ESL Pro League Season 11 EU: Mousesports vs. G2 Betting Predictions

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Today, we’re focusing on Mousesports vs. G2 predictions! Yep, these two European giants are going head to head in the highly anticipated last Group C match of ESL Pro League S11 Europe. In essence, these two teams are fighting for a spot in the playoffs. Yes, there’s a chance both of these teams go through, and as things stand right now, they’re pretty good.

Let me elaborate – both teams have the same number of points, having won three matches and lost one. At the moment, they are at the second and third spot in group B, and the team that wins this match won’t be eliminated. Depending on the outcome of OG’s match, the winner of this match will either go straight through to the semifinals or struggle through the decider matches. If OG fails to win against FaZe Clan, NiKo and the company might just squeeze through
to the decider matches.

Whatever happens, the final lap of group C is going to be a real thriller from start to finish! Especially for esports betting enthusiasts who’ve been eagerly waiting for the final group stage lap.

That said, let’s check out the basic facts surrounding this event before moving onto concrete Mousesports vs. G2 predictions.

  • Matchup: Mousesports vs. G2
  • Date: April 3rd
  • Location: Online
  • Stream: ESL CS:GO Twitch

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Mousesports vs. G2 Predictions

The time has come, fellas! We’ve reached the point in this piece where we’re actually going to dissect both sides and point out our Mousesports vs. G2 predictions. If you’re thinking of investing some money into this particular matchup, then you’ll surely appreciate what comes next:

Mousesports Looking Solid

Mousesports kickstarted their ESL Pro League Season 11 Europe adventure by defeating FaZe Clan. That defeat is basically the thing that could eliminate FaZe Clan from the competition. On top of that, Mousesports also conquered, and TYLOO, but lost against OG in the second round. Aleksib and the boys were too tough for Mousesports to take down, which is the reason why they’re now considered as the main favorites to go straight to the playoffs.

As far as individual performances go, frozen and ropz need to get recognition. They’ve been nothing but brilliant over the course of the last ten maps. Woxic ought to wake up too, which will make this Mousesports roster that much more dangerous.

The French-Balkan Connection Works Wonders

When G2 snatched nexa and huNter from CR4ZY, people thought they were crazy… pun intended! However, fast forward a few months and G2 is playing absolutely phenomenal. The French-Balkan connection seems to be working like a charm! To put things into perspective, huNter has been the pivotal factor in G2’s outstanding ESL PL S11 performance thus far. With +61 k/d difference (the only kennyS is better with +68), there’s no point denying huNter’s individual prowess. NiKo must be proud!

Overall, G2 is on quite the roll, having won three ESL Pro League matches so far and almost going all the way on IEM Katowice World Championship last month. KennyS is finally the good old class-A AWPer we all know and love, and the rest of the team is playing well off his kills. They’re compact, aggressive when needed, and seem to be improving their map pool depth beyond recognition. Kudos to maLeK and the entire G2 roster!

A Thrilling Tale

From the looks of things, this matchup has all the makings of a thrilling tale. Two top-tier European sides packed with raw talent going up against each other for a spot in the ESL Pro League EU playoffs. With the lack of the LAN finals and the obvious lack of competition in the NA region, the ESL PL S11 EU playoff phase is as big as it gets. For that reason, we expect both teams to show up for the occasion and bring forth their A-game here.

As for our Mousesports vs. G2 predictions, making the picks was incredibly difficult. Much more than I’d like to admit! In the end, this is what I’m going with:

For starters, I believe the map pool discrepancies between the two sides ought to result in the decider map. In other words, total maps over 2.5 at -112 is my primary pick for this matchup. The odds are basically the same as they are on both teams’ match-winners, and the decider map seems like a much more realistic approach here.

Mousesports vs. G2 Betting Pick

Total Maps Over 2.5 at -112

Who Will Advance From Group C?

Yep, this is the question most of us are asking ourselves right now! And it’s only logical! After all, we’re approaching the final matchday and there are still many questions left unanswered. By looking at the current standings, OG’s advancement is pretty obvious. Alongside the new EU powerhouse, I expect to see both Mousesports and G2. Yep, I think FaZe Clan will be eliminated right here in the group stage. Even though NiKo and the company ended 2019 with style and started 2020 with a few notable wins, they’ve fallen back to their usual roller-coaster form, which ought to cause issues in the long run.

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