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Our first CS_Summit 6 betting adventure didn’t go according to plans. A quick reminder, we went with G2 vs. Fnatic wager and pointed Fnatic out as the value bet. However, G2 came back to their senses and outclassed them with a superb 2-0 on the scoreboard. Even though our start wasn’t really a good one, fingers crossed Faze vs. BIG predictions yield a winning ticket. We need those, we need them ASAP, so let’s jump straight to business and start with our pre-match analysis!

Faze vs. BIG

Let’s start this section off with the most recent head to head matches between Faze and BIG. Two of them happened this month – both on DreamHack Masters Spring. Faze was on the losing end on both occasions, with the second one being much more important, seeing as it was practically the semifinals match. Well, technically it was lower bracket finals, but you get the point.

On both occasions, BIG looked strong with 2-0 finishes, with TabseN being the man of the hour, showing off wicked numbers against NiKo and the boys. Can they make it three in a row against Faze Clan in 2020?

Recent Results

Well, according to recent results – that wouldn’t be so surprising. You see, Faze Clan has just five wins in their last ten matches, which isn’t exactly an impressive result. As for BIG, they have eight wins in ten matches, and they’re chasing the sixth consecutive win against Faze Clan later today. Realistically speaking, the quality of opponents isn’t that much in favor of Faze Clan, seeing as both teams performed on the same event, with ESL PL S12 Qualifiers being the only exception.

Map Pool Info

Which maps are we going to see this time around? Last time out (last two times out, to be more precise), BIG and Faze opened the clashes with Nuke. BIG won both times. The second maps were Mirage and Inferno, and Faze Clan lost those too. On both occasions, Dust 2 was the decider map, but the matches never went there because of BIG’s resounding performances on the first two maps.

Statistically, these two teams are pretty neck and neck on Mirage and Dust 2, which are Faze Clan’s favorite maps. In terms of Nuke, Inferno, Overpass and Vertigo, though, BIG takes the show with astonishing stats. However, these stats don’t paint the full picture because they reflect on matches played over the last three months, which means BIG had much easier opponents than Faze Clan.

Individual Prowess

What does paint a good picture for our Faze vs. BIG predictions are individual player qualities, and we all know Faze Clan is the clear winner in this department. Despite the fact TabseN and SyrsoN are in the form of their lives, NiKo, Coldzera, and the company are still a level above them.

NiKo is still a mile above everyone else in this Faze Clan roster, followed by Coldzera and broky, who have been pretty consistent too. Bymas is yet to show his true potential, while Rain is doing his best to find his long-lost form.

As for BIG, SyrsoN, XANTARES, and TabseN are leading the standings with their impeccable fragging potential. They’ve been pretty consistent too, enjoying far better stats than NiKo and the Faze Clan company… but that doesn’t amount to much when we account for the lack of quality opponents they played against in the last three(ish) months.

Faze vs. BIG Betting Pick

Yep – Faze Clan is not the heavy favorite here. Why is that so? Well, as explained earlier – NiKo and the boys lost a crucial match against BIG roughly two weeks ago, just days after losing another match to BIG which put them in the lower bracket. DreamHack Masters Spring was the occasion; BIG won the lower bracket finals and went on to clinch the title by beating G2 in the grand finals.

As far as I can tell, that’s probably the first of two reasons why bookies have BIG as the slight favorites, the second being slightly deeper map pool. After all, it’s definitely not individual presence that skewed this in BIG’s favor. Be that as it is, I reckon BIG won’t get the third consecutive win over Faze Clan in 2020. TabseN and the boys are playing well, but I expect NiKo and the boys to make a statement on the last event before the players’ summer break! If they avoid Nuke, snipe Mirage and settle with Dust 2 as the decider map, I see no reasons why Faze Clan shouldn’t take this one home…

I believe this is all I have for you as far as Faze vs. BIG predictions are concerned.

As always, thank you all for reading and hope to see you again soon.

Stay safe!

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