Faze Clan vs. G2 Betting Predictions | IEM XV Beijing-Haidian Quarterfinals Analysis

Faze Vs G2 IEM

We didn’t wait for too long to see the most anticipated match following the biggest transfer in the history of CSGO. Yep, G2 is set to play against Faze Clan shortly after NiKo’s transfer. This is the first time NiKo is set to play against his old team and I honestly can’t wait to see him in action. Faze vs. G2 predictions are our main focus here, but we’ll spend plenty of time talking about NiKo and his first match against the team he’s spent nearly four years at.

We won’t dig straight in, though! We have some formalities to take care of first!

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Faze vs. G2 Predictions

This is an interesting matchup for several reasons. First and foremost, G2 vs. Faze Clan is a clash of two top-tier European teams. European teams that are always at or very near the very best teams in the world. Such a clash is always going to bring a lot of attention.

However, there’s more to it than pure quality – there’s the whole NiKo transfer thing with people wanting to see just how well the Bosnian will play against his former team. Obviously, the complexity is there too – IEM XV Beijing sports a single-elimination bracket meaning the losing side is eliminated.

The winner advances to the semifinals where they await the winner of Astralis vs. Natus Vincere. With all that out of our path, let’s see what sort of Faze vs. G2 predictions we can come up with here!

Recent Campaigns

As you’d come to expect, Faze Clan is either hot or cold. There’s no middle ground for the Faze boys. They had gone through several disheartening campaigns (mainly cs_summit 6, ESL One Cologne, and ESL Pro League S12) before winning IEM XV New York. Then they’ve followed that up with another set of disasters (BLAST Premier and DreamHack Open Fall) and now God knows what sort of form they’ll pack for this quarterfinal matchup.

In all honesty, G2 hasn’t been all that brilliant either. They’re yet to win an event in 2020, though they’ve been inches away on three occasions. They’re coming off a successful BLAST Premier Fall regular season where they defeated Astralis in the grand finals. Overall, I’d say they’re in a slightly better form than Faze Clan, especially when we account for the fact NiKo is now playing for the French team.

Individual Stats

I just have to give G2 the benefit of the doubt here! That’s not to say Faze Clan doesn’t have good individuals. They were pretty ruthless last week – these boys mean business… but truth be told they haven’t played against a mechanically skilled team (such as G2) in a long time. Not only are they mechanically gifted but they’re also showing off fine teamwork-based flair. It didn’t take long for NiKo to sync up and that could be the key to our Faze vs. G2 predictions!

Map Pool Stats

There’s no separating these two as far as the map pool depth is concerned. Both teams are well and truly versatile across the spectrum. Faze Clan still avoids Vertigo, whereas G2 doesn’t have a concrete permaban.

They like to focus on their opposition’s strengths rather than their own weaknesses.

That’s about it as far as the map pool section of our Faze vs. G2 predictions is concerned. Let’s wrap everything up with a concrete pick before giving a more detailed elaboration.

Faze vs. G2 Betting Predictions
G2 to Win!

That’s it, boys and girls – I’m betting my money on G2! I am certain NiKo will be the top fragger in this one, but unfortunately there are no specials I can place to boost my returns. What I can do is opt for a simple match-winner on G2 here. The value is not bad either, if we’re being honest.

You don’t agree with me but you’d like an alternative bet?

Hmm, even though this sort of a match typically alludes to a third-map thriller, I reckon the word momentum will be the key here. The team that grabs the first map is the team that wins the match!

With those words, I’d like to wrap everything up and call it a day.

As always, thanks for sticking till the end!

Donnie out…

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