Faze vs. NiP Picks | ESL One: Road to Rio EU Playoffs Betting Predictions

Faze vs. NiP Picks | ESL One: Road to Rio EU Playoffs Betting Predictions

The European portion of ESL One: Road to Rio is inching closer to the business end. There are just a few more remaining matches, and Faze vs. Nip might just be the most entertaining one thus far. Niko and the boys are in fine form and they’re going up against equally solid Ninjas in Pyjamas. This match will be a tightly contested contest from start to finish, which is why our Faze vs. NiP predictions are here to shed some light on it!

CS:GO Betting 101 | Things to Avoid

Let’s start off slowly with a short list featuring the things you should avoid doing at the start of your CS:GO betting career:

  • Avoid expecting massive wins
    • If there’s one certain thing in the world of online betting, it’s that you won’t get a massive win right off the bat. Something like that takes time and effort, so it’s best if you stop fantasizing about massive wins and concentrate on pre-wager analyses and betting strategies.
  • Don’t chase your losses
    • Never chase your losses! Chasing losses is as low as you can go in this hobby. Not only is it one of the most common esports betting mistakes, but it’s one of the most dangerous ones too. If you’ve lost a wager, just call it a night – don’t even think of placing more bets!
  • Don’t make rash decisions
    • Rash decisions and emotions are a big no-no in the world of online betting. Emotions cloud your judgment and pave the way for rash decisions, and that’s a certain road to a massive losing streak.

Faze vs. NiP Predictions

Now that you know what sort of things you need to vary of when partaking in online betting on esports, it’s time to narrow down our sights and focus on Faze vs. NiP predictions! The logical starting point is to check out the most recent results, which is exactly what’s coming right up!

Recent Results

When it comes to form and recent results, Faze Clan is an absolute champion. NiKo and the boys are on a massive eight-match winning spree, having won all of their ESL One: Road to Rio EU matches thus far. They seem to be in excellent form and I can’t wait to see how they square off against the likes of Plopski and REZ who are also in fine form.

Individually, while I’d like to say NiKo was the leading man in Faze Clan’s eight-match winning streak, that wasn’t always the case. Broky and Coldzera were just as if not better than the Bosnian superstar during the last month or so. They’re both averaging around 1.22 HLTV rating while NiKo is at 1.19. It’s nuances, I know, but their superb displays have to be pointed out!

I already mentioned Plopski and REZ as the leading factors on the other end. However, the rest of their teammates are literally just a few points away. The entire NiP roster is showing off superb consistency… but I’m afraid they’ll need a stand-out performer if they are to defeat Faze Clan tomorrow. It’s going to be difficult, that’s for sure, but definitely not impossible!

Could This One End Quickly?

It sure could! It all depends on NiKo’s ability to snowball right from the kickoff. If the Bosnian superstar can grab a few important kills within the first few rounds, and if the rest of his teammates are “present” on the server, there’s nothing stopping Faze Clan from winning this one without going to the third map.

That said, a decent high-risk bet here would be Faze Clan to win 2-0 at +150. If, however, you don’t want to expose yourself to too much risk, you can always take things slowly and go for Faze match-winner at roughly -180. It’s not the greatest value, but considering the way Faze players have been playing thus far, it’s definitely worth it!

Faze vs. NiP Predictions

That’s pretty much it for our Faze vs. NiP predictions. Fingers crossed they yield proper results and that we can use the returns to spoil ourselves with a few high-risk wagers this weekend!

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