Flashpoint Betting Predictions | Tips and Tricks for the Second Phase

Flashpoint Betting Predictions | Tips and Tricks for the Second Phase

Hello and welcome to our Flashpoint betting predictions, a piece dedicated to the hottest upcoming Flashpoint matches and the betting opportunities they bring forth. If you’re an avid CS:GO betting enthusiast and you’re looking for a facts-driven look at the upcoming Flashpoint phase two matches, you’re at the right place! This piece ought to be exactly what you’re looking for!

Where to Bet on Flashpoint | Best CS:GO Betting Sites

If you’re still new to the whole CS:GO betting game, you might not know a lot of good bookmakers. It’s nothing to be ashamed of – we’ve all been there, and we feel your struggle!

Luckily, it’s easy to find a proper betting site for esports these days, especially with the rapid growth of the industry that resulted in a real surge of online betting platforms. Lousy bookmakers still exist, you can bet on that, but avoiding them is easier than ever.

If you’d like to do just that, check out our list of the best CS:GO bookies and feel free to pick the one that suits your needs the best. It won’t take too long, yet you’ll finally get the esports betting experience you deserve. You can thank us later!

Betting Predictions | Betting Favorites

This section is for all you CS:GO betting enthusiasts out there! Making your own esports betting strategy and sticking to it is one thing, but having fact-driven Flashpoint betting predictions is another. Both, however, will increase your chances of winning some extra money this weekend.

That said, let’s dive right in and see if we can extract a couple of high-value bets here!

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FunPlus Phoenix vs. C0ntact Gaming Betting Predictions

People seem to be expecting a lot of things from this new FunPlus Phoenix roster. Need I remind you, their Danish roster (ex-Heroic) was dropped after es3tag signed for Astralis, so FunPlus Phoenix had to look elsewhere to fill their roster. Bad News Bears came to the rescue, a little-known NA roster that will be looking to impress in the second phase of Flashpoint Season 1.

Unfortunately, I don’t think they’ll impress against C0ntact Gaming. Even though Nexa and huNter are by their sides anymore, ottoNd and esperanTo are still very difficult to play against. When combined with the newcomers such as SHiPZ and rallen, it becomes clear C0ntact Gaming is a team with lots of potential.

Unfortunately, they failed to meet the expectations in the first phase, winning against CPF but losing to HAVU and MAD Lions. C0ntact Gaming’s place in the playoffs still isn’t secure, which means they’ll provide their A-game tomorrow!

We can expect OttoNd and EspiranTo to come into this match with guns blazing on all fronts. They have been carrying this organization ever since its CR4ZY days, and it doesn’t seem like they’ll stop anytime soon.

As for our Flashpoint betting predictions, it’s pretty clear where this one is going to go. Surprisingly enough, the odds on C0ntact Gaming to win this one aren’t even that low. At the moment, match-winner on C0ntact Gaming is at -167, which isn’t half bad considering the fact they’re playing against a semi-professional team.

FPX vs. C0ntact Betting Predictions

C0ntact to win at -167

Copenhagen Flames vs. Cloud9

Now let’s switch things up and focus the remainder of our Flashpoint betting predictions on the upcoming second phase group A matchups. The first one on our chopping block is Copenhagen Flames vs. Cloud9. Yep, one of the worst phase one team going up against one of the champions – because why not! However, things could turn out very differently here because, as you may know, we’re talking about a lower bracket match that “eliminates” the losing team.

Let’s start off with Cloud9. They had an epiphany in the first phase, knocking down FPX, Dignitas, and Orgless in what were fantastic shows of their might, both individual and collective. The USA plus South African connection was working great, with the 20-year-old oSee setting the tempo for the rest of his teammates. However, things went south in the second phase after C9 lost against Envy in what was a surprising turn of events. Can one of the most popular NA CS:GO orgs come back up and practically cement their spot in the playoffs?

Well, judging by Copenhagen Flames’ form, Cloud9 ought to have a walk in the park tomorrow. While I’m not trying to belittle CPF’s Danish roster, the gravity of the situation is pretty clear – they seem to be among the weakest teams on the competition… which is quite surprising considering the competition. CPF is yet to win a Flashpoint match, having won just a single map in three Bo3 contests.

Unfortunately, I can’t see them winning against Cloud9 tomorrow. oSee and the boys ought to have a proper blast, meaning any result except a convincing 2-0 for the NA side will be a huge surprise in my books. Best of all, Cloud9 to win 2:0 sits at +120, which makes it among the best Flashpoint betting predictions for the second phase.

Copenhagen Flames vs. Cloud9 Betting Predictions

Cloud 9 to win 2:0 at +120

HAVU vs. Envy

The last of our Flashpoint betting predictions here is HAVU vs. Envy. This is the upper bracket final match of group A (whomegalul), featuring two teams that had totally different stories in the first phase. HAVU played above all expectations, defeating MAD lions and C0ntact Gaming, which were, at least in my books, the heavy favorites in this group. HAVU almost went all the way but ended up losing against MAD Lions in the grand finals match. Envy, on the other hand, had a disastrous first phase, losing against Gen.G and MIBR. Yep, Calyx and the boys finished at the fourth spot without a single win.

However, Envy had an impressive return against Cloud9, who ended up as the first phase champions of group C. More precisely, Calyx was the impressive individual in Envy’s roster, getting unearthly 68 kills across three maps and being by far the best fragger and overall player on the server. To put things into perspective, best C9 player oSee had 53 kills, and the second-best Envy player ryann had 47…

HAVU didn’t have any stand out performers in their lenient 2-0 win against Copenhagen Flames. The entire team showed up, led by doto and hoody, who showcased their brilliance and announced they’re ready for the third phase.

At the time of writing these Flashpoint betting predictions, HAVU was a slight favorite to win this one. At roughly -160, the Finnish team ought to be the choice of many. And that’s really the only choice you can go with when it comes to this particular match. There’s no way Calyx has another one-man show. The Finns won’t allow it. HAVU to win this one at -160 is a steal!

HAVU vs. Envy Betting Predictions

HAVU to win at -160

Wrapping Things Up

We’re all done with our Flashpoint betting predictions. Those four matches ought to give you plenty of options to pursue this weekend. Even though it doesn’t pack the very best teams out there, Flashpoint S1 is still a solid event that’s gaining a ton of followers. That said, you can expect bookies to keep covering it, especially in these rough times, with little to no real sporting events to bet on.

Another thing I’d like to emphasize here is the second big CS:GO league that’s live at the moment. As some of you already know, I’m referring to ESL Pro League Season 11. For those of you who’ve been living under a rock for the past few weeks, the league has switched back to online gameplay and the good old regionalized format.

Why am I telling you this? Well, isn’t it obvious – ESL Pro League betting is a hot topic these days, and our betting predictions ought to help you out. So, if you’re thinking of betting on that event, make sure you take a closer look at our ESL Pro League S11 betting predictions. There’s a handful of matches for you to explore so go grab yourself a cup of tea and start exploring your options!

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