Faze vs. G2 Picks | ESL One: Road to Rio EU Playoffs Betting Predictions

We’re on a losing streak, fellas! If you’ve followed by CS:GO betting predictions, you might be really upset with my choices. What can I say other than I’m sorry the odds weren’t in our favor? That’s the harsh life of esports betting – you win some and you lose some. That’s just how things work in this business.

But, instead of feeling sorry for ourselves, let’s try to get back up on our feet with these Faze vs. G2 predictions!

This time around, we’ll cut right to the chase without worrying too much about other esports betting elements.

Faze vs. G2 Predictions

Prior to this event, Faze Clan was in terrible form. Their ESL Pro League S11 EU performance wasn’t up to par. Even though their end placement is listed as fifth, Faze barely squeezed through to the second group stage where they ended up with only one win (and against OG of all teams).

Faze and G2 played a head to head match in the first group stage. G2 was the winning team, with huNter and nexa rising to the occasion and beating their Balkan brother NiKo in what was a tightly contested three-round thriller. Just last week, though, these two met in the group stage of this event… Faze Clan was the winning team then, although it was a hard-fought battle from start to finish.

G2 is in solid form, although I didn’t think they’d slip past Vitality after a somewhat blurry win against Heretics. They’re trying to move up the European ladder, and thus far they’ve been doing a lot of good stuff. For instance, they almost won the last offline event in 2020 (IEM XIV in Katowice), losing to NaVi in the grand finals.

Recent Results

As for recent results, Faze Clan’s group stage game was strong. Their gameplay dropped a bit in the playoffs, which was to be expected after a chaotic 107-round thriller against Ninjas in Pyjamas in the first upper bracket round. Still, a win is a win, huh?

The same can be said about G2, although their group stage performance wasn’t as perfect as that of Faze Clan. However, G2 had an unlucky playoff draw which pinned them up against Astralis right off the bat. Nexa and the goys put up a solid fight on Vertigo, but Astralis was having none of it, closing out the match with a sweet 2-0 on the scoreboard.

That was followed by a bleak performance against Heretics. Yes, G2 did win, but it was a hard-fought contest that could’ve gone either way. And right when I thought it’s the end of the road for KennyS and the company, Nexa showed off all of his might and crushed ZywOo’s vitality.

Concrete CS:GO Picks

Now that’s all said and done, it’s time to wrap everything up and serve our Faze vs. G2 predictions! This time around, I won’t be settling with anything fancy: no more needless esports specials or any of that sort of stuff.

We’re going nice and clean here, with a simple match-winner bet on Faze Clan! Faze Clan is the superior team here, no doubt about that.

G2 will fancy their chances, but I reckon they’ve already overstayed their welcome at this event. They’re good, no doubt about that, but Faze Clan will be heading into the grand finals for a rerun against The Great Danes!

My Pick
Faze to Win!

The bookies can’t really make up their mind as far as this one goes. Most of them agree that Faze is the slightest of favorites, and that’s it. But, that didn’t stop the odds on NiKo and the boys to win this one ranging from -115 all the way to -130. It’s up to you to do the research and compare the odds before placing a wager.

Always check out what sort of esports betting bonuses a bookie offers! Some bookies sport low profit margins but have no esports bonuses or very poor coverage of other esports titles. Keep an eye out for stuff like this and you’ll be alright!

That’s it for our Faze vs. G2 predictions! Let’s hope our losing streak will end and will be ready for the ESL One: Road to Rio EU grand finals with winds of victory in our sails.

Until next time,

Stay safe!

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