EG vs. Rebirth Betting Predictions | IEM XV Beijing-Haidian Match Analysis

EG Vs Rebirth IEM XV

EG vs. Rebirth predictions are coming right up! IEM XV Beijing-Haidian is the occasion. A fine one, if I may add! The European event is packed with top-quality teams; the North American event – not so much. The reason behind this is that three top-tier American teams traveled to the old continent to play for better prizes. FURIA, MIBR, and Complexity are on the other side of the Atlantic, with EG and Team Liquid being the only remaining NA contestants.

EG vs. Rebirth Predictions

Evil Geniuses also traveled to Europe to compete on BLAST Premier Fall event, but were eliminated right off the bat and had a tough flight home. Now, they’re turning towards their first post-Europe event in NA, and quite frankly, they’re not looking that good.

Basically, the reason why I’m doing these EG vs. Rebirth predictions is that I feel EG have lost their pace following their debacle in Europe.

Can they get back up on their feet by defeating Rebirth or will they succumb to the pressure and open the door for a highly valuable wager?

No worries, our EG vs. Rebirth predictions are here to bring you fact-driven answers! Whether you’re in it for the thrills or you’d like to place some CSGO bets online, the following few sections ought to bring you right up to speed!

Recent Results

As mention in the introductory paragraph, Evil Geniuses went through an absolute catastrophe in Europe. Their performance wasn’t that awful, yet they lost two matches with the narrowest of margins separating them from the big W. A thirty-round thriller followed by an overtime drama – that’s what happened to EG, and that’s what I feel will drastically influence their performance against Rebirth.

Don’t get me wrong – they’re not out of the BLAST Premier Fall Finals just yet. They have to go through the Showdown, which shouldn’t be that problematic… assuming they get back up on their feet in due time.

Unfortunately, I don’t have anything smart to say about Rebirth! They’re an unknown team that made their way to the competition through the close qualifiers, just like Rugratz. Realistically speaking, they are a tier-B team! I hate to say it, but it’s true.

The only notable player that needs to be pointed out is Rahul “curry” Nemani. He’s young, though, but he has plenty of experience; not at the highest level of competitive play, but still… Generally speaking, he’s one of your typical tier-B players that often struggles with consistency. Raw talent is there, that’s for sure; who knows, in a year or two perhaps curry lands a spot on a more competitive roster.

Which Roster is Superior?

The answer is quite simple – Brehze and the boys are by far the superior roster here. There’s no point comparing the two, really. I mean – on one end we have one of the best teams in the region; on the other end, we have an unknown bunch of young players looking to make the headlines on HLTV.

Basically, the reason why I’m doing these EG vs. Rebirth predictions is that I feel EG have lost their pace following their debacle in Europe.

Those thoughts are reflected in my EG vs. Rebirth predictions that are coming right up. Before you go and tell everyone I’m crazy – remember, I’m here to show you valuable bets. You don’t have to follow through if you have your doubts. Your money is your money – you can do with it whatever you want.

With that out of our way, here’s what I have in store for you:

EG vs. Rebirth Betting Predictions
Maps Total Over 2.5!

At first, I was going to suggest Rebirth to win at least one map but then I noticed the odds are a bit lower (+280). So yeah, our EG vs. Rebirth predictions are focused on another one of my clumsy total maps picks. Fingers crossed curry and the Rebirth company manage to take a map away from EG.

In fact…
I almost went for a direct match-winner on the underdogs here… but I changed my mind thinking it’s too far of a stretch.

That’s it for today, folks – Hope we continue our run; hope we manage to cash out before IEM XV Beijing-Haidian playoffs. That’s when the fun matches ought to begin!

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