ESL Pro League Season 11 EU: FaZe vs. OG Betting Predictions

Quarantine – day seventeen! I’m desperately sweeping through esports news websites looking for uncanceled esports events… but to no avail. But then I remember – ESL Pro League S11 is still going strong. In fact, the best matches are still to come, with the final group stage matchday still ahead of us. And don’t even get me started on the upcoming playoffs for both EU and NA regions. We’re going to see a bunch of cracking contests, and our FaZE vs. OG predictions ought to put more fuel to your future CS:GO betting endeavors!

But, before we start dissecting FaZe Clan and the all-new beast of a roster (AKA OG), let’s check out the key factors behind this matchup and shed some light onto the best CS:GO betting sites for this particular match!

  • Matchup: FaZe vs. OG
  • Date: April 3rd
  • Location: Online
  • Stream: ESL CS:GO Twitch

Where to Bet on FaZe vs. OG | Best CS:GO Betting Sites

If you still don’t have a go-to bookmaker, perhaps our list of the top esports bookies can help you out! It showcases the safest, most reliable online esports betting platforms currently available. On top of that, it also features a bunch of handy information that can prove useful for your esports betting adventures. It’s worth a read, that’s for sure!

FaZe vs. OG Predictions

As some of you may know, we already featured our ESL Pro League S11 Europe betting predictions. This time around, instead of focusing on several group stage matches, we’re focusing on a single one… hence the name FaZe vs. OG predictions.

So, without further ado, let’s start digging and try to predict which of these two teams will emerge as the winner!

FaZe Clan Typical Shakiness

FaZe Clan scored a screamer against Team Liquid in February, defeating them to clinch a spot (one of man) on the BLAST Premier Spring Finals. However, that’s basically everything we’ve seen from FaZe Clan. They haven’t been at their best since then, and I honestly can’t see them rising up to the occasion against OG either.

Even though FaZe Clan needs a win here, for a mere chance of qualifying to the ESL Pro LeagueS11 EU decider matches, the choking potential is real! That’s something I’ve definitely taken into account for our FaZe vs. OG predictions!

OG Looking Too Strong

Yes, OG was one of the main dark horses coming into this event. Even before the new format came into play, mind you! However, no one really expected them to win three consecutive matches, two of which were against top-tier sides. Need I remind you – OG defeated both Mousesports and G2, both of which have been in great form recently.

That’s quite an accomplishment for a team playing their first real event. Yes, these players have a ton of experience, but still… Even though OG lost against earlier today and have significantly lowered their chances of going through, they should still be a tough opponent for shaky FaZe clan. Yep, my FaZe vs. OG betting predictions are leaning towards OG. No worries, I’ll explain everything down below!

CS:GO Betting Tips

Finally, we’ve reached the end of the line. It’s time for me to finally reveal my FaZe vs. OG predictions. They’re pretty straightforward, really! Contrary to popular beliefs, and going against certain stats and individual brilliance, I give OG the upper hand here! Aleksib and the boys have looked outright phenomenal thus far. Yes, they had a shaky match against that greatly complicates their position in group C… but I still believe they’ll turn the other page and deal with FaZe clean just like they did with Mousesports and G2.

To be honest, I’m not sure why bookies favor FaZe here. Yes, I know FaZe has to give their best for a chance to advance to the decider match, but still… Aleksib and the boys have proven their worth thus far, and even though they don’t strictly need to win this one, we can rest assured they’ll come into this match with a serious approach.

Be that as it is, OG match-winner is the way I’m going with this one! As said above, OG doesn’t really need a win here, but we all know how FaZe Clan performs when there’s pressure on their shoulders… Yep, I think I’m going with OG here! NiKo and his choke-prone team won’t trick me this time around!

FaZe vs. OG Betting Pick

OG Match-Winner at +175

I’m afraid that’s it as far as our FaZe vs. OG betting predictions go! Thank you all for reading and hope your CS:GO wagers yield plenty of profit this week!

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