a catastrophic run on ESL One: Road to Rio, and from the looks of things, they could be up for more of the same on DreamHack Masters too. They lost against Cloud9 in the first round and now they’re going up against the mighty Gen.G. Even though, on paper, EG is the stronger side, Gen.G will fancy their chances seeing as they’ve won the last head to head match on ESL One: Road to Rio. Of course, that’s something that’ll greatly affect our EG vs. Gen.G predictions in the end.

Talking about the predictions, you must be at the edge of your seat, waiting to see what I have in store for you this time around. Here comes nothing:
EG vs. Gen.G Predictions

Yep – I’m going with Gen.G match-winner here! It’s a risky bet, seeing as EG are the favorites, but I’m confident we’ll see the Gen.G we saw on ESL One. If you’re not a big fan of match-winners, you can go with map totals over 2.5. It’s the bet I’m known for, but to be honest with you, I’m taking a break from it.

So yeah, long story short – Gen.G match-winner is what I recommend here.

Wrapping Things Up

That’s it as far as our EG vs. Gen.G predictions are concerned. If you’d like to know more about this event, please refer to our comprehensive DreamHack Masters Spring 2020 NA guide. For more info on the European side of the deal, we got an EU equivalent too. If you’re not willing to make any compromises or you think our EG vs. Gen.G predictions are too risky, you can always stay tuned for another set of picks. I post frequently, sometimes even twice per day.

In the end, I’d like to thank you for reading!

Hope to see you again soon!

Donnie out…

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