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EG Vs Gen G ESL Pro League

We haven’t really paid that much attention to the North American ESL Pro League event. Our esports picks coverage was mostly reflecting on the European iteration, with a mixture of success. It was only logical, really, considering the competitiveness and high-value matchups we were able to find in the EU. However, our EG vs. Gen.G picks are turning our focus back to the New Continent.

What we have here are two highly competitive sides that will want to secure a spot in the playoffs. At the moment, EG is at the top of the group together with FURIA and Team Liquid. They’re all two from two whereas Gen.G won one and lost one. Even though they’re coming into this match from two completely opposite standpoints, both will do their best to come out victorious.

For EG, the third win would practically send them through to the playoffs. For Gen.G, though, a win would put them at the same spot with the likes of 100T, Chaos Esports, and Cloud9.

There’s everything to play for here, that’s for sure! So, let’s cut to the chase and see what our EG vs. Gen.G picks have to offer!

Should I Bet on ESL Pro League? | Best CSGO Events to Bet on

Let’s answer a tricky question right off the bat – should you bet on ESL Pro League? Well, usually, the answer would be pretty simple – ESL Pro League is one of the biggest events in CSGO’s competitive ecosystem and there’s no reason why you should skip it. We’re talking about massive, international, LAN events hosted in some of the most mesmerizing venues in the world.

Unfortunately, most of those things aren’t true as far as the twelfth season is concerned. You see, the regulations made it impossible for ESL Pro League S12 to be the first LAN event in quite a while.

Please Note:
That meant the competition had to be rescheduled into several (online) regional events, and that’s exactly what we’re looking at here.

But, that doesn’t mean you should avoid betting on ESL Pro League Season 12! Yes, online events are far more volatile and nailing down complex wagers (read accumulators) is way more complicated. But, since there are no offline events to begin with, the online volatility fell down a bit. LAN events are LAN events, nothing can replace them… but 2020 online events aren’t half bad either.

The best thing about them is the fact that bookies think of them as more than just regular online events. They offer far greater specials’ variety than usual, and often deliver hefty esports bonuses for new customers. If you’re one of them, then you should definitely check out our list of the best websites for CSGO betting. You’ll love it!

EG vs. Gen.G Picks

If you’ve made up your mind regarding betting on this match, now is about time we start checking out both sides:


The first thing we’re going to be checking out here is form! Gen.G’s form hasn’t been half-bad. We’re talking about a (relatively) fresh team here, so it’s pretty good to see them with two notable titles already. ESL One Road to Rio title is their biggest accomplishment, with DH Open Anaheim being their second notable title. They almost won CS_Summit 6 too, but were stopped by EG in the grand finals.

Yep, that grand finals is the latest head to head match between these two.

2020 started off with Gen.G winning two, but EG were quick to turn a new page and are now running away with three consecutive wins. Knowing their form, failing to snatch the fourth consecutive win would be a huge surprise.

What’s so special about EG’s form, some may wonder… Well, let’s just say they’ve won three consecutive events in the last three months, one of them being the aforementioned CS_Summit 6 when they defeated Gen.G in the grand finals.

EG’s form is at its highest ever… and I don’t think we’ll see them drop anytime soon, especially not against out-of-form Gen.G lacking a player.

Wait, what? No worries, we’ll touch on that later on in our EG vs. Gen.G picks!

Map Pool Stats

Both teams don’t like playing Overpass. They both have it as their permaban, which means one of them will get a chance to ban another map. EG will most likely opt to ban Vertigo whereas Gen.G will want to eliminate Inferno.

Here’s a closer look at the map pool stats over the last three months, so you have some reference to what I’m talking about:

EG Vs GenG Map Pool

As you can see, EG takes the map pool depth without breaking a sweat. Sure, they haven’t played that many matches in the last three months, but their stats are still way better than Gen.G’s. Yep, everything points to EG’s direction… the map pool even suggests we could see an easy 2:0 blowout here.

Individual Qualities

Even if Gen.G’s players were in top form, I still reckon EG’s roster would prevail in terms of individual qualities. Their roster, the good old NRG crew, is still labeled as one of the most mechanically gifted teams in the region. When they’re on a roll, especially Brehze and CeRq, there’s only a handful of players that can play at the same level… Others don’t fare so well.

But, just a few hours ago Gen.G’s chances of winning the match have sunken even lower. Daps, a member of their starting roster, stepped down, leaving an open slot less than 24 hours before EG vs. Gen.G match.

So yeah, the sole fact that Gen.G doesn’t have the fifth player yet has greatly impacted our EG vs. Gen.G picks, which are as follows.

EG vs. Gen.G Betting Picks
EG to Win 2:0!

Correct score 2:0 in favor of Evil Geniuses is what I’ll be going with here. At -143, it offers some value; you’ll be in for a solid return, especially if you’re not going to cheap out on the stake. The standard match-winner is not an option if you’re aiming for a single. At -500, it’s good as a part of a lengthier accumulator (we’re talking 7+ here).

EG is not just in (far) better form, they don’t just have superior players or a much deeper map pool… Remember – Gen.G doesn’t even have a complete roster less than 24 hours before the start of the match. With daps stepping down, Gen.G will have a lot of work on their hands in the coming hours to try and slap something together before the kickoff.

If that’s not enough for you, then feel free to skip this one and find another set of predictions in our esports picks section.

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