Fnatic vs. MAD Lions Betting Predictions | DreamHack Masters Spring EU Picks & Betting Odds

Fnatic vs. MAD Lions Betting Predictions | DreamHack Masters Spring EU Picks & Betting Odds

We’ve witnessed several surprises yesterday. DreamHack Masters Spring EU playoffs took us by surprise, making us lose two out of three wagers. Astralis lost to Ninjas in Pyjamas in what was a pretty remarkable double-overtime on the third map. On top of that, BIG stomped Faze, with NiKo and the boys delivering one of their worst performances in 2020. Next up on our chopping block, we have Fnatic vs. MAD Lions, a chaotic lower bracket encounter that will decide who goes against NaVi in the third LB round.

Both teams have had their ups and downs over the course of the last few months. MAD Lions went on to win the inaugural season of Flashpoint and still have a shot at qualifying for the BLAST Premier Finals. Fnatic, on the other hand, won’t be playing on BLAST Premier Finals after losing to Vitality in the semifinals last week. On the bright side, the Swedes managed to squeeze through DH Masters Spring playoffs where they beat Complexity in the first lower bracket round.

Fnatic vs. MAD Lions Betting Predictions

Coming into this match, esports betting platforms don’t see a clear favorite. In fact, most places have Fnatic and MAD lions at exactly the same odds, ranging from -115 to -120, depending on profit margins. Fnatic’s bad form coupled with MAD Lions’ excellent performances in recent weeks ought to make for a shocking match that’ll be a treat to watch!

Danish Lions are MAD!!!

MAD Lions aren’t just a one-hit-wonder – they’ve made that pretty clear by beating the likes of Mousesports and Fnatic following their massive Flashpoint success. The Danes are looking strong across all departments, both individually and collectively, against weaker and stronger teams. They are rarely the dominant favorites coming into matches on top-tier events, but that doesn’t seem to be phasing them. They are used to the underdogs’ collar so much that, at this point, it only gives them more motivation to present their A-game. Bubzkji and roeJ are in great forms, displaying excellent stats throughout the last month or so. The likes of sjuush and AcilioN fell down a bit, but they’re expected to come back even stronger!

As far as maps go, MAD Lions are excellent on Nuke and Mirage, hovering on 80% and 73% win rate over the last three months. Fnatic, on the other hand, are outright terrible on both maps (35.7% and 45.5%). They are great on Train (77.8%), though I doubt MAD Lions will leave that map open… Inferno is likely to be the third map (if the match goes to the decider), and I firmly believe MAD Lions will take the Swedes down with their impressive banana control and mid plays.

Fnatic Needs to Wake Up

One thing is for sure – Fnatic needs to wake up. Their terrible form is really making our Fnatic vs. MAD Lions predictions easier than I initially thought. Yep, I guess you can already tell which way these esports picks are going to go!

What’s the issue with Fnatic these days? How is it possible that they fell so hard after finally reaching the top of the world, be it for just a few days? Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the reason… and trust me, I’ve looked everywhere.

From what I could tell, they keep making all the wrong in-game choices. That, coupled with the fact they don’t have the fragging potential when either Brollan or flusha are having a bad day, equals a pretty unimpressive and highly inconsistent level of play. Something needs to change otherwise Fnatic will go down the depths of competitive play, just like they did last year…

Fnatic vs. MAD Lions Predictions

Surprise, surprise – I’m not going with a total maps over bet here, even though we’re looking at an immensely tight contest. Instead, I’m opting for in-form MAD Lions here, the team that should control the matchup from the very first round.

While I’m not saying Fnatic is necessarily inferior to the Danes, the fact of the matter is their form has been subpar for quite a while.

The last good Fnatic campaign was roughly two months ago when they won ESL Pro League S11 EU and jumped to the top of HLTV.org rankings. Since then, however, they had a disastrous run on ESL One: Road to Rio, and unimpressive displays on Gamers Without Borders and BLAST Premier Spring 2020 EU.

By looking at the overall stats, individual forms and the map pool discrepancies, I honestly think Fnatic’s DreamHack Masters Spring EU run will end here. MAD Lions seem to be the superior side and should cruise to victory. How far can the Danes go? Well, if everything aligns properly, perhaps they even make it to the lower bracket finals, seeing as NaVi is in a pretty big slump too…

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