Faze vs. Liquid Betting Predictions | 2021 BLAST Premier Spring Group Stage Match Analysis

Blast Premier Spring Series

BLAST Premier Spring group C is just about to start, bringing forth a nice way to finish the week off. If you’ve been following the event, you’ll probably know that it’s been nothing but one upset after another. Upsets ruined our betting bankroll; despite the fact we’ve correctly predicted one of them (Vitality vs. Complexity).

Can we fix things with Faze vs. Liquid?

Can we bounce back and take control of our CSGO betting budget just a few days before the start of IEM Katowice? Well, our Faze vs. Liquid predictions are here to save the day… hopefully!

Faze vs. Liquid Predictions

The all-new CSGO betting season is in full flow, ladies and gentlemen! We’ve already had a fair share of action to bet on, not just during this event but last month’s CS_Summit 7 and BLAST Premier Global Final as well.

As far as this particular competition goes, it’s been nothing but drama through and through. One upset left, another one right – that’s what’s been up with BLAST Premier Spring group stage. We’ve already said our farewells to not one, not two, but three top-tier teams – Astralis, Vitality, and G2. All of them will have to battle their way through the Showdown in April… If the upset trends continue, the Showdown might pack more top-tier teams than the Spring Final itself.

But, let’s put that aside for now and focus on Faze vs. Liquid picks! There are lots of things we need to cover, so grab yourself a cup of coffee and get comfy!


Team Liquid are the favorites coming into this one, and it’s no wonder considering Faze Clan’s poor performance on CS_Summit 7. However, things could be slightly different here. With Twistzz onboard, Faze will have that extra bit of oomph, that’s for sure. Unfortunately, they’ve failed to make the best out of it on SteelSeries invitational, making us think they’re going to be an easy peasy lemon squeezy win for the NA org.

Map Pool Stats

Unfortunately, we don’t know too much about the new Faze Clan roster. I mean, it’s not completely new, but players like Twistzz bring a lot of stuff to the table; stuff that often completely revamps how a team performs on certain maps.

The same thing can be said about Team Liquid too, though FalleN is a bit more of a do-it-all kind of player.

His presence won’t drastically alter how Liquid plays certain maps and is definitely not going to alter their map pool options. But, as far as our Faze vs. Liquid picks are concerned, I’m afraid the map pool stats can’t tell us much, really…

Roster Strength and Readiness

This is where things get particularly interesting. Both teams made moves last month; massive moves that echoed throughout the community and are bound to make an impact on the international stage, one way or another.

Liquid signed MIBR’s star FalleN in early January, announcing an attempt at bouncing back to the top of the NA stage.

Prior to that, Liquid parted ways with Twistzz who went on to join Faze Clan in late January. In short, Twistzz is going up against his former team here, and it’s going to be interesting to see how he holds up… especially after doing a solid job on SteelSeries Invitational.

Strength-wise, there’s not a doubt in my mind Liquid is going to be the better-prepared team coming into this one. FalleN and Grim, as the new boys, will have plenty of things to prove against Faze Clan who’ve been rather unimpressive lately…

Faze vs. Liquid Betting Predictions
Liquid to Win!

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There’s nothing more valuable than -270 for Liquid to win. No correct score, no total maps over/under, just a straightforward match-winner on Team Liquid.

Why is that so – why don’t I have any faith in the under-construction Faze team?

Well, let’s put it this way – even when they had NiKo, Faze Clan failed to assert dominance on the international stage. Their rivalry with Team Liquid goes a long way though, but I doubt it will matter in the end. Team Liquid has a lot of things to prove on this event; they desperately need to qualify for the Spring Finals without the Showdown hassle, and the best way to do so is by defeating Faze Clan in the opening round.

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