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We didn’t have a lot of luck in our betting endeavors, not gonna lie. However, I’m sure we can turn a new page with our Fnatic vs. BIG predictions. We’re talking about a thrilling CS_Summit 6 contest that’s set to decide one of two upper bracket finalists. There’s a lot of money and RMR points on the line, meaning these two teams will do their best to come out as the winners!

Fnatic’s group of death experience was pretty solid. Much better than I thought it will be, to be quite honest with you… Especially after they lost the first match against G2. But, they turned things around against Mousesports, followed by an act of revenge against G2 in the decider match.

BIG, on the other hand, suffered a surprising loss to OG in the winners’ round, but defeating Faze Clan twice was just enough to push them through to the playoffs. Now that they’re here, our Fnatic vs. BIG predictions will try to figure out if they can come to another massive accomplishment!

Fnatic vs. BIG Predictions

Generally speaking, BIG is in excellent form… but I reckon all you CS:GO betting enthusiasts are well aware of this. Heck, they jumped from the 24th to 7th spot on HLTV.org world rankings in as little as two weeks. It all started with a brilliant performance on two #HomeSweetHome Cups where they snatched a total of $60,000. Then, they finally managed to transition their form from #HSH to a proper S-tier event – DreamHack Masters Spring. A quick reminder, they defeated G2 in the grand finals; mind you, in what was one of the most thrilling grand finals in recent CS:GO history.

For a short period, Fnatic was labeled as the best team in the world. The end of April/start of May was the time when this Fnatic roster rose up to their full potential. They won ESL Pro League S11 and played in the semifinals of IEM XIV Katowice, which was enough for them to flourish.

However, since then, Fnatic’s form dropped a bit. They failed to assert their dominance on ESL One: Road to Rio, had a bad run on Gamers Without Borders, and were absolutely atrocious on DH Masters Spring and BLAST Premier Spring Showdown. It’s safe to say they’re not the best team in the world anymore…

Map Pool Info

As always, map pool stats greatly affect our esports picks, and the same goes for our Fnatic vs. BIG predictions. Map pool info gives much insight into the banning phase which is of great importance for Bo3 contests such as this one.

Objectively, BIG should cruise to victory here, seeing as they’re superior on all but one map, Train… and as most of you know, Train is BIG’s permaban, meaning it doesn’t really affect the odds here. As for other maps, the only map Fnatic could stand a chance on is Inferno. Everything else looks pretty bleak, that is unless BIG make a whoopsie and forget to ban Train. But, let’s face it, that’s not going to happen!

Individual Player Qualities

This section doesn’t have a clear winner. Both teams have excellent rosters featuring top-tier players with plenty of experience. Even if you’re not a frequent CS:GO betting adventurer, you’re likely to know names like TabseN, syrsoN, and XANTARES on one, and Brollan, JW, and flusha on the other end.

Wrapping Things Up

All in all, BIG seems to be the favorite side coming into this contest… and that’s something our Fnatic vs. BIG predictions have to take into account. Their track record is pretty good, they’re coming off of a fantastic campaign, and their star players are in good form. The map pool is on their side too, meaning all signs point to them as the likely winners here.

Fnatic vs. BIG Betting Pick

So yeah, I’m not going against the stats this time around – a small to medium stake on BIG to win against Fnatic is what I’m going with here, and I reckon you should too!

Where to Bet on CS:GO Matches?

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It offers a ton of stuff related to finding the optimal betting sites for esports wagers. So, no matter if you’re just starting out or if you’re not satisfied with your current bookie, that guide ought to help you out!

As always – thanks for checking our esports picks out, fellas!

Donnie out…

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