Flashpoint Season 1 Betting Predictions | CS:GO Tips

Flashpoint Season 1 Betting Predictions | CS:GO Tips

Despite the fact the Coronavirus pandemic shut down all major events, the CS:GO esports scene is still going strong. In fact, CS:GO is among only a handful of esports that managed to keep a portion of its esports events with a simple switch to online gameplay.

Of course, online gameplay is a bit chaotic, no doubt about that. It is susceptible to DDoS attacks, has lag issues, and is rightly considered as the inferior way to play esports. Especially fast-paced first-person shooters like CS:GO, which greatly suffer from any extra millisecond of lag.

Still, CS:GO has found a way to keep its esports scene going, and esports betting enthusiasts all across the globe can’t wait for the action to start. Luckily, the waiting is over and Flashpoint Season 1 betting is in full flow. The weekend was packed with outstanding matches with even more drama coming in the next few days.

The first group phase is almost wrapped up with the team sheets featuring several twists in their tales. CS:GO betting might not be as diverse as it usually is this time of year, but there’s still plenty of stuff to bet on…


Flashpoint Season 1 betting is on hold as the league has been temporarily postponed because of the coronavirus outbreak. It will continue shortly after the transition to online gameplay. Stay tuned for more information!

Where to Bet on Flashpoint Season 1 | Best CS:GO Betting Sites

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First things first – if Flashpoint Season 1 betting is something you’re interested in, but you have no idea where to start, our CS:GO betting sites guide is a no-brainer! It’s a great read for both beginners and experienced esports bettors, featuring a bunch of top-class CS:GO betting sites as well as their key virtues, top CS:GO events to bet on, and a whole lot of additional (read useful) information.

Flashpoint Season 1 Betting Predictions

With that out of our way, let’s focus on Flashpoint Season 1 betting predictions and try to cash in on our CS:GO esports knowledge!

MAD Lions vs. Copenhagen Flames

The first Flashpoint Season 1 betting prediction we’re going to discuss here is the lower bracket R1 matchup between MAD Lions and Copenhagen Flames. As you probably know, both teams lost the initial matches and are now looking for redemption.

A quick reminder – Flashpoint sports a points system meaning neither of these teams will be straight up eliminated if they lose this one. Their road to the finals will be a lot more difficult, though, so there’s still tension in the air coming into MAD Lions vs. Copenhagen Flames matchup!

We could see a real miss-match in terms of map pools here. Realistically, the only maps on which Copenhagen Flames are better than MAD Lions are Inferno and Nuke. Inferno ought to be banned right away by MAD Lions leaving only Nuke for Copenhagen. Every remaining map goes heavily in favor of MAD Lions who really shouldn’t lose this match. Worst case scenario – MAD Lions to win on the decider map.

Flashpoint Season 1 Betting Tips
MAD Lions to win at -200

HAVU vs. C0ntact Gaming

I really didn’t expect HAVU to defeat MAD Lions in the first round of group A. It was a close match in which the Finns took Train without even breaking a sweat, a surprising result considering MAD Lions’ form on that particular map. Now, they’re going up against C0ntact Gaming, which didn’t have too many issues with Copenhagen Flames. Yes, Nuke went to Overtime but ottoNd and the boys were still more than capable of advancing to the upper bracket final.

Which of these two teams will compete for the biggest share of points ahead of the second group phase? Well, if you ask bookies, C0ntact Gaming is the favorite. Only slightly, though, with HAVU sitting at +110 and C0ntact at -167. Why is the Croatian team the favorite to come out on top?

Well, for starters, SHiPZ and ottoNd are in fine form. The same can be said about rallen and EspiranTo too. SHiPZ and ottoNd led the team against Copenhagen Flames, securing almost 100 kills across a total of fifty-six rounds. Additionally, on-paper roster qualities are heavily in favor of C0ntact Gaming. OttoNd and EspiranTo have plenty of experience, even at the grandest of stages (StarLadder Major), while others bring forth great mentality, solid skillsets, and the ability to play well off their more experienced teammates.

Generally speaking, C0ntact Gaming should have a deeper map pool too. Even though we haven’t seen them play that much in a competitive environment, their experience coupled with excellent game IQs should be enough to take HAVU down and proceed to the grand finals of phase one!

Flashpoint Season 1 Betting Tips

C0ntact Gaming to win at -167

Gen.G vs. Chaos

Gen.G really did take their time with Team Envy. The first map (Train) went to overtime with two additional thrillers before the end. Yes, the decider map was heavily in favor of Gen.G, but we got to give credit where credit is due, and the Team Envy’s side deserves it here. In the end, Gen.G was too big of a fish to fry in the end, now facing Chaos which pulled a surprising upset against MIBR.

Yep, led by in-form smooya and steel, Chaos defeated MIBR and set off for a high start on Flashpoint. Even though there were indications this new Chaos roster will finally click, I thought nothing of it… until that absolute wipeout they served to MIBR on Train. Nuke could’ve gone either way, but Chaos prevailed and are ready to go up against Gen.G.

As far as favorites go, Gen.G is the team to bet on, sitting at -180 at the moment. However, I’m not going with a match-winner for this one. It’s just too risky, especially considering the way Chaos manhandled MIBR in the first round. In-form smooya and steel are not to be taken for granted, and that’s something you should know if you’re interested in Flashpoint Season 1 betting.

That said, I’m going with total maps over 2.5 on this one. Yep – I’m betting we’ll see the decider map after each side takes their pick. At the moment, this bet is sitting at -110 which is about what you’d expect. So, if you’re looking for a nasty single that can almost double your money, they don’t come as entertaining as total maps over 2.5 on Gen.G vs. Chaos!

Flashpoint Season 1 Betting Tips

Total Maps Over 2.5 at -110

Dignitas vs. Cloud9

Here we have yet another upper bracket finals, this time featuring Dignitas and Cloud9. Both teams had a pretty tricky first round, losing a map against Orgless and FPX, respectively. Cloud9 had a much trickier encounter, almost going down without a fight in a 42-round thriller on Train. What’s done is done – we’re now turning our attention to Dignitas vs. Cloud9 to try and find a high-value bet you can use as either a single or as a part of one of your accumulators.

Let’s start off by emphasizing the fact Dignitas are considered as strong favorites here. Not just because they were playing against a slightly better team but because, overall, they look like a much better side. On paper, Dignitas has a lot more experience and quality on their roster, which could prove to be of crucial importance in this matchup.

Maps-wise, we can expect Mirage to be the third map. As far as the picks go, Dignitas ought to go for something like Nuke, given that C9 doesn’t ban it right away. All in all, there shouldn’t be any major discrepancies map pool wise, so we can expect a tight match with high 3rd map potential.

Flashpoint Season 1 Betting Tips

Total Maps Over 2.5 at -110

ESL Pro League Season 11 is Active Too

If you’re not up to speed on second-tier CS:GO teams (#burn), it might be a good idea to check out its direct competitor, ESL Pro League Season 11. ESL’s event also had to mix things up due to the Coronavirus pandemic. For starters, they had to cancel the league’s finals event. Additionally, they also had to reformat the regular season, making the switch from offline to online and dividing the teams into two regions as an extra measure to reduce the lag.

The first round of matches is already done and dusted. Not many surprises, but they’re bound to happen considering the hectic nature of the new online format. That said, if you’re interested in betting on this event, feel free to check out our ESL Pro League betting predictions too!

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