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Today, we’re talking about the upper bracket final matchup! The American BLAST Premier Spring Finals are almost done, with just four matches left to be played. One of them is the upper bracket final which directly decides one of two grand finalists. Our EG vs. MIBR predictions are ready, but the real question is – are you?

In the last two weeks or so, my form hasn’t been the greatest. At the moment, I’m running low on ink after suffering through five consecutive lost bets. These are tough times, but I’m sure we can turn a new page with EG vs. MIBR predictions. So, without further ado, let’s focus on the two surprising upper bracket finalists and see which of them should traverse to the grand finals!

EG vs. MIBR Predictions

Let’s face it – no one believed EG and MIBR will win the first-round matches against Team Liquid and FURIA. Both Liquid and FURIA came into those matches as heavy favorites (as heavy as they come) which made the upsets that much bigger. Obviously, I missed both wagers, which put me in a rather tricky situation. I basically have to win this one, or else…

So, if we’re going to do EG vs. MIBR predictions as in-depth as possible, we need to start off with the most recent results and build our way towards map pool discrepancies and individual strengths. No worries – if you’ve just started your esports betting adventure and you still don’t know which online betting site to use, we have a special treat for you near the end of our EG vs. MIBR predictions!

Recent Results

Obviously, both teams are coming into this match with winds of victory in their sails. A quick reminder, EG clinched a surprising win against Team Liquid while MIBR made a major upset against FURIA. Both teams performed well, but I’d like to argue the upsets were a result of Liquid and FURIA performing poorly, more than anything else. Still, a win is a win, and both these teams have to get the praise they deserve.

But, only one of them will string together an additional win and move to the grand finals…

Prior to BLAST Premier Finals, EG didn’t really have a blast on DreamHack Masters Spring nor ESL One: Road to Rio. Their last somewhat decent campaign dates back to early April when they clinched the second spot on ESL Pro League. Their form has been a mix and mash of success and disaster ever since that event, which is why I consider MIBR the favorite here.

But, feel free to take that with a grain of salt because MIBR hasn’t been performing all that well either. Their most recent adventure, DreamHack Masters Spring, ended just slightly better than that of EG. Prior to that, they were triumphant on BLAST Premier Spring American Showdown after beating EG in the last match, and almost went all the way on the inaugural season of Flashpoint. Hmm, now that I think of it – MIBR’s form isn’t nearly as terrible as that of EG…

Individual Prowess

It’s difficult to tell these two apart as far as individual players strength is concerned. I mean, they both have stellar lineups; both of which are capable of doing marvelous things on the server. It will be more of a form test, than anything else.

The thing with MIBR is that they’ve just recently acquired trk and he’s still somewhat of a liability in the team. He performed well against FURIA, though, snatching 31 kills in two maps, with 66.1 ADR. Those aren’t brilliant numbers by any means, but trk’s arrival happened just a month ago so he’s bound to get them higher once he properly syncs up with his teammates.

EG, on the other hand, are still sticking with their dynamic five-man roster with Brehze and CeRq as the main fraggers. However, their form fell down significantly… Even though stats suggest otherwise, Brehze’s and CeRq are finding it increasingly difficult to provide with decent matches. They still have solid stats, but their in-game presence isn’t as top-of-the-line as it was in late 2019.

Map Pool Discrepancies

Thus far, we haven’t really found anything to push our EG vs. MIBR predictions one way or the other. They’re somewhat similar in terms of individual players’ qualities, with EG leading the charge with the slightest of advantages. MIBR, on the other hand, is stronger when it comes to form. They had two solid campaigns whereas EG struggled throughout the majority of 2020. Well, I guess our EG vs. MIBR predictions will be decided by the map pool shenanigans!

EG should have the advantage on Inferno, Nuke, and Train; MIBR should have the upper hand on Dust 2, Vertigo and Overpass. However, take the latter two with a grain of salt as they’re both outright awful for both teams. Mirage is a no man’s land. Both teams have high stats on it which makes me think we’ll see Mirage as the third map. If it comes to that, I give MIBR the slightest of advantage. For those of you who don’t think the Brazilians will win this one, you can always go with a risky total maps over 2.5 bet. I’d go for it too, but you know… my track record with it hasn’t been the greatest…

My Prediction

As you’d come to expect, the odds are pretty even on both teams. Still, for some reason, Evil Geniuses are being labeled as the slightest of favorites. I mean, they do have the individual edge over MIBR, but I reckon the Brazilians will come into this one swinging on all fronts. It will be tough, it will be chaotic… but it will be entertaining, and that’s what matters in the hectic world of competitive CS:GO!

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That’s it as far as our EG vs. MIBR predictions go.

Thank you all for reading and I hope to see you again soon!

Donnie out…

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