Faze vs. BIG Betting Predictions | CS_Summit 6 Picks & Betting Odds

Faze vs. BIG Betting Predictions | CS_Summit 6 Picks & Betting Odds

Let’s start off with the obvious – we missed the recent CS_Summit 6 betting opportunities. We missed both G2 and BIG. The latter is more important for this particular match as BIG now has to play against Faze Clan (again) for a spot on the playoffs. These two teams already played a head to head match in the group stage. It was just three days ago when BIG swept Faze away with a quick 2-0 win on Mirage and Nuke. The winner was never really in question, to be honest… but unfortunately, our Faze vs. BIG predictions didn’t predict that.

This time around, we’re having an uphill struggle! Faze Clan didn’t have any major issues against Heretics while BIG stumbled against the underdogs, OG. Our Faze vs. BIG predictions feature more or less the same stuff just like last time, with the two latest matches being the only exceptions. That said, we’ll keep this piece short, which is a good thing because the match starts in roughly 6(ish) hours.

Faze vs. BIG Predictions

There’s really no point talking about the most recent results of both teams here. It was already said in our previous prediction which you can find linked above this paragraph. If recent results are something you like to base your esports bets on, then I recommend you go ahead and check it out. Once you’re done, please join us for the remainder of our Faze vs. BIG predictions!

Map Pool Info

I’m not really sure what to think about the map pools of both teams. I honestly believe BIG has a slight advantage just because they enjoyed way more wins in recent months than NiKo and the boys. But, then again, BIG played against tier B opponents for the most part… so once again, I’m not really sure what to think here.

Last time out, BIG destroyed Faze on Mirage and Nuke. Okay, I can understand how they capitalized on Nuke… but Mirage? Mirage was supposed to be Faze Clan’s safe haven… And then, following that amazing win against Faze Clan, TabseN and the boys lost Mirage against OG. True, it was a neck and neck map from start to finish, but seeing OG end up on top was still unexpected, to say the least.

Individual Player Qualities

Remember when I told you guys that SyrsoN and TabseN were a level below Niko and the boys ahead of their first-round clash three days ago? Well, I guess that didn’t age that well… But, I’m not going to take that back! I still believe Faze Clan’s roster packs way more raw talent and experience than BIG… but the way they’ve been playing, if we consider the recent form, I reckon the rosters are rather close to each other in terms of overall quality. They both have two or three excellent players that are capable of closing out rounds with ease, which is, at the end of the day, the thing that matters the most!

Enough about all that, though – here’s what all you CS:GO betting enthusiasts have been waiting for:

Faze vs. BIG Predictions

The odds on Faze to win are slightly lower than last time, which means even the bookies think Faze has better chances than three days ago. Why is that so? Well, the reason probably lies in the fact BIG lost to OG, an out-of-form team labeled as a heavy underdog in yesterday’s matchup. Faze Clan, on the other hand, won against Heretics with rain and Bymas showing off all their might. If NiKo and coldzera join the big boys club today, BIG is toast!

I feel like I have to repeat this – our CS_Summit 6 track record isn’t the greatest! Heck, I doubt there are many profitable bettors around these days. After all, online events are as chaotic as they come – you can’t really expect a lot of consistency from them. Still, with everything that’s been said above, with all those statistical information and comparisons, we can say with certainty that we’ve done our best. Hopefully, this time around, our Faze vs. BIG predictions will yield some profit!

Until next time…

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