Faze Clan vs. Mousesports Betting Predictions | ESL Pro League Season 12 Picks

ESL Faze Vs Mousesports

As you all know, ESL Pro League Season 12 LAN event has been canceled. Even though the rumor had it that ESL Pro League will be the first post-pandemic LAN event, it turned out to be, as our glorious leader would put it, fake news.

The European iteration of ESL Pro League Season 12 has started earlier today, with NaVi taking down GODSENT in a clean 2:0 best of three.

There are still two matches to go until the end of the day, and that’s not even counting the North American event. As for our subject, Faze vs. Mousesports predictions is what we’re going to be looking at today. Heck, not just looking but analyzing and hoping we can extract as much value as we possibly can!

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Faze vs. Mousesports Predictions

Now that you know how to find a proper bookie, let’s focus on the main subject of this piece, Faze vs. Mousesports predictions! We’re looking at two legendary-tier European teams here. Both belong to the very top of the EU CSGO food chain and feature some of the region’s best players.

Unfortunately, neither Faze nor Mousesports have been at the top of their game in 2020. Online events haven’t been their thing, really…. Both Faze Clan and Mousesports have been struggling since the start of the whole online event frenzy, and pundits keep expecting them to come back but the performances just aren’t there…

Faze Clan’s situation was so desperate that they had to make changes to their starting roster. Bymas is already out of the equation (has signed for Mousesports of all teams) with Kjaerbye looking to impress under new colors.

Mousesports, on the other hand, turned their focus towards Bymas following attitude issues with their second-best fragger, woxic. Despite his fragging potential, Mousesports decided to bench the 21-year-old Turk and replace him with 17-year-old Bymas.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of our Faze vs. Mousesports predictions! There’s a lot of additional stuff we need to cover here so let’s get straight to business and check out what sort of form these two teams possess at the moment!


Mousesports late 2019 was an absolute banger! Mouz won CSGO Asia Championships, ESL Pro League S10 Finals, CS_Summit 5 and almost went all the way on EPICENTER 2019 (lost in the grand finals against Vitality). 2020 kicked off on the right foot with the ICE Challenge 2020 title. However, things started going south after IEM XIV and ESL Pro League S11 EU. The latter was the first forced online event this year, and Mousesports almost triumphed over Fnatic in the grand finals. Unfortunately for ChrisJ and the company, the Swedes clutched a 3:2 win in the end.

After that, Mousesports was nowhere to be seen… A handful of poor performances slammed their rating down significantly.

Most of the time, Mousesports gets eliminated right off the bat without a single win to their tally. To put things into perspective, they didn’t get a single win on the last two events they participated in (ESL One Cologne and CS_summit 6). Worst of all, I reckon Bymas won’t bring the team back from the dead. While I do believe woxic’s attitude was a major issue for the team morale, I doubt it had that much of an impact…

As for Faze Clan, their poor performances resulted in a roster alteration.

Kjaerbye was Faze’s player of choice, with fans rejoicing, hoping the ex-Astralis star would push Faze back to their old heights.

Unfortunately, if ESL One Cologne was a good indicator of how things would shape up for this new Faze Clan system, I’m pretty sure we’ll continue seeing their rollercoaster performances. Perhaps I’m wrong – perhaps Kjaerbye turns a new page starting from this event… but realistically speaking, he didn’t show anything worth mentioning on his debut event, meaning he’ll either take a lot longer to settle in, or he won’t be able to sync up with his teammates at all.

Either way, things aren’t looking good for Faze Clan…

Map Pool Depth & Player Qualities

It’s pretty difficult to talk about map pool depth when both teams adjusted their rosters just recently. We can’t say with certainty how well their new players will settle in with their current map pools. By looking at recent stats, though, Faze Clan seems to be the slightly better side. It’s something to base our Faze vs. Mousesports predictions, at the very least.

As for player qualities, despite all of their issues and poor performances thus far in 2020, Faze Clan players are still the superior bunch here.

Mouz players would stand a chance if woxic was still in their starting roster. However, they picked Faze Clan’s bottom fragger instead, and I just can’t see how that’ll boost their performances in the long run.

As far as our Faze vs. Mousesports predictions are concerned, I guess it’s time to draw some concrete lines around this matchup. Here’s what I’ll have my money on:

Faze vs. Mousesports Predictions
Faze Clan to Win!

Faze Clan to win at -280 seems like a solid value considering out-of-form Mousesports relying on former bottom-fragging Faze player to fix their issues. I just can’t see Mousesports winning this one.

The map pool points in the direction of Faze Clan, player qualities point in the same direction too, just like the form.

Don’t get me wrong, both teams are out of form, but Faze Clan is at least budging every now and then whereas Mousesports has been dead and gone since April. If you want to push things in a riskier fashion, you could always go with Faze to win 2:0, although I can’t really recommend it.

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