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Let’s assume FURIA wins against Chaos in the last round – EG and Liquid would be in a direct fight for the second place and that makes our EG vs. Liquid predictions that much more thrilling! What good is the second place, you may wonder… Well, only the top two teams go straight through to the upper bracket final, which means extra breathing space in the ESL Pro League S12 NA playoffs.

Yep, we’re looking at a double bracket knockout stage here! The upper bracket winner advances to the grand finals with a map advantage over the lower bracket champ. The upper bracket loser gets another chance in the lower bracket finals… you know the drill.

Today, we’re here to analyze both teams, check out their recent results, brush up on any roster changes, and other team info. This is going to be a fiery matchup, not just because both EG and Liquid belong to the top of the NA scene, but because the stakes couldn’t be higher at this stage of the competition.

So, you better sit back, relax, and get comfortable, because our EG vs. Liquid predictions are going to be lengthy.

CSGO Betting Tips and Tricks

But, before we start exploring the depths of esports predictions, let’s concentrate on the basics. More precisely, let’s concentrate on CSGO betting tips and tricks. It’s not something a lot of experts will find useful – it’s tailored more towards beginners.

If you’re in that club, here’s the deal:

Be up to Speed on the Latest News

You can never get enough fresh CSGO news. Whether we’re talking about roster alterations, transfer talk, or upcoming events, being up to speed is of massive importance. For instance, these days players step down from starting rosters days before notable events, and if you get this sort of info as soon as it surfaces, you’ll be one step ahead of the bookies. That’s just one example – there are plenty more similar situations that can significantly increase (or decrease) the value of your (potential) bets.

Spoil Yourself Every Now and Then

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EG vs. Liquid Predictions

Back to the main topic, EG vs. Liquid predictions! So far, we haven’t said anything about the two teams except for the fact they’re playing for an upper bracket playoffs spot. While that alone tells us a lot about the complexity and importance of the match, we’ll need to take a look into a variety of other aspects before we can come to valid conclusions.

So, without further ado, let’s check out the forms of both Evil Geniuses and Team Liquid!


In the last few months, Evil Geniuses have become one of the most consistent NA teams out there! With three consecutive titles to their name, coupled with an impressive fourteen-matches winning streak. True, FURIA took it down, but it was a pretty tight match. To EG’s defense, they didn’t let that loss phase them – they defeated both Chaos and Triumph!

As for Team Liquid, they’ve been having ups and downs throughout the entire year. They’re absolutely brilliant on one event, but then choke in the next two. FURIA has been Liquid’s greatest nemesis thus far in 2020. The Brazilians were behind two grand final losses and one semifinal elimination. In fact, Twistzz and the boys only have one title this year, and that would be the previous iteration of the ESL Pro League.

Map Pool Depth

I honestly can’t see Team Liquid winning the banning phase against Evil Geniuses. Brehze and the boys are good across all maps except Dust 2 and Overpass. The latter is their permaban and statistically Liquid’s best map, I’m sure you understand Team Liquid’s problems now. I guess they could try going with Dust 2, but just one win in last four encounters doesn’t breathe in too much confidence.

Individual Qualities

What do you guys think – which of these two teams has the superior set of players? I for one can’t really tell them apart! On one end, Twistzz, EliGE, and NAF are a force to be reckoned with. Grim is still adapting to new surroundings. Stewie2K is still at the very bottom of the team sheet, just like Stanislaw on the other end. However, Stanislaw is not supposed to get that many kills whereas fragging (used to be) is Stewie’s main concern.

While I’m not too confident in announcing this part of our EG vs. Liquid predictions belongs to EG, overall, the nuances are pointing in that particular direction… So, here goes nothing:

EG vs. Liquid Betting Picks
EG to Win

Yep, match-winner on Evil Geniuses is what we’re going with here! Currently sitting at -167, that’s the best scenario for this matchup! This was always going to be a tough contest, but EG’s excellent form and superior map pool should push the odds in their favor. Brehze and CeRq will dominate the server once again, mark my words!

Odds are courtesy of Bovada. You can check out our Bovada review here. And for users outside the United States check out Betway for odds.

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