Final Round of ESL Pro League S11 NA Matches | CS:GO Betting Tips and Predictions

Final Round of ESL Pro League S11 NA Matches | CS:GO Betting Tips and Predictions

Are you guys bored beyond belief? Well, I sure am… I have no idea what to do now that I have to work from home. It’s a tricky situation, to say the least, especially with all sporting events being canceled. Luckily, some esports events are still going strong. CS:GO seems to be the front-runner with ESL Pro League Season 11 in full flow.

Yes, the league underwent a couple of changes, biggest of which was the return to regional groups. Of course, the entire regular season was reformatted and rescheduled for online gameplay. And here we are now – just a few group stage matches remaining before we get the playoffs treats in both NA and EU regions.

As far as betting on CS:GO goes, ESL Pro League S11 picks are coming right up. We’ll focus on two upcoming matches, one of which we already analyzed last week in our ESL Pro League Season 11 NA betting piece. Of course, we didn’t know how the first four rounds of group stage matches will pan out. Now that we do, perhaps our picks will slightly differ!

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ESL Pro League S11 Picks | Last Round of NA Group Stage

You’ve had your chance to check out the best esports betting sites and see a bunch of useful advice. I hope you took your chance because we’re moving onward.  Now, let’s focus on ESL Pro League S11 picks. More precisely, let’s focus on the two final NA group stage matches featuring four highly competitive teams, three of which will have a spot in the playoffs!

Liquid vs. EG Betting Predictions

Let’s talk about the match that’s the focal point of the entire final round of NA group stage matches. Yep – Liquid is seeking redemption against the first-place EG who’s already in the playoffs. Brehze and CeRq against EliGE and NAF… the never-ending rivalry between TL and ex-NRG continues – can the boys in blue snatch their playoffs tickets by defeating their biggest rivals on the new continent?

When talking about the best individual performers in both teams, their names have already been mentioned. Shaky TL’s performances are driven by their dynamic duo of NAF and EliGE. On the other hand, CeRq and Brehze are still the best players in this EG roster, capable of deciding rounds with a simple flick of the wrist. No worries – their individual brilliance will be taken into consideration in our ESL Pro League S11 picks!

When it comes to the actual ESL Pro League S11 picks, I just can’t help but go with Team Liquid here. Yes, I know their group stage has been a proper rollercoaster thus far, but they need the W here and they ought to take it. Brehze and the boys won’t be an easy team to play against, and we’re likely to see this one go to the decider map. However, Team Liquid should cruise home and snatch a place in the playoffs, mark my words!

ESL Pro League S11 Picks
Team Liquid to win at -182

100 Thieves vs. FURIA Betting Predictions

As far as 100 Thieves and FURIA are concerned, we’re looking at teams that were expected to battle it out against each other for a place in the playoffs. As things stand right now, EG is the only team that has a certain spot in the playoffs, with Liquid, 100 Thieves, FURIA, and Swole Patrol with somewhat equal chances of going through. I’ll even go out on a limb here and point out EG and Swole Patrol as the prime NA playoffs candidates.

When it comes to 100T and FURIA, we’re going to be watching a tightly contested matchup, one that’ll surely go the extra mile and into the decider map. If not because both of these teams have played fine CS:GO up to this point, and there’s virtually nothing separating them, then surely because of their map pools which leave just enough room for a safe pick in the veto phase.

KSCERATO is still FURIA’s number one player. The 20-year-old Brazilian is enjoying his stay with FURIA, posing as the key performer in both of their group stage wins thus far. Yuurih shouldn’t be forgotten either, averaging 1.07 HLTV rating across the last fifteen maps. On the other end, 100 Thieves are led by the Norwegian star-player jkaem, with the likes of jks and Gratisfaction following in his footsteps. These two sides will go right to the final round, that’s quite obvious, even at this point.

FURIA is a slight underdog here, with 100 Thieves set at -143 on most esports betting sites out there. However, I would argue against going with a simple match-winner here. Instead, I’d go with maps total over 2.5 which, at least for the moment, sits at -112. A much better opportunity than match-winner on either of the two teams, don’t you agree?

ESL Pro League S11 Picks
Total Maps Over 2.5 at -112

Wrapping Things Up

What do you guys think – which of these teams will eventually go through to the playoffs and win the North American ESL Pro League? Well, as things stand right now, Evil Geniuses seem like the most likely contestants. Brehze and the boys have lost just one match thus far, but they do have to battle against Team Liquid in the final round.

Swole Patrol is a fine surprise, displaying two unpredictable upsets against Liquid and FURIA. Can they set up another one against MIBR who’s already out of the picture? I believe they can! Team Liquid is in the position to decide their own fate – just like FURIA and 100 Thieves, which will decide the final playoffs contestant.

Overall, the situation in the NA group couldn’t be more thrilling ahead of the final round of matches. It would’ve been even more complicated if MIBR had won against EG. That way, all six teams would have 2-2 scores coming into the final round.

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