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Fnatic Vs Cloud9 CSS7

Yep, I know – I messed up! I correctly predicted that FURIA and Cloud9 will opt for the exact same lineup of maps, but that darn 30-round thriller on Nuke got the better of me. C9 boys went on to eliminate another Brazilian team, though. MIBR was on the receiving end in the last chance state, but now they’re up against Fnatic and that one is not going to be an easy task.

Yep, Fnatic vs. Cloud9 predictions are what we’re here for today! The third quarterfinal match that’s set to decide who goes up against the winner of OG vs. Heroic. Looking back at the group stage matchups, Fnatic is the definitive favorite in this one. But, Cloud9 will be a tough contestant. They’ve shown us they can play around on Overpass and Inferno, and that’s something the Swedish boys will have to take into account!

CS_Summit 7 is slowly reaching its final stage! Just two more matchdays and we’re all done. The CSGO community is slowly switching its focus towards the 2021 BLAST Premier Spring season that’s set to start next week.

Fnatic vs. Cloud9 Predictions

But, CS_Summit 7 is still going strong, with what ought to be a few more high-value betting opportunities for us to explore. Our Fnatic vs. Cloud9 betting predictions definitely fall into the same category. There are strengths on both ends, weaknesses too. It’s going to interesting to see how these two prepare for their quarterfinal clash, especially knowing C9 had to go through the hassle of the last chance stage.

What about Fnatic?

Well, everyone expected the Swedes to do good on this event… and let’s just say they didn’t fail to deliver. A clean win against Complexity in the opening round followed by a proper scare against OG. But hey, overtimes aside, Fnatic took the big W and that’s all that matters at the end of the day!


What about expectations, you may ask… What about them? We’ve reached the point in CS_Summit 7 where every team wants to go even further into the bracket. I mean, it’s nothing exclusive about CS_Summit 7, it’s what happens on every event of such kind.

Still, teams’ expectations are one; realistic expectations are something else entirely! Realistically, Fnatic is the team everyone expects to go through here. They’ve topped their group, they’ve outclassed Complexity, and defeated OG in the winners’ round.

The latter came after a hard-fought contest, but hey, a win is a win. Cloud9, on the other hand, lost against FURIA twice, and only managed to defeat out-of-form NiP and MIBR with roster issues. Can you tell where I’m going with this and why this bears importance for our Fnatic vs. Cloud9 predictions?

Map Pool Stats

Expectations-aside, the map pool stats point out Dust 2 and Nuke as potentially splendid choices for the NA organization. Both maps are on Fnatic’s no-go list, but I’m afraid they’ll only be able to ban one of them… preferably Dust 2.

Inferno, Train, and Vertigo; all these maps favor Fnatic, with Overpass and Mirage being no man’s land.

It’ll be interesting to see what’s going to be the third map. If we’re to see Overpass settle the difference, that’s a guaranteed thriller!

Roster Strength and Readiness

KRIMZ is back, ladies and gentlemen! The 26-year-old Swedish maestro is enjoying himself out there. He’s been the best player in both of Fnatic’s group stage matches. Brollan was right there beside him. This is the perfect mixture of experience and raw talent Fnatic needs to have their big breakthrough this year.

Please Note:
Consistency is what they’ve been lacking all along, though. If they can solve that issue, they could be a massive surprise! As for Cloud9, it has become obvious over the duration of the event that Xeppaa will need more time to adjust to new surroundings.

He’s showing good potential, but it’s obvious he lacks proper sync with the team. Mezii and floppy are taking care of their part of the work, but everyone else has been pretty lethargic. I’ve expected more from es3tag too, but I guess he’s just another piece of the C9 puzzle that hasn’t exactly snapped into place just yet.

Readiness-wise, I reckon both sets of players are as ready and motivated as they can be! Cloud9 did have extra matches to play, but they rose to the occasion and will have winds of victory in their sails. However, the same can be said about Fnatic too; overtime thrillers always add extra spice to a team’s morale!

Betting on CS_Summit 7 | Should You Do It?

Should you even bet on CS_Summit 7? With just two more matchdays to go, it’s not late to start… but is it worth joining in this late? Well, if you’ve been following the action, I see no reason against betting on CSGO here.

Even if you have no prior experience and you haven’t been watching the matches, I reckon using CS_Summit 7 as a learning experience is a good idea.

It’ll prepare you for much bigger events further down the line, BLAST Premier Spring being the first. It starts in just a week so you better get a grasp on the whole esports betting thing!

As for our Fnatic vs. Cloud9 picks, here’s what we have in store for you:

Fnatic vs. Cloud9 Betting Predictions
Fnatic to Win!

Cloud9 had major problems with MIBR, but they did eventually snatch the last remaining spot in the playoffs. And while I do think they’ll put up a proper fight against Fnatic (they are likely to snatch a map), I doubt they’ll go through to the semifinals. It would take more than just a good day for all five players to beat Fnatic.

It’d take a high dose of luck too, combined with a particularly uninspired form of Fnatic boys.

I’m not trying to oversell the Swedes here, but I do think they’re a vastly better team than Cloud9, at least at the moment. Xeppaa needs more time to adjust – let’s leave it at that!

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