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We’re starting our day off with Faze vs. Astralis predictions. These two teams showed the best form on ESL One: Road to Rio EU thus far, and they’re deservingly meeting in the upper bracket final. The winning side gets a spot on the grand finals, meaning there’s everything to play for here!

As far as our CS:GO betting predictions go, we’re going to take things as deep as we can. It’s nothing new, though, as I always do my best to present you guys with the freshest and most detailed stats. But, before we go on, there are other things we need to focus on. Astralis is going up against Faze here – two of the most popular teams in the game. That said, there will be lots of newcomers wanting to test their luck with CS:GO betting. If you’re among them, the next section ought to be of service as it explains the biggest do’s and don’ts of placing CS:GO wagers!

Do’s and Don’ts of Placing CS:GO Bets

  • Always do extensive pre-game research
  • Explore esports specials
  • Be on the lookout for live betting value
  • Always manage your bankroll properly
  • Set up clear and achievable goals
  • Don’t bet all the time
  • Don’t chase losses
  • Don’t trust “inside tips”
  • Don’t bet on your favorite teams
  • Don’t have unrealistic expectations

Faze vs. Astralis Betting Predictions

As stated earlier, Vitality surprised Ninjas in Pyjamas in what was by far the tightest ESL One: Road to Rio EU Let’s start off with the latest head to head matches. In 2020, Faze and Astralis met just once, at the beginning of April. Astralis took the win after one overtime in a relatively clean 2-0 encounter. Prior to that, Astralis and Faze met in Beijing where Astralis dealt one of the biggest and most disheartening defeats in Faze Clan’s history (16-2 and 16-0).

Back then, Faze Clan wasn’t all that impressive. Nowadays, they’re ranking much better. This last month or so has been great for NiKo and the boys. They’re finally doing a good job of closing matches out, as well as not chocking in key situations. One could say Faze Clan is finally looking impressive…

Faze Clan Finally Looking Impressive

Faze and Astralis have always been near or at the very top of the CS:GO scene. Even though Banks admitted funding his CS:GO team with skin betting, Faze Clan has kept its place at the very top of the CS:GO scene. In fact, NiKo and the boys are playing their best CS:GO in quite a while. At the moment, they’re on an enormous nine-matches winning streak, with their last defeat dating back to early April when they lost against NaVi. Since then, NiKo and the boys defeated the likes of G2, Mousesports, and NiP, alongside a handful of other strong teams too.

Can Astralis Reach the Grand Finals

Astralis has been pretty good too! They are on a six-match winning spree, which isn’t half bad either. Truth be told, Astralis played against slightly tougher opponents than Faze Clan, but that’s only my subjective opinion, I guess.

The real question is – can Astralis finally reach another grand final of a notable event? The last time they reached the final stage of an event was back in December 2019 when they won BLAST Pro Series Global Final. Since then, two of their campaigns ended with semifinal eliminations… Seeing as this is somewhat of an equivalent of a semifinal match (with an extra chance AKA the LB finals), could Astralis’ curse hit again?

Well, that’s why our Faze vs. Astralis predictions are here, right? Wrong! Our predictions are here to find the best value AKA the best-possible risk to return ratio wager. For this matchup, betting on both ends seems quite risky. The bookies are aware of that too, but they’re still placing Astralis as the favorite. But, where’s the value then? Well, the value is in my dearest special – total maps over 2.5! Yes, that’s right, I’m going with total maps over 2.5 here!

My Pick
Total Maps Over 2.5

Yep, I just couldn’t help myself this time! I knew right off the bat that this matchup is going to be difficult to predict… but I also knew I just had to take on the challenge. After assessing everything regarding both teams, analyzing their latest clashes, and comparing their map stats, I just can’t go with anything other than map total over 2.5. That special is my cross, I know… but hopefully, it will turn a profit for us this time around.

CS:GO Betting | Most Popular Specials

When talking about placing CS:GO bets, betting on map totals to be more precise, we just have to say a few things about other specials. In the world of betting on CS:GO, there’s a wide variety of unconventional bets you can place. We’re not referring to match-winners here, but a whole range of specials based on a plethora of in-game happenings.

Here are the most popular options and their brief explanations so you know what you’re looking at if it’s your first time placing CS:GO bets:

  • Map Totals
  • These bets are available with Bo3 and Bo5 matches. You’re supposed to guess how many maps the match will have. I.e., for a Bo3 match, you can guess if the end count will be over or under 2.5.

  • Round Totals
  • Every CS:GO map can have a maximum of thirty rounds. With round totals, the bookie gives you a rough estimate of the count, and you’re supposed to guess if the end count will be over or under that count.

  • Pistol Round Wins
  • This CS:GO special is pretty straightforward – you’re betting on the team that you think will win both pistol rounds. The odds are pretty good, but beware – pistol round wins are pretty difficult to guess consistently.

  • Player vs. Player
  • With these specials, bookies give you the option to choose between two players. Typically, you’re supposed to guess which of them will have the most kills, but we’re seeing other stats like assists and deaths being used too.

  • Weapon vs. Weapon
  • The notorious AK47 vs M4A4 battle transformed into a CS:GO special. It can be based on other weapons too, but the premise remains the same – you’re supposed to guess which of the two has a higher kill count at the end of the match. Unfortunately, these specials are only available during Majors.

For a more detailed look, check out our guide on esports special bets!

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