EG vs. MIBR Betting Predictions | BLAST Premier Showdown NA Picks & Betting Odds

EG vs. MIBR Betting Predictions | BLAST Premier Showdown NA Picks & Betting Odds

We’re looking at the business end of the competition! There are just three more matches left to be played, with four teams left in the competition. Three of them will find their way to the highly-anticipated BLAST Premier NA Finals scheduled to start later this month. Today, we’re going to assess EG vs. MIBR predictions and try to understand the complexity of the match at hand.

We’re talking about the first of two finals, the winner of which automatically qualifies for the Finals event. The losers have to prove their worth in the play-in match that holds the last BLAST Premier NA Finals ticket. So yeah, there’s going to be a lot of tensions in this match, which means both teams will come in with guns blazing on all fronts.

Which of them will take the big W and qualify for the lucrative event? Well, there’s only one way to find out…

EG vs. MIBR Betting Predictions

For everyone interested in placing bets on CS:GO, here are my thoughts on EG vs. MIBR predictions:

Key Facts

Evil Geniuses’ last five matches don’t really paint the full picture regarding their recent form. Three wins, one loss, and one draw might seem positive. However, Evil Geniuses are far from their best form, and it really shows… What was once the best team in NA is now struggling to defeat tier B teams. These days, they aren’t just struggling with consistency but with in-game comms and tactics too. They did budge a bit last week, which brings hope that we’ll see more of the same against MIBR too…

As for MIBR, they are still trying to properly sync up with trk, their newest arrival who’s trying to fill in the gap left by meyern. Settling in will take some time, that’s for sure… especially with a team that has such a rich and highly competitive history. MBIR’s last five matches had a mix of success and heartbreaks. They lost just one match (Bo3 against Liquid) but went through two closely contested draws alongside two solid wins (against Cloud9 and FURIA).

Overall, they’re not exactly in the best of form… but they finally seem to be out of their slump. Who knows, perhaps trk proves to be a valuable player in this MIBR roster…

Head to Head Matches

In 2020, EG and MIBR had just one head to head matchup. It happened in early April during the ESL Pro League S11 NA, and EG closed in on a tightly contested 2-1 over the Brazilians. Overall, head to head matches are heavily in favor of Brehze and the boys. EG has nine wins, MIBR has just three, although that’s not something that will affect our EG vs. MIBR predictions…

The Final Decision

What’s the final decision going to be – after all, we have to finish our EG vs. MIBR predictions off with a concrete pick. Even though MIBR is slowly (but surely) getting out of their slump and EG isn’t superb as they were a few months back, I still reckon Brehze and the boys will take this one home. They need to participate in a massive event like the BLAST Premier Finals which is why I’m sure they’ll come into this match with a 120% competitive mindset.

EG vs. MIBR Predictions

Yep – Evil Geniuses have to take this one! They haven’t been in the greatest form recently, but they should still be a far better side than MIBR. Mind you, MIBR’s current sprint is nothing special. Heck, they won just one match in the group stage and barely squeezed past Cloud9 in the semifinals. Now, they need to prove their worth against one of the best teams in the NA region. Once again, EG is out-of-form, but that shouldn’t phase them to drop the W here…

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