Faze vs. Vitality Picks | BLAST Premier Spring Finals 2020 Betting Predictions

Faze vs. Vitality Picks | BLAST Premier Spring Finals 2020 Betting Predictions

Welcome to another one of our esports picks pieces! As you’d come to expect, I’m coming back with more CS:GO coverage. It’s a funny thing, really – I’ve done more CS:GO betting pieces since the quarantine started than I’ve done in the entire 2019. Let’s put that all aside, though, and focus on the next important match on the ongoing BLAST Premier Spring Finals. Faze vs. Vitality predictions are what I have in store for you. The pinnacle of European playoffs, right here, right now! The winner gets a hot ticket to the grand finals against Complexity… Yep, that Complexity!

How to Bet on BLAST Premier Spring Finals | CS:GO Betting Tips

If this is your first time trying to place CS:GO bets, here’s a quick look at the main do’s and don’ts of the whole online esports betting thingy:


  • Time your bets
  • Explore esports specials
  • Always check out what other people think
  • Base your bets around facts
  • Double-check everything you find online
  • Use a betting strategy
  • Manage your betting bankroll
  • Experiment with accumulators


  • Don’t be too confident in your knowledge
  • Don’t get complacent after a few consecutive wins
  • Don’t think you can rely on luck and make a killing
  • Don’t base your life around esports betting
  • Don’t have unrealistic expectations
  • Don’t settle for lousy esports bookmakers
  • Don’t bet too often
  • Don’t bet too much money

Now that we’ve taken care of all that, let’s confront the main boss here – Faze vs. Vitality predictions!

Faze vs. Vitality Predictions

I have to mention an important thing here – my esports picks aren’t exactly going well these days. More precisely, they haven’t been going well for the last few weeks, so take everything you see below with a grain of salt. As always, my picks are based on facts and rely on numerous factors, but CS:GO, as surprising as it is, always brings chaos into the equation… especially when it comes to online events.

Head to Head Matches

Faze has three consecutive wins against Vitality, two of which were in 2020. If we’d judge this match by looking at the last head to head clash (last week), we’d be betting on Faze Clan with confidence in their ability to close this one out. However, that match isn’t exactly a good indicator of the quality that’s present on both ends.

For starters, I think Vitality will play the banning phase much better this time around. I’m still not quite sure why they opted to play Nuke against Faze Clan when Overpass seemed like a much better choice. They had it available since Faze banned Vertigo first. Dust II was a balsy move by Faze Clan, to say the least, but they aced the challenge with flying marks.

This time around, I reckon Faze will opt for Overpass as their pick, assuming Faze bans Vertigo, like they did last time out. Faze Clan played eight maps on Overpass over the last three months and won just four. Vitality has the same number of wins, with two matches to spare.

Map choices might not mean all that much if Vitality’s players don’t step up for the occasion. They were great against Navi and NiP, displaying an extra level of determination that wasn’t present in their match against Faze Clan. NiKo and the boys, on the other hand, went through a huge heartbreak against Complexity… Momentum is a funny little thing, and it might just sway our Faze vs. Vitality picks one way.

Recent Results

No one really expected Vitality to make it this far. Everyone thought they’ll lose against G2 seeing as G2 was in fine form prior to that match. However, ZywOo and the boys pulled a fast one on their French brethren and went up against Faze Clan. Following their triumph against G2, people were suddenly backing Vitality hype-train, so Faze Clan served sort of like a wakeup call. And what a wakeup call it was – Vitality ended up in the lower bracket where they finally found their form and dominated against NiP and NaVi.

Faze Clan, however, had a completely different story thus far on BLAST Premier Spring Finals. They won against ENCE in a match that saw them as slight favorites. That was followed by a hard-fought win against Vitality but ended as a massive upset in the upper bracket finals. Right when everyone started believing in Faze Clan again, they bottled it like the choke-kings they are… Could that choke phase them in the replay against Vitality too?

Wrapping Everything Up

After checking all that stuff out, it’s time to wrap our Faze vs. Vitality predictions up with a couple of smart conclusions.

For starters, we have to expect the unexpected here. Faze Clan is the favorite, but mainly because they won the last head to head match and shoved Vitality in the lower bracket. Also, we can count on Vitality to play the banning phase much better than they did last time out. To finish things off, we got ZywOo who’s known for causing chaos when playing against top sides… which Faze Clan surely is.

Most factors point towards Vitality, which is why I’m going with this:

Faze vs. Vitality Predictions

BLAST Premier Spring Finals, both of them, have been nothing but surprising thus far. The upset potential is real, and we’ve already seen the chaos of online gameplay on several occasions. Teams like Team Liquid, ENCE, NaVi and G2 are already out of the equation, with several dark horses rising to their true potential. By that, I’m primarily referring to Complexity and MIBR. A quick reminder – MIBR defeated FURIA and Evil Geniuses while Complexity swept through OG, NaVi and Faze.

With those words, I’d like to thank you all for checking out my Faze vs. Vitality predictions. Now’s the time to start a massive winning run, right before vacation time… Fingers crossed ZywOo takes his boys to the grand finals Against Complexity.

Thank you once again…

Donnie out!

Donnie Mitchell / Author

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