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The European ESL One Cologne event already featured massive surprises. Perhaps the biggest one yet was BIG’s group stage elimination. Yep, the best team in the world (according to HLTV) got eliminated without a single win. First off, they lost in the opening round clash against their German colleagues from Sprout. Then, they followed it up with another loss, this time against NiP, following a 54-round thriller on Nuke. I reckon CS:GO betting enthusiasts weren’t happy with how things went during the first two rounds of the group stage. Luckily, we’re here to try and fix things with our Vitality vs. Astralis predictions.

Mousesports is another big team that got eliminated right off the bat. But, perhaps Mousesports’ elimination isn’t that surprising considering their track record on online events this year. At the moment, Faze Clan is battling it out against MIBR on the decider map. If they get eliminated too, they’ll be the third giant that has fallen down in the group stage of the European event.

Be that as it is, let’s turn our attention back to Vitality vs. Astralis predictions and see what sort of value can we get from this one!

Vitality vs. Astralis Predictions

What we’re looking at here is the upper bracket round two featuring the winners of the opening round. The team that loses this match isn’t eliminated; there’s still a chance of qualifying through the lower bracket. Fnatic is waiting for the loser of this match. If it’s Astralis, I reckon we’ll be in for a real treat with the Swedes in for revenge following that disheartening overtime defeat on Train.

This tweet perfectly sums up Team Vitality. They are still a one-man show even though they’re doing their best to prevent it. It’s difficult, though, ZywOo is still at its peak and even if Vitality doesn’t want to keep exploiting his natural mechanical perfection, it’s always directly under the spotlight thanks to ZywOo’s wicked plays and clutch potential. He is outright scary, Astralis’ Twitter manager isn’t wrong one bit!

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Head to Head Matches

Head to head matches were always going to go in favor of The Great Danes. They’re the iconic European team that stomped everyone that was in their way. Stats-wise, Astralis won nine, Vitality won four, and three matches went to overtime.

What’s more important is the fact that Team Vitality is yet to defeat Astralis in a Bo3 match this year. They played four Bo3s thus far and Astralis took all of them. The only time Vitality came out on top was a Bo1 on BLAST Premier Spring EU.

However, Astralis is going to field a completely different roster now. Sure, their three-man base is still here, but Bubzkji and es3tag are coming in as brand-new players. Bubzkji’s debut was absolutely phenomenal; es3tag wasn’t that lucky, but there’s plenty of time for him to improve. But, now is not the time nor place to talk about the players. There’s a whole section dedicated to that further below.

Recent Results

When talking about recent results, you’d be surprised at the stats. Astralis has just one win in their last five matches whereas Vitality has just one loss (3-2 against BIG). Once again, though, Astralis is deploying a different roster; a roster that’s a lot more potent than the previous one.

If we take a look a bit further down the calendar, we’ll realize both of these teams didn’t exactly play up to their potential thus far in 2020.

Vitality’s form is slowly improving, having reached the grand finals on the last two events they played on. Astralis did win ESL One Road to Rio EU, but had two embarrassing campaigns to follow it up. Now, they’re relying on their new roster to be the difference and put Astralis back on top of the region.

Map Pool Info

Map Pool depth goes in favor of Vitality since there’s really no way to judge how this new Astralis roster will play on certain maps. I mean, there aren’t that many position overlaps in the team, plus misutaaa is a fairly new player for the French side… but still, ZywOo and the boys are equally lethal across all maps except Train and Mirage. Dust 2 has been shaky at times, but they’re still managing to keep a positive w/l ratio.

map stats Vitality vs. Astralis predictions

Map stats courtesy of

As I said, it’s pretty difficult to make comment when Astralis’ core has just a few matches to their tally. Once this new Astralis roster settles in, we’ll be able to assess their map pool with much more precision. Till then, I guess we’ll have to rely on other factors to settle key matchups!

Individual Prowess

If you’re interested in our Vitality vs. Astralis predictions, then this section ought to be right up your alley. We’re going to talk about individual player qualities here, and let’s just say both teams have excellent sets of players.

Needless to say, Vitality’s key player is ZywOo. He’s been the best player in the world (S1mple fans must be furious right about now) for quite some time now, but he’s still at it, fragging like it’s nothing. On the other end, we have Device… Heck, we have Bubzkji too. Astralis’ new dynamic duo will have their say in this matchup, that’s for sure. Bubzkji must be thrilled with his debut, which will make him an even bigger threat in the second round. ZywOo and Vitality will have to keep their eyes peeled, otherwise, the in-form 22-year-old will be running circles around them the whole match.

Vitality vs. Astralis Predictions

It doesn’t come any simpler than this – a straightforward match-winner on Astralis should do the trick here. The Great Danes are coming back, perhaps not stronger than ever, but definitely a level above the roster they’ve been deploying since gla1ve’s and xyp9x’s departures. Most importantly for Astralis, Bubzkji was not a one-hit-wonder many fans though (were afraid??) he’d be. He proved his worth against Fnatic, leading the Danish side to a stellar 2-0 display. True, the second map was a bit chaotic, but Bubzkji remained calm and showed his might right on his debut!

ZywOo and the boys will be a tough cookie to crack. If you’re feeling lucky, you can test the waters with a low stake correct score wager; 2-1 for Astralis. Team Vitality’s map pool should give them enough leeway to win a map and perhaps contest on the decider. ZywOo has plenty of clutch potential, but if push comes to shove, I reckon Device and the boys are the favorite team here.

If it’s any consolation to Vitality fans reading this, I’m pretty sure your boys will qualify for the playoffs against Fnatic. The Swedes are good, there’s no doubt in that… but they shouldn’t be too big of a bite for my man ZywOo.

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