Flashpoint Season 1 Lower Bracket Finals CS:GO Picks

Flashpoint CSGO LogoDay twenty of the coronavirus quarantine. I’m slowly starting to fall back in love with my wife. No kidding!

Jokes aside, the pandemic hasn’t stopped Flashpoint from delivering top-tier esports entertainment in these trying times. Even though many doubted (and many still doubt) the quality of FACEIT’s new esports IP, it’s turning out pretty good. Well, as good as it can turn out with tier-B teams, that is.

If you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months, Flashpoint wanted to take ESL Pro League down with its innovative semi-franchising system, unique production characteristics, and lucrative prize pools. However, ESL was fast to secure all the major organizations and leave Flashpoint scraping the bottom of the bucket.

However, this hasn’t phased Flashpoint too much. Their league is still going strong with a solid esports betting ecosystem developing in the background. But, in all honesty, this could be due to the pandemic and not due to the actual league’s betting potential.

That’s as far as we’re going to go when it comes to Flashpoint vs. ESL Pro League drama! We got more important things to cover, so let’s assess the best CS:GO betting sites before moving onto our main course for today – flashpoint predictions!

Where to Bet on Flashpoint Season 1 | Best CS:GO Betting Sites

Where should I bet on CS:GO? Which online bookmakers are the best for placing esports bets?

Those two questions get dropped on a daily, and we’re answering them on virtually all picks pieces we do these days. Still, you know how they say, repetition is the mother of learning!

In other words, our esports bookies list has all the answers for you. It packs all the biggest names in the online CS:GO betting sphere and dissects their key characteristics. Choosing your go-to bookie is a matter of personal preference, and our piece won’t interfere with that. What it will interfere with is your perception of key characteristics that make good online bookies. That said, it’s a good read that’ll shed a lot of light on the esports betting scene.

Gen.G vs. Dignitas Predictions

Let’s start our Flashpoint predictions journey with Gen.G vs. Dignitas. We’re talking about two relatively new rosters that could make quite the commotion within the top ten. Flashpoint could be their jumping board to success in 2020, mark my words!

As for this particular matchup, first, we must talk about the recent head to head struggle in which Gen.G came out victorious with 2-0 on the scoreboard. Even though the end result seems like a blowout, Dignitas was inches away from winning both maps. In the end, they were all out of luck and got relegated to the lower bracket.

Since that match, Gen.G lost to MIBR, and Dignitas won against Orgless, so we could say Dignitas has winds of victory in their sails. But is that enough for me to invest my money on them? Well, believe it or not – it is! But, I’m not basing my Flashpoint predictions solely on their last matches. You see, Dignitas has a lot more experience in their team, and experience has massive significance in crucial matches such as this one.

Gen.G is a tough side to beat, that’s for sure, but Dignitas won’t be a pushover either. It will be interesting to see how the ban phase will pan out this time around. If we see the same maps, I reckon Dignitas now has a lot better chances of clinching the W. In the end, the safest pick would be total maps over 2.5 at -104, but I’ll probably go with a bit riskier wager – Dignitas to win 2-1 at +300.

Flashpoint Predictions

C0ntact vs. FPX Predictions

Next up on our Flashpoint predictions bucket list, we have C0ntact Gaming going up against FunPlus Phoenix. These two sides are direct competitors for the playoffs, with C0ntact Gaming being in a slightly better position with fifteen extra points they gathered in the first phase. Still, that won’t mean much if they lose, unless the remaining matches finish with ideal results for ottoNd and the boys.

On paper, C0ntact Gaming is a much better team. But, we have to be realistic and emphasize the fact that C0ntact Gaming greatly underperformed on Flashpoint. Yes, I know this is a different team playing without HuNter and nexa (both departed to G2), but the quality of their current roster was on par with the likes of MIBR, MAD, and Cloud9… yet they couldn’t establish themselves in the first phase and are now forced to battle for the playoffs from a tricky spot.

The new FPX roster consisting of ptr, mitch, crashies, jonji, and dapr played a solid second phase thus far. They showed off plenty of tenacity against C0ntact in the first round and defeated Chaos in what was a thrilling contest on Train. However, judging by the on-paper roster qualities and their recent head to head match in which C0ntact took the W, I can’t go with anything other than a clean match-winner on C0ntact AKA ex-CR4ZY.

Flashpoint Predictions

Cloud9 vs. Envy Predictions

Let’s start off with Envy here. After all, there’s nothing I can say about Cloud9 that could affect our Flashpoint predictions other than the fact that they’re playing this match purely for the fun of it. Yep, the boys in blue have already cemented their spot in the playoffs and can relax against Envy. MICHU and the boys, on the other hand, need a win to proceed to the playoffs and we can rest assured they’ll do their best to succeed.

However, it’s not going to be easy. Need I remind you; Envy has won just one Flashpoint match thus far. On the bright side, it was against Cloud9 in the upper bracket round one, in what was a pretty surprising turn of events on the decider map, Train.

Flashpoint Predictions | C9 vs. Envy

Coming into this match, Cloud9 is the heavy favorite despite the fact they don’t need a good result here. The boys in blue are at -223 while Envy sits at +155. On paper, Cloud9 is the rightful favorite… but I don’t have to be the one to tell you CS:GO matches aren’t won on paper.

Long story short – I’m going with Envy in this one. I have three reasons! First, they already defeated Cloud9 last week. Second, their map pool seems to be superb against that of C9. Third, Envy players will bring their A-game to try and clinch playoffs, whereas C9 players don’t have any sort of imperative for this matchup.

Flashpoint Predictions

Flashpoint Predictions | Which Teams Will Go Through?

Last but not least, it’s time to assess which eight teams will find their spot on the playoffs of the inaugural Flashpoint season. In fact, four teams are already in no matter how their phase two journey ends:

  • MIBR
  • MAD Lions
  • Cloud9
  • HAVU

Alongside these five champions who’ve already secured enough points, the second phase will bring forth four additional challengers. In my books, C0ntact and Dignitas have the best chances of going through. Although Gen.G and FPX seem like good sides, I’m afraid they might end up without a place on the final eight. Instead, Envy and Chaos ought to clinch the playoffs. However, Envy will have to defeat Cloud9 for that to happen, and that’s not going to be an easy task.

Be that as it may, we’re all done with our Flashpoint predictions. Thank you all for sticking to the very end!

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