Faze Clan vs. OG Betting Predictions | IEM XV Beijing-Haidian Match Analysis

Faze Vs OG IEM

Yes sir, another fine CSGO event series is just about to start. I’m referring to IEM XV Beijing-Haidian, a set of four online events with $230,000 in total prize money. Today, our Faze vs. OG predictions are focusing on the most interesting event – Europe.

Faze is coming into this match shortly after NiKo’s departure for G2. They already had the chance to test their new roster out on BLAST Premier Fall… and let’s just say it didn’t go so well. OG, on the other hand, clinched a spot on the BLAST Premier Fall Finals by defeating NaVi in the grand finals.

That win didn’t mean a lot for the ticket, but it did soothe their cravings and got them more money.

Considering all that, it takes no genius to realize OG are the heavy favorites coming into this one. But, is everything that black and white? Can Faze Clan surprise everyone and start their IEM XV Beijing campaign with a win? Well, that’s what our Faze vs. OG predictions aim to find out!

Why is Betting on CSGO Popular?

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As for the popularity, esports fans are known for being one of the most electric audiences out there. That, combined with a ton of targeted ads and the good old thrill of the chase, is why we’re constantly seeing positive trends in the niche.

So yeah, I hope that answers your question!

Faze Clan vs. OG Predictions

I don’t want to waste any more of your precious time guys, so let’s get right into it:


First things first – forms! OG is yet to win a notable event, but they’re getting closer and closer. Less than a month ago, they lost to Faze Clan in the grand finals of IEM XV New York. So yeah, they’ll definitely want to take their revenge. It’s going to be a sweet victory for OG, assuming they win, of course.

Faze Clan shocked everyone with their IEM XV New York triumph. No one really expected them to win something this year, but everything aligned perfectly and here we are. But… and this is a massive but – NiKo is not playing for Faze Clan anymore. Needless to say, he was the player most responsible for that title. Heck, he was Faze Clan’s talisman behind every title they’ve won ever since they acquired him from Mousesports. That’s a loss Faze Clan will have to deal with sooner or later… otherwise they might become completely irrelevant in the grand scheme of European CSGO.

Map Pool Depth

It’s difficult to talk about Faze Clan’s map pool now that NiKo is out of the roster. He was the player that kept bringing them tough rounds; he was the player who was solid across the entire active-duty map spectrum. Without him, I reckon Faze Clan will struggle to find their pace again.

As for OG, their map pool has been pretty good in recent months. The only map they can’t seem to master is Train. They’re at a 36% win rate with fourteen played maps in the last three months. Vertigo is their permaban and Train is the only below-50% map in their pool; everything else is rock solid and Faze Clan will definitely struggle to crack OG open.


Individually, I’ll dare to say OG takes the win! I know, I know, even without NiKo, Faze Clan’s roster is still superb… especially now that Olofmeister is back. But, the way the team has performed against BIG and Complexity just doesn’t breathe in any confidence in their ability to fight for titles in the foreseeable future.

OG’s roster, on the other hand, has just settled in.

We’re looking at a brand-new org that came into CSGO late last year by acquiring a set of top-tier players including NBK, Aleksib and mantuu. It did take a bit of time for them to settle in and work on that teamwork… but it seems as though they’re improving with each event.

That said, let’s wrap these Faze vs. OG predictions up and be done with it:

Faze Clan vs. OG Betting Predictions
OG to Win!

The value might not be that ideal, but it’s the only pick worth your while here. I know -334 is pretty awful considering all circumstances, but it’s going to be a handy part of a lengthier accumulator… if you’re into that sort of stuff, of course.

If you’re into high-risk singles more than lengthy accumulators, perhaps OG to win 2:0 is more to your liking.

I honestly think Faze Clan can take a map off OG, especially if Olofmeister shows up for the occasion, but at -106, it brings forth good value. It’s all up to you, in the end – our Faze vs. OG predictions can only go so far…

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