Faze vs. Spirit Betting Predictions | ESL Pro League Season 12 Picks

We’re on quite the roll fellas! We’ve been having nothing but wins for the last few days, following a rough patch early on. Our Faze vs. Spirit predictions are next up on the chopping block. Typically, we wouldn’t even be covering a match such as this one, but ESL Pro League S12 etched weird results that pinned these two in quite the extraordinary circumstances.

You see, even with Kjaerbye in the starting roster, Faze Clan is still miles below everyone else in the group. And I’m not even exaggerating here – at the time of writing these Faze vs. Spirit predictions, Faze Clan had just lost against Vitality in what was a pretty dominant display by the Frenchmen.

Team Spirit, on the other hand, is currently tied with Mousesports, Fnatic, and Vitality in the third spot, with two wins and two losses thus far. Most importantly, though, Team Spirit is looking more like a team… much more like a team than Faze Clan is, at least for the moment… But, knowing how much Faze Clan loves their rollercoaster performances, our Faze vs. Spirit predictions are going to be quite complex.

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Faze vs. Spirit Predictions

Back to our Faze vs. Spirit predictions, let’s take a closer look at some of the facts and figures behind this matchup so we can draw research-driven conclusions!


Faze Clan players are probably in the worst form of their lives. They haven’t won a single match in their last five outings. Make that three wins in the last fourteen matches – talk about being absolutely awful, huh? In Faze Clan’s defense, they did play against some of Europe’s strongest teams, including Astralis, Fnatic, Vitality, Mousesports, and BIG. But still, with a roster that features Coldzera and NiKo… and now Kjaerbye, people expect a lot more.

Team Spirit’s form has been pretty solid, though we have to state the obvious – Spirit wasn’t playing against top-notch European teams… at least not until ESL Pro League S12 took off. Since then, Spirit has won two and lost two, which still isn’t half bad… especially considering the fact they triumphed against Vitality and NiP.

Map Pool Depth

I’m not really sure what to think of Faze Clan’s map pool depth at the moment. I mean, they’re losing all maps they play on, so it doesn’t really matter now, does it?

Spirit, on the other hand, has been playing well on Overpass, Train, and Nuke. Dust 2 is their favorite map, having played seventeen matches in the last three months, and have managed to retain a 65% win rate. Not half bad considering the map frequency.

Map-pool-wise, I reckon our Faze vs. Spirit predictions don’t really have any concrete conclusions to feed on. Sure, we could blindly follow the stats and point Spirit out as the better team here… but knowing Faze Clan’s past map pool depth, that would do us more harm than good, to be honest.

Wrapping Things Up

I reckon there’s no point in talking about the individual player qualities because Faze Clan is going to take that section on any given day, no matter how in-form their key players are. That said, I reckoned it’s better to just slide through to the wrap-up… so here goes nothing:

Faze vs. Spirit Betting Pick
Faze Clan to Win

Yep – I’m going the other way around here! I feel like this is one of those CSGO betting traps that I stumble upon every now and then. It’s true – Faze Clan is heading into this match with four gruesome losses over the last week or so, whereas Spirit is coming in strong following a win against Vitality, an unlucky loss against Complexity, and a soothing triumph against NiP… miles better than Faze Clan’s recent performances.

But Faze Clan being Faze Clan, they’ always pose as upset-friendly teams. After all, they’re known for their roller-coaster performances; one week they’re beating Astralis, Vitality, and Team Liquid; the very next week they lose to two tier-B teams.

That’s the sort of consistency problems Faze Clan has been dealing with for the last two years or so. Rarely have they been consistently good… or bad, for that matter.

The latter is what’s driving my Faze vs. Spirit predictions forward. Faze Clan needs to win a match! There’s no way they can reach the playoffs here, but there’s dignity on the line here. They’re 0-4 at the moment, and they’re set to play NiP and Complexity. The latter is the top-ranking team in group B, meaning Faze Clan will have to perform at their best just to keep a tiny bit of dignity at the end of the event. So yeah, I’m going with Faze Clan here. Not a massive stake, though – I don’t want NiKo and the boys to gamble my money away just like they’ve done with their careers…

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