Flashpoint Lower Bracket Finals Betting Predictions | MAD Lions vs. HAVU CS:GO Tips

Flashpoint Lower Bracket Finals Betting Predictions | MAD Lions vs. HAVU CS:GO Tips

We’ve reached the business end of the inaugural Flashpoint season. There are just three teams left in the competition at this point. MIBR, the tenacious Brazilians, are waiting in the grand finals, while HAVU and MAD Lions have to battle against each other for a spot on the grand finals. It’s going to be a tricky contest, that’s for sure, but first we have to inspect the LB stuff. To be more precise, we’ll be focusing on the Flashpoint lower bracket finals predictions, with the hope that we’ll be able to cash in on the penultimate match of the event.

Where to Bet on MAD Lions vs. HAVU | Best CS:GO Bookmakers

CSGO Betting logo with cash backgroundEven though there are no sporting events due to the ongoing epidemic, online betting sites are still going strong. That’s because there’s a multitude of esports events going on at the moment, ranging from regional LoL leagues and Flashpoint, al the way to franchised leagues like OWL and CDL.

If you’re not sure which online bookmaker to opt for, our list of the safest CS:GO bookmakers ought to help you out. It will help you out not just regarding the actual names of the betting platforms, but regarding the crucial characteristics you need to keep your mind on when choosing your next go-to esports bookmaker.

If, however, you’re only interested in our Flashpoint lower bracket finals predictions, then keep on reading because that section is coming right up!

Flashpoint Lower Bracket Finals Predictions

Everything is on the line ahead of the penultimate Flashpoint S1 match. HAVU are going up against MAD Lions for the third time on this event. Both teams won one match, and the third one seems to be the decider. Which of these two teams will come out with a win and a ticket for the grand finals against MIBR? Which of these two sets of players will show up for the occasion in the best of light? And, finally, which way will our Flashpoint lower bracket finals predictions going to go?

Well, all that and more await in the next couple of paragraphs!

Can HAVU Beat the Odds?

HAVU wasn’t exactly among the top favorites coming into this match. Well, HAVU was in the broader playoffs discussions, but that’s about it. The Finnish side was doing well in 2019, winning several smaller events, but were never worthy of the top-level international stage. However, after conquering Telia Esports S2 and Assembly Winter 2020, HAVU started eyeing bigger prizes. Flashpoint could be their biggest feat yet… but they might succumb to the pressure as they’re not exactly the most experienced roster.

The same can’t be said about MAD Lions. They had their fair share of quarrels with the top ten teams, including the likes of Renegades and Mosuesports. Mousesports eventually became a bitter rival after eliminating MAD Lions on both IEM XIV World Championship and ICE Challenge 2020.

Overall, MAD Lions might not have as many decorations as HAVU, but they’ve participated in much more competitive events and played against much tougher teams. Experience means a lot in the game of CS:GO, which is why I reckon HAVU won’t be able to beat the odds. No worries, that’s just one of several factors I’m basing my Flashpoint lower bracket finals predictions on.

Lower Bracket Thriller

Even though acoR was the MAD Lions’ talisman in the 2-0 win over HAVU earlier in the competition, Bubzkji is their top fragger with almost +100 k/d difference on the last twenty maps. He’s followed by sjuush who’s been pretty solid too. Consistency is crucial with these two players – MAD Lions need them to perform if they are to reach the grand finals and get the sweet revenge on MIBR.

HAVU won’t back down without a fight, though. sLowi is in fine form and he’s shown the world what he can do under pressure. Plus, HAVU is on a two-match winning streak, and they were the underdogs both times… at least in my books. Can they grab onto another win as the underdogs? Well, there are just two more days separating us from the kickoff…

Wrapping Stuff Up

I guess now is the time to wrap everything up, right? Well, many of you’ve guessed already, I’m leaning towards MAD Lions here. They are the favorites coming into this match, and it’s pretty clear as to why. They’re individually superior, more experienced, in better overall form, and have that extra bit of motivation following that gruesome defeat against MIBR in the upper bracket finals. Yes, HAVU’s map pool is a bit better, but that doesn’t mean a lot in matches like this.

MAD Lions ought to cruise to victory
All MAD Lions need is acoR to do his thing just like he did in the phase one finals. If that happens, I wouldn’t be surprised if MAD Lions take HAVU down without dropping a map. Still, it’s too risky, so I’m going with a simple match-winner on MAD Lions at -180.
Flashpoint Lower Bracket Finals Predictions
MAD Lions

What Else is There to Bet on?

As stated earlier, there’s a ton of additional esports events you can bet on these days. Yes, there’s a lot of variety on the esports betting market for you to explore. Not only are you able to bet on CS:GO but additional esports like Overwatch, Dota 2, and League of Legends.

League of Legends betting sites seem to be flourishing right now since all regional leagues are up and running. The same goes for Call of Duty betting enthusiasts who have a ton of CDL matches to explore and bet on.

All in all, even though there’s a serious lack of sporting events out there, the esports industry is still going strong thanks to its online twist. From the looks of things, the esports betting community isn’t endangered, and will live to see the light of day after the pandemic ends.

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