ENCE vs. Mousesports | BLAST Premier Showdown EU Playoffs Betting Predictions

Ence Vs Mouseports Blast Premier

BLAST Premier Showdown EU’s playoffs are in full flow! The quarterfinals are behind us – Vitality etched away against Dignitas in what was an intense match from start to finish. Mousesports cruised to a 2-0 win against Astralis, although it was after a tightly contested first map that had to go to overtime to settle the score. Now, we’re focusing on the semifinals featuring Fnatic vs. Vitality and ENCE vs. Mousesports. The latter is what we’re going to focus on in this piece, so let’s roll up our sleeves and see what sort of ENCE vs. Mousesports predictions we can come up with!

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ENCE vs. Mousesports Betting Predictions

Recent Results

If there’s one thing that’ll make people bet on Mousesports, it’s going to be the fact they eliminated Astralis in the quarterfinals.

However, that’s not as big of an achievement as it might seem at first glance. You see, we’re not talking about the good old Astralis here. We’re basically talking about a low-fat version of Astralis, featuring JUGi and Snappi. These two players are doing their best out there, there’s no doubt about that, but they just don’t have the experience or the required mindset to succeed in a team such as Astralis… at least not yet.

As for ENCE’s recent results, it’s important to note that they’re still undefeated, unlike Mousesports who lost two group stage matches.

ENCE drew with Vitality in the first round and then again with NiP in the third round. As for wins, ENCE also defeated Astralis and barely squeezed past eliminated sAw.

There’s no point going further than these matches, right? After all, older matches will only confuse us and make us jump to questionable Mousesports vs. ENCE predictions.

Instead of relying solely on the above-featured info, let’s go into more depth and check out the individual strengths of both teams. Perhaps then we’ll be able to come to a more informed conclusion…

Individual Strengths

Which way would our ENCE vs. Mousesports predictions go if we’d only take individual strengths as a measure? Well, even then it would be a really close contest. On one end, you have the brilliance of Allu, a godlike AWPer who takes no prisoners when he’s having a good day. On the other end, you have a mixture of experience and chaotic fragging potential that can snowball to absolute greatest at any given point in any match. That’s the story of Mousesports – that’s the way they’ve been playing for quite some time now…

Is Mousesports Ready for a Proper Return?

Truth be told, Mousesports online endeavors aren’t looking good. They are losing silly trades, looking bleak at times, and are failing to concentrate and close out crucial rounds. There are moments when I think Mousesports is going to need another massive roster alteration… but then again, there are moments when these five players end up making such great plays as if they were meant to play together…

As far as overall form goes, Mousesports is in a slight upward spiral.

Their group stage clashes haven’t been that good results-wise, but they showed off interesting approaches and did have some flashes of brilliance coming from the likes of Woxic and ChrisJ. Once again, Mousesports will need both of them if they are to stand their ground against in-form ENCE… just like ENCE will need all the help they can get from their top fragger ALLU.

ALLU is Ridiculously Good… Again

ALLU is doing his thing again! He’s been abusing that AWP since day one of this event, and it seems as though he’s not done. Once he starts getting crazy kills and flicks all across the map, his confidence grows to insane levels… and let’s just say Mousesports isn’t ready for a confident ALLU. Jamppi, the newest ENCE arrival, has a lot to learn from ALLU, and I’m looking forward to see the young Finn develop under ALLU’s mentorship.

With those thoughts, I’m afraid we’re all done with our ENCE vs. Mousesports predictions. It’s been a lengthy one, I know… but hopefully we’ve covered everything in proper depth. Fingers crossed that it pays off.

ENCE vs. Mousesports Predictions
ENCE to Win!
Yep – I’m going with ENCE here. Overall, ENCE have been a lot better team on this event so far.
  • They are still undefeated, although carrying two tight draws from the group stage.
  • Mousesports did beat Astralis, but the current roster doesn’t seem that frightening at all.
  • JUGi and Snappi aren’t a good fit and it’s becoming more obvious with each passing day.

That’s it for our ENCE vs. Mousesports predictions!

Thank you for coming and hope to see you again soon.

Stay safe!

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