ESL Pro League Season 11 Europe Picks | Stage 2 CS:GO Predictions

ESL Pro League Season 11 Europe Picks | Stage 2 CS:GO Predictions

At the time of writing our ESL Pro League S11 EU Stage 2 predictions, only the first two matchdays have gone by. Mousesports, NaVi and Fnatic are topping the charts, looking like the best teams on the event. Astralis seems to be the biggest loser after the first two matchdays, suffering two terrible 2-1 defeats against Fnatic and NaVi. Even the odds on them to win ESL Pro League have gone down on the majority of esports bookmakers.

Let’s not waste any more time; let’s take a closer look at the best esports bookmakers before moving onto fact-driven ESL Pro League picks! Our first batch of ESL Pro League S11 EU Predictions ended with two successful wagers and two lost ones. Let’s improve on that score this time around and earn some much-needed money in these trying times…

But first, here’s a closer look at the current stage two standings:

ESL Pro League S11 EU Stage 2 Predictions and Standings

Where to Bet on ESL Pro League S11? | Top CS:GO Betting Sites

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If, however, you have already put a ring on a CS:GO bookie and you’re just looking for ESL Pro League S11 EU Stage 2 predictions, keep on reading because that part is coming right up!

How to Start Betting on CS:GO

The Coronavirus pandemic is still going strong, and lots of people are losing their minds in quarantine. This is basically what led to a massive boom in esports betting demand. That said, if you’re among the boomers and this is your first time trying to place CS:GO bets, you might need further guidance. Even though everything in the esports betting sphere is pretty straightforward, beginners and people without any sort of online betting experience ought to stumble upon some issues.

If you need help with anything related to placing CS:GO bets, our CS:GO betting guide should come in handy. It features a ton of valuable betting info as well as a step by step guide for betting on CS:GO. It’s a great read for everyone, not just beginners!

ESL Pro League S11 EU Stage 2 Predictions

Finally, we’ve reached the section you’ve all come here for – the actual ESL Pro League S11 EU Stage 2 predictions. This time around, we’re going to focus on four matches. Four matches that, in my opinion, bear either the safest or highest value wagers.

As always, for our ESL Pro League S11 EU Stage 2 prediction we’ll be using a ton of stats, including recent head to head matches, latest ESL PL results, map pool depths, and individual performances. Still, stats don’t always paint the full picture, so I’ll do my best to dig deeper and present you with an objective look at the teams’ strengths and weaknesses in their upcoming fixtures.

Of course, by the time you read this one or two additional matchdays could be all done. In that case, take our ESL Pro League S11 predictions with a grain of salt and combine the freshest results into the equation.

If that’s too much of a burden for you, we’re likely to have more ESL Pro League betting picks down the line, too. That said, let’s focus on the first pick!

OG vs. Fnatic Predictions

Even though they suffered tough losses against NaVi and Mousesports, OG is still a force to be reckoned with. As long as mantuu and valde keep performing, OG will always have decent chances. The same goes for the matchup against Fnatic. Yes, Fnatic is two from two at the moment, but OG will be a tough cookie to crack.

If OG wants to get back on their feet against the mighty Swedes, they’ll need Aleksib and NBK to finally perform at a somewhat decent level. They’ve been absent for the majority of the event and it’s obvious their team needs them. If OG loses against Fnatic, it’s the end of the road for them, as simple as that. Fnatic, on the other hand, would be inches away from the playoffs with three wins in three matches.

And that’s exactly what Brollan ant the Swedish quarter are looking for from this matchup. They’ll go all-in from start to finish, executing their detail-oriented round-to-round approach, and leaving only crumbles for mantuu and the brand-new OG roster. As I said, OG will be a tough cookie to crack, but in-form Fnatic ought to have a trick up their sleeves.

The biggest reason why I believe Fnatic will easily take OG down is because of their map pool depth. We’ve seen OG struggle on all maps, even Dust 2 and Inferno which are their usual picks. Fnatic, on the other hand, has an 86% win rate on Dust over the past three months, with the only Sub 50% maps being Overpass and Vertigo. Needless to say, everything points in Fnatic’s direction which is why my ESL Pro League S11 EU Stage 2 predictions are pretty straightforward:

ESL Pro League S11 Predictions

FaZe vs. Astralis Predictions

Next up, we got FaZe Clan going up against Astralis. Astralis is off to an atrocious start to the second phase of the ESL Pro League S11 EU. As many of you already know, The Great Danes lost both of their stage two matches thus far, against NaVi and Fnatic. Both matches ended with decider map thrillers which means Astralis isn’t out of form… they just lacked the crucial clutching power to make a breakthrough.

FaZe Clan, on the other hand, has zero from two, after failing to win promising matchups against their age-old rivals, Mousesports and Fnatic. NiKo played well on both stage two matches, but the likes of olofmeister and coldzera were nowhere to be found.

If these two fail to deliver against Astralis, I’m afraid it’s game over for FaZe. As a matter of fact, if Coldzera isn’t the top fragger above in-form NiKo, Astralis will cruise to a win here. And, worst of all, I don’t think Coldzera has that special spark anymore. Ever since he joined FaZe, the Brazilian fragger looked unimpressive and outright struggling. His RL friendship with NiKo was planned as a jumping board for this new FaZe roster, but it might actually be the main culprit behind their poor performances.

That said, the only way FaZe can win this one is if they outplay Astralis in the banning phase. According to the past three months’ worth of matches, FaZe is arguably the better side on Dust 2, Mirage, Inferno, and Nuke. Astralis is slightly better on Train, Overpass and Vertigo. While it isn’t that big of a mismatch in terms of maps, there’s not a doubt in my mind that this one will go to the decider map… and that’s exactly what I’ll have my money on!

ESL Pro League S11 Predictions

FaZe vs. NaVi Predictions

FaZe Clan players keep disappointing their fans over and over again. This time around, after barely making it through to the second phase, Niko and the boys are on a two-match losing spree. First up, they lost a thriller against Fnatic and then another one against Mousesports. FaZe just can’t get a lucky break, or so it seems…

Unfortunately for FaZe, we’re not talking about luck here. Sure, it abandoned them in crucial times, but I’d say it’s more due to their inability to close out matches. That’s been their burning issue for several years already, and just when we start thinking they’ve finally solved it, it comes right around and bites them in the a**.

As for NaVi, we’re talking about one of the best teams on this event, the team that went from 0-2 to 3-2 and pushed the envelope even further with two additional wins in the second stage. S1mple and the boys look unstoppable. In other words, I reckon FaZe Clan has nothing on them!

These two sides played two head to head matches in 2020 – NaVi came out on top on both occasions. By looking at their forms, both collective and individual, as well as map statistics, NaVi is slightly better across all departments. That’s just enough for me to cement these ESL Pro League S11 Eu Stage 2 predictions!

ESL Pro League S11 Predictions

Astralis vs. Mousesports

Astralis vs. Mousesports is the final match of ESL Pro League stage two. It features two top-tier European sides, one of which has greatly underperformed thus far. However, by the time you read this, Astralis might have already come back on level terms and need just one more win to pull through to the playoffs. If that’s the case, then you’ll have a completely different viewpoint and everything I write from now on will bear absolutely no value to you. Yep, the perks of writing ESL Pro League S11 EU Stage 2 predictions in advance…

Be that as it is, if Astralis fails to win against FaZE and OG prior to their last-round clash against Mousesports, no matter mousesports’ performances up to this point, my money will be on Woxic, ropz and the boys. Heck, even if Astralis gets back on 2-2 and has to win against Mouz to reach the playoffs, my money would still be on them.

Thus far, Mousesports, alongside Natus Vincere, is looking like the toughest, most tenacious side of the event. While we can’t know how they’ll play against NaVi and Fnatic, we do know their first batch of matches was absolutely phenomenal. Yep, FaZe shook them a bit, but I’m sure that won’t phase them in the long run.

All things considered; I’m actually going with Mousesports here. If the standings change drastically by the time you read this, you’re free to call me an idiot and invest your money on Astralis. If not, Mousesports will definitely yield solid returns with this one.

ESL Pro League S11 Predictions

Which Teams Will Qualify for the Playoffs?

We’re all done with our ESL Pro League S11 EU Stage 2 predictions! This piece, however, isn’t all wrapped up just yet. There’s one more thing I’d like to discuss here and as the heading suggests, that would be the playoffs’ participants.

By looking at the current standings, Mousesports, Fnatic and NaVi should be the prime candidates for the top spot which leads straight to the grand finals. In my opinion, I have to go with NaVi for the number one spot. S1mple and the boys are just too good. They’ve started snowballing after those two initial losses in the first phase and are looking unbeatable at the moment. If they win against Mousesports on Tuesday, it’s GG, for sure!

As for the two remaining spots, I reckon Mousesports will be safe and sound in the second position. The third one, however, will be a dead race between Astralis and Fnatic. I’d say FaZe will be out of the equation after their clash against Astralis, which will leave the Great Danes and Tenacious Swedes in yet another Scandinavian ESL-bound clash for the last remaining playoffs spot.

That’s about it, fellas!

If you need more CS:GO betting matchups, don’t forget ESL Pro League S11 NA playoffs are just around the corner. The inaugural season of Flashpoint is active too. CS:GO’s competitive ecosystem seems to be quite healthy despite the fact the world is in the middle of a massive pandemic.

Be that as it is, the CS:GO show must go on, just like this piece has to come to a close.

Thank you all for reading!

Until next time


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