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Faze Vs Complexity Gaming

Hello boys! I’m back with another set of BLAST Premier Finals betting picks. It’s the upper bracket finals we’re talking about here – Faze Clan against Complexity. Yep – if you haven’t figured it out by now, Complexity is playing on the European event.

Let’s put that aside for now and focus on the things that actually matter, and that would be Faze vs. Complexity predictions.

As you’d expect, we’ll do a bunch of comparisons on both teams. We’ll check out their recent results, past campaigns and go into more depth regarding their individual performers and map pool readiness. As always, we’ll wrap things up with concrete Faze vs. Complexity predictions and bring you up to speed on CS:GO betting basics.

Faze vs. Complexity Predictions

Let’s start this section of our Faze vs. Complexity predictions with a few words about the most recent results. At the moment, Faze Clan is ranked as the third-best team in the world. Yep, the third-best team in the world. How come? Well, believe it or not – Faze Clan have been pretty consistent over the last few online events. Faze Clan and consistency in the same sentence? My oh my, 2020 really is weird…

Complexity’s 2020 season has been absolutely terrific. The boys won four #HomeSweetHome cups netting them a total of $120,000 just from those four events. Last week, their #HSH performance was a bit lower than their standards. They got eliminated in the semifinals by ForZe. Despite that, complexity managed to turn a new page for BLAST Premier Spring Finals, defeating both OG and Natus Vincere in the upper bracket thus far. Next up – Faze Clan. Can Complexity make another scalp here? Well, that’s what our Faze vs. Complexity predictions are here to find out!

Individual Superiority

There’s no point in getting into too many details here. Obviously, Faze Clan is the superior team when it comes to individual performance. Faze Clan has NiKo and Coldzera – enough said. BlameF is probably the best individual performer on the other end, and he’s in quite a good form too, but the likes of NiKo and Coldzera are way above his level… on a good day, of course.

Look, I’m not aiming to belittle Complexity. They are a good team; a team that’s finally looking like a proper threat out there… but truth be told – they don’t have a single player on their roster that can lead with superb and consistent performances. So, as far as individuals go, Faze Clan’s superiority is more than obvious.

Map Pool Depth

Map pool is actually a lot tighter than I had initially thought. On Dust 2, Faze is the slight favorite with an 80% win rate over the last 15 maps, whereas Complexity has a 78% win rate over the last 18 maps. So yeah, Dust 2 is no man’s land. The same goes for Mirage – Faze Clan is the slightest of favorites, but the difference in win rate is next to nothing.

Overpass and Train should go in Faze Clan’s favor though, while Complexity should be in charge of Nuke and Vertigo.

Overall, the map pool depth is pretty neck and neck, but I have to give Faze Clan the advantage as they’ve been much more consistent than Complexity on maps that ought to be of importance in the banning phase.

All Signs Point to Faze Clan?

Can Faze Clan lose this one? Well, theoretically – everything is possible. Especially when talking about Faze Clan. Knowing their rollercoaster performance habit, losing to Complexity and bottling such a splendid run is exactly what Faze excels at.

However, I just can’t side with anything other than Faze match-winner.

The odds are great. At -178, you really can’t get much better than that!

A medium stake is what you should go with here… so fingers crossed we finally get something right on BLAST Premier Spring Finals. It’d be about proper time, to say the least.

Faze vs. Complexity Predictions

If you’re not confident in Faze Clan match-winner, feel free to test out the good old total maps over. These two teams will play a very tight contest, meaning the decider map is highly likely. Just don’t tell anyone I told you to bet on total maps over. I already have a bad reputation regarding that bet so it’s best if you stay quiet.

Jokes aside, total maps over is a viable choice here. So, for everyone who doesn’t agree with the above-featured Faze vs. Complexity betting predictions, total maps over seems like a solid alternative.

Betting on CS_Summit 6 | Where to Place CS:GO Bets?

As promised, the last portion of our Faze vs. Complexity predictions will bring you up to speed on the basics of CS:GO betting. It doesn’t get more basic than finding the right bookmaker. Even more basic – finding your first-ever esports betting site.

Believe it or not, finding a good online bookie might not be as straightforward as most people think. Why is that so? Well, there are just too many options to choose from these days… and let’s just say some of them won’t provide you with the CS:GO betting experience you deserve.

Fishy online bookies do exist and you should take caution when joining (aka sharing your personal information) random betting platforms promising massive bonuses and plentiful esports options. It’s always best to use one of the biggest and most reputable online sportsbooks out there.

Yes, you read that right – sportsbooks. You see, sportsbooks such as Bovada and BetOnline don’t just feature betting on sports but betting on esports too. Sites like these don’t need further introductions – they’ve been in the online betting industry since its beginnings and you can rest assured your personal information is in safe hands!

Don’t think I’m trying to scare you here! Safety precautions are the best way to keep yourself exploit-free!

That’s it as far as our Faze vs. Complexity predictions are concerned.

Thank you all for reading and I hope to see you again soon!

Donnie out…

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