ESL Pro League Season 11 Europe Betting Picks

ESL Pro League Season 11 Europe Betting Picks

ESL Pro League Season 11 Europe is in full flow! The first round of matches from group A and B have already been played. There were several surprises scattered throughout those matches, with possible wildcard implications that could unfold later on in the event.

From the betting perspective, upset/wildcard potential is often looked down upon. Esports betting enthusiasts aren’t the biggest fans of online events, which is why ESL made the switch to offline gameplay for its regular Pro League seasons. However, driven by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic that has taken over the world, the biggest esports event organizer was forced to cancel the LAN event and switch things online.

So, if you’re living in a country where social distancing and quarantine are common terms, and you’re bored, our ESL Pro League S11 EU predictions might just allow you to spice up your week in the most brilliant way!

Here’s a closer look at the current standings:

ESL Pro League S11 EU Group A ESL Pro League S11 EU Group B

These are the group standing following the first round of matches.

Group C is set to start on March 26th, and it’s probably the most tightly packed one, featuring FaZe, G2, Mouse, OG, TYLOO, and This group is going to be a proper wreck fest from start to finish, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we manage to score quite a few high-value bets once it kicks off.

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ESL Pro League S11 EU Predictions

Next up are our comprehensive ESL Pro League S11 EU predictions, focusing on a total of four matches, two from group A and two from group B. Each of them brings forth fiery encounters that could decide one of the top three spots across all three groups. CS:GO betting tips are difficult to nail down correctly, and it’s going to be even more difficult seeing as these are all online Bo3 matchups. Still, we really did our best, and we’re proud to present you with the results:

Astralis vs. Vitality

When talking about ESL Pro League S11 EU predictions, we have to start off with the biggest group A match, Astralis vs. Vitality. Even before the start of this event, people argued about which of these two CS:GO giants will take control of group A and finish on top. Now, two rounds in, Vitality is sharing the top spot with NiP, packing six points in total, while Astralis is sitting at discomforting 3 points right above Team spirit.

When it comes to head to head matches between these two sides, Astralis is far more successful, having won five, and lost two, with two matches going to overtime. The latest matchup was just last month at the IEM Katowice World Championship, where Astralis took the W after overtime on Vertigo.

No matter how Astralis and Vitality play up to this match, I reckon Astralis will come forth with guns blazing on all fronts. Assuming they will, we can choose from several similar bets. Astralis  -1.5 map handicap at +105 sounds like a solid move, perhaps a bit on the risky end. If you’re not a risk-taker, you can always go with something a bit more forgiving. For instance, a good old match-winner on Astralis isn’t too bad, featuring -250ish at most esports betting sites. It’s not much, but it’s honest work…

ESL Pro League S11 EU Predictions

Astralis to win at -250

NiP vs. Vitality

NiP vs. Vitality is another interesting group A matchup! Even though Astralis was considered the heavy favorite in this group ahead of the event, after their hiccup against NiP, the Swedish site might just make it out of the group stage. NiP has started snowballing after taking down the Great Danes, defeating Spirit with ease and are already eyeing GODSENT. If NaVi wins against GODSENT too, they’ll be a force to be reckoned with in the remainder of the event.

Vitality, on the other hand, barely squeezed through against ENCE. They won Mirage with ease but struggled on both Inferno and Dust II. Luckily, ZywOo and apex were there to save the day. That said, despite Vitality going 2:0 in group A just like NiP, they didn’t look particularly superb today. NiP could seek their chances in Vitality’s seemingly inconsistent map pool, which points out to several struggling sectors in their gameplay.

If Plopski continues his massive run of form, I can already see NiP taking this one home. It’s going to be difficult, especially with ZywOo on the other end, but Ninjas in Pyjamas have already shown us they mean business. All in all, I do believe both of these teams will go through, and I really can’t tell them apart. For that reason, I’ll probably go with the good old total maps over 2.5 at -111.

ESL Pro League S11 EU Predictions

Total maps over 2.5 at -111

BIG vs. NaVi

As most of you’ve seen already, Natus Vincere had a massive hiccup against North. Not only did they lose the first-round match of group B, but they were also criminally bad. 16-10 losses on Nuke and Dust II are pretty surprising when a team like NaVi is at the losing end. Yep, the same NaVi who just got off a brilliant IEM Katowice campaign.

BIG, on the other hand, surprised Fnatic with a marvelous display on Mirage, which was the decider map in their first-round contest. It wasn’t a massive surprise, but still a noteworthy one, especially considering Fnatic’s solid form in recent months.

Overall, though, NaVi shouldn’t have too many issues with the German side. On paper, with Perfecto onboard, NaVi is a much stronger side, despite syrsoN and tabseN wreaking havoc upon his enemies over the course of the last few months. Lag could be an issue that ends up plaguing NaVi’s performance, but they should still have a smooth sailing against BIG tomorrow.

In other words, NaVi ought to return with a win in this matchup. However, at -500 it’s not exactly the greatest value. Correct Score to the rescue! NaVi to win 2-0 at -130 seems much more like it. In fact, as far as ESL Pro League S11 EU predictions for this particular match go, that’s the one we’re going with!

ESL Pro League S11 EU Predictions

Correct score 2:0 for NaVi at -130

NaVi vs. Fnatic

NaVi vs. Fnatic is the final match we are going to be focusing on in this piece. We’re talking about the final group B matchup featuring sides that pose as direct competitors for two of three spots that lead to the remainder of the competition.

Considering the fact both Fnatic and NaVi went through an upset right off the bat (in the first round), chances are high they’ll end up battling it out against each other for the spot leading forward. If that happens, and both these teams come into this match bringing forth their A-game, I am kind of leaning towards NaVi again. This time around, considering their map pool overlaps and roster qualities, I wouldn’t go as far as placing a correct 2:0 score on NaVi.

As mentioned above, many of our ESL Pro League S11 EU predictions greatly depend on previous results. That said, with the assumption that these two sides will come into this match with an imperative of winning, NaVi to win at -167 is where my money will go!

ESL Pro League S11 EU Predictions

NaVi to win at -167

Once again, group C is going to be a proper thriller because it features some of the hottest in-form teams out there. That’s why we’ve focused solely on group A and B. No worries, we’ll tackle group C in a future blog, for all you CS:GO betting lovers out there!

Which Teams Will Go Through?

Even though we’ve already had a fair share of matches in group A and B, it’s still not too late to discuss the teams with the highest chances of going through to the online finals.

Group A

Even though Astralis kicked off their ESL Pro League journey on the wrong foot, I strongly believe we’ll see them advance through, one way or the other. From the looks of things, Team Vitality could be the number one team with NiP dangerously contesting top-three finish that’d inch them closer to the online playoffs. ENCE will probably be a massive disappointment, not just on ESL PL S11 but this year, in general. Spirit could be a surprise here, but I doubt they’d venture beyond the decider match.

Group B

The first round of group B matches took me by surprise. To be completely honest with you, I guessed all three outcomes wrong. In retrospect, perhaps I should’ve been more vary of Fnatic’s map pool depth. Complexity vs. ForZe really could’ve gone either way in the playoffs… but NaVi – NaVi losing to North was the most surprising result in my books. If North wins against ForZe, they could easily snowball and win all remaining matches. In the end, I reckon North will end up on top of group B, with NaVi and Fnatic having to fight for their rite of passage.

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