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ESL Pro League Faze Vs Astralis

Most group A teams already played their first two matches. OG and GODSENT are on the losing end of the bunch, having lost both matches. BIG, G2, and ENCE are at the top of the group with two wins. As for group B, all eight teams have played just one match thus far.

Faze Clan and Astralis were the biggest surprises; they lost their opening matches and are now going up against each other in what’s basically an elimination match.

Sure, the loser will have additional redemption tickets, but this match still bears a lot of importance. Plus, it’s going to be a fiery contest, which is why we’ve prepared detailed Faze vs. Astralis predictions for all you CSGO betting enthusiasts reading this!

Faze vs. Astralis Predictions

These two teams go a long way! They’ve been at the top of the European CSGO stage for as long as I can remember. Heck, ever since NiKo joined Faze Clan and Astralis got rid of their choking issues. However, both teams are past their glory days. Both teams are struggling to find the perfectly balanced roster. Both have experimented with several players throughout the year. However, the reasons behind roster alterations couldn’t be more different.

Please Note:
Astralis was forced to make roster alterations because two of their starting players stepped down from the roster. Without gla1ve and xyp9x, Astralis just isn’t the same. They tried going with JUGi and Snappi but that was never going to work.

Now, they’ve found two stellar performers in Bubzkji and es3tag, although they’re still a level below the aforementioned Astralis duo. It will take them plenty of time to adapt to new surroundings, but they should get there, eventually. However, gla1ve is back, but his overall performance against Complexity was nothing to write home about.

Moving forward with Faze vs. Astralis predictions, there are several sections we’ll use to determine our direction.

Mainly, we’ll be experimenting with stuff like form, map pool depth, and player qualities, before wrapping everything up in concrete esports picks!

So, let’s get down and dirty!


Form-wise, both Faze and Astralis haven’t been at their best over the duration of 2020. They had some bright spots, especially Astralis, but leading into this match neither of the two are looking good. Faze Clan’s showed off decent consistency in May and June but failed to showcase more of the same in following months.

As for Astralis, they won ESL One: Road to Rio, but disappeared following that triumph.

Immediate elimination on DH Masters Spring as well as poor ESL One Cologne and BLAST Premier Spring performances leave much to be desired. Astralis is not playing well; their newest roster alterations are taking their toll, that’s for sure!

Map Pool Depth

Map pool depth is something a lot of CSGO betting enthusiasts don’t take into consideration when making their decisions. Of course, you shouldn’t be like them! You should always base your bets on cold hard facts supported by other valuable info. It’s the best way to increase your chance for success!

With that out of our way, let’s see how these two teams stack up against each other, map-pool-wise:

Faze Vs Astralis Map Pool

Map stats courtesy of HLTV.org

Unfortunately, we can’t deduct much from these stats because Astralis’s current roster has just thirteen maps that count towards HLTV’s stats book. Faze Clan changed only one player so their map stats haven’t been tampered with. However, it doesn’t make our life any easier here…

In all honesty, I don’t need stats to know Astralis used to have a much deeper map pool than Faze Clan.

However, that was the good old Astralis roster that won three consecutive Majors. That was before gla1ve and xyp9x stepped down from the roster. Now, it’s pretty difficult to judge their map pool, so I guess we don’t really have a clear winner in this department, despite gla1ve’s return. However, we won’t finish our Faze vs. Astralis predictions here – we haven’t talked about individual player qualities yet.

Player Qualities

Individually, I still believe Astralis is the stronger team here. With gla1ve back, coupled with the likes of Magisk, device, and dupreeh, there’s no way Faze can match Astralis in terms of individual qualities. Sure, NiKo has the ability to outfrag everyone, but he can’t do everything on his own. That said, this match is going to be an interesting contest from start to finish.

Faze vs. Astralis Predictions
Total Maps Over 2.5

I just couldn’t make up my mind. I mean, this can be anyone’s match – the stats don’t show the full picture because A) Astralis new roster is highly volatile even though gla1ve is going to be starting tomorrow; and B) we don’t know how Kjaerbye will perform against some of his former teammates.

The safest bet, in my books at least, is the good old total maps over 2.5.

It’s a Bo3 we’re looking at here, and even with all their roster problems, Astralis is still the favorite team. However, Faze Clan should be able to clinch their map pick, especially if they manage to land Train. Mirage used to be their safe haven but things just haven’t been going in their favor… Who knows, perhaps they’ll take the risk and opt for Mirage as the decider…

That said, I believe it’s time to wrap everything up and call our Faze vs. Astralis predictions piece done.

May the odds be in your favor, folks…

Donnie out!

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