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Even though we kicked off our ESL Pro League S12 campaign with a couple of fine, high-profit wagers, we weren’t able to close it off without succumbing to the pressure. In the end, we had two losing wagers that shook our spirits a bit… but it’s okay guys, we’re coming back stronger than ever with our Evil Geniuses vs. FURIA predictions!

Yep, it’s the upper bracket finals we’re looking at here. It’s the rerun of the most highly anticipated group stage match, now with even more stuff on the line. On the bright side, the losing team still has an extra shot at reaching the grand finals through the lower bracket. The winner, however, goes straight to the grand finals with a win to their tally. It’s going to be difficult to break the upper bracket champion, no matter which of the two goes there…

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Evil Geniuses vs. FURIA Predictions

Back to the business, let’s see what sort of a match these two played last time out before taking both their forms for a closer look!

Could We See a Rerun?

Need I remind you – FURIA and EG played a head to head match during the group stage. FURIA came out on top with a surprising 2:0 on the scoreboard. The Brazilians took EG down on Nuke (16:8) and then managed to clutch their way through to a fiery 16:14 win on Inferno to slam the door down for Brehze and the boys.

However, I don’t think we’ll see a rerun of this match here… EG players are way to smart to fall for the same tricks. Plus, zews should know everything there is to be known about FURIA – his tactical prowess should be enough to push EG forward and into the grand finals with 1:0 to their name.


Needless to say, EG is the far superior side as far as the overall form is concerned. Evil Geniuses had a fourteen-match win streak before FURIA came and knocked it all off roughly two weeks ago. That didn’t make too big of a dent in Evil Geniuses’ form. They came back stronger, knocking down Chaos, Triumph, and Team Liquid in the process.

Evil Geniuses are still by far the toughest team in the region… However, their position would be in danger if the Brazilians manage to snatch the upper bracket finals. It’s not the end of the world for Brehze and the boys, but it would definitely complicate things and perhaps even prevent them from winning their fourth consecutive title.

Yep, you’ve read that right – their fourth consecutive title. Talk about consistency a the very highest level, huh?

Map Pool Depth

Map pool depth goes in favor of Evil Geniuses. Once again, it’s all because of their sheer superiority in the region. They’ve been enjoying themselves out there ever since Team Liquid’s form fell down. Now that they’re in the driving seat, they are, once again, looking like a force to be reckoned with… And from all I’m seeing, they don’t seem keen on stepping down from the pedestal anytime soon.

Why should they?

I mean, they have a 100% win rate on Train, 70% on Nuke, 80% on Mirage, 92% on Inferno, and 75% on Vertigo. The only two maps they don’t have more than three maps on in the last three months are Dust 2 and Overpass… and here’s a little secret for you – they’re 100% on both!

FURIA is not half bad either, but their overall stats don’t look good against EG’s because of the sheer form they’re in. True, FURIA’s map pool was never as diverse as that of EG, but seeing them in the red across the board will make you think the situation is much worse than it actually is…

So yeah, even though EG takes the win in the map pool department, it’s not something we’ll blindly follow for our Evil Geniuses vs. FURIA predictions here!

Individual Characteristics

Once again, there’s nothing separating these two teams. It’s mere nuances we’re looking at here, nuances that can’t tell us which way our Evil Geniuses vs. FURIA predictions are going to go. Statistically, though, EG players are in slightly better form… but how could they not be, looking back at their massive winning record…

But then again, we need to take into account the fact that FURIA’s the only team that managed to deal the killing blow to in-form EG. We keep coming back to that head to head matchup as if it means the world… but it’s all good, as long as we draw useful conclusions for our upcoming Evil Geniuses vs. FURIA predictions.

Wrapping Things Up

Let’s kick the wrap-up off with some concrete picks before going forward with the elaboration:

My Pick
Evil Geniuses to Win

The stats of both teams, coming into this match, couldn’t be any closer. They’re as tightly packed as they come, they feature similarly-talented sets of players, they feature solid map pools on both ends, and they‘re both equally motivated to go through. So, why am I going with Evil Geniuses here when they’re obviously the less-valuable option here.

Well, even though they are not bringing forth that much value, I have great confidence in them because of the sheer clutching potential they’ve been showcasing in playoffs of notable events lately.

Just remember how they lost to MIBR on BLAST Premier Spring American Showdown but then came back swinging in the grand finals.

In fact, while we’re talking about MIBR, the former Brazilian CSGO champions, it’s important to note that this EG team’s only three losses in the last four months (almost) came from Brazilian teams. MIBR did it twice and FURIA did it once, less than two weeks ago. Now that MIBR is out of the equation, it’s on FURIA to unnerve Brehze and the boys…

But, I doubt they’ll make it two from two against what’s definitely the best North American team at the moment. I’m not saying Evil Geniuses don’t have their own flaws, but the previous head to head match doesn’t do them justice. I’m sure they’ll come out tonight looking, feeling, and playing much better. Nuances will be the deciding factors, that’s for sure, but I strongly believe EG will take the big W and be one step closer to winning yet another massive event.

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