Fnatic vs. MAD Lions Clan Betting Predictions | IEM XV Beijing-Haidian Match Analysis

Fnatic VsMad Lons IEM Beijing

Let’s be real here, guys – we aren’t doing very well out there! Our IEM XV Beijing betting picks haven’t been all that good, and we need to change that. Hopefully, our Fnatic vs. MAD Lions predictions will get us back on the right track and start a winning spree!

As usual, we’re bringing forth a ton of information about both sides; their recent campaigns, individual performances, and map pool stats. Of course, there are far more variables that decide the outcome of CSGO matches. These vary from matchup to matchup, and it’s up to you to find them and recognize their value.

CSGO betting online is a popular niche these days. Plenty of people already belong to the hardcore veterans’ club, but many are joining in on the fun as we speak. With each passing event, the number of active esports betting enthusiasts increases.

If you’re taking your first steps in this exciting new niche, here are some ground rules you should follow.

Things to Know Before Placing Your First CSGO Bet Online

First of all, you need to understand that we’re talking about real-money esports betting here! If that’s what you were after, then great! If not, if you’ve hoped for some sort of a skin betting scheme, I’m afraid that’s not the best course of action.

You see, while skin betting can seem appealing at first, mostly because of the very premise “I’m not losing real money, I’m losing in-game items”, the gravity of the situation is completely different. Without going into too many details, let’s just say that you should stay away from skin betting. It’s a shady business, one you should not be a part of.

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Another thing you should keep tabs on before you end up slurping a ton of money is the so-called chasing losses technique. Well, it’s not really a technique, more like a free fall to your financial doom. Chasing losses is when people keep investing money despite massive losses. Don’t do that – that’s a road to misery right there!

Fnatic vs. MAD Lions Predictions

No one really expected MAD Lions and Fnatic to win their opening matches. However, MAD Lions gave S1mple’s NaVi a proper run for their money. It was a hard-fought contest from the first to the last round. The third map was a proper nail-biter too, but NaVi’s experience was what decided the outcome in the end. Fnatic also lost on overtime; not the decider map, though! It was the first map (Mirage) against Complexity. It definitely broke their spirits coming into the second map, and the result was more than obvious.

Even though MAD Lions left a slightly better opening-round impression, our Fnatic vs. MAD Lions predictions are here to focus on much more than just that… so let’s kick it off!

Recent Campaigns

MAD Lions’ only glory in 2020 was the inaugural season of Flashpoint. Unfortunately, they were forced to make roster alterations that, quite frankly, make them more vulnerable than ever before. I’m not necessarily saying HooXi and refresh are bad players, I’m just saying their qualities won’t be visible since they’ve joined the team just more than a month ago. It will take more time for them to sync up, and that’s going to be an issue coming into the match with Fnatic.

The Swedes are also a one-event-glory type of a team in 2020!

Their only title dates back to April when they won ESL Pro League Season 11 EU event. Since then, the best campaign was reaching the semifinals on last month’s IEM XV New York. There’s one thing I need to emphasize here – I believe Fnatic’s form is far superior to MAD Lions because they’re used to playing against top-tier teams whereas MAD Lions have typically competed on smaller events. The lack of proper competition must’ve taken a toll on MAD Lions’ sharpness!

Map Pool Stats

Now let’s get into the next chapter of these Fnatic vs. MAD Lions predictions – map pool! Statistically (and remember, statistics lie!!!), MAD Lions’ map pool is far superior to that of the Swedes. Fnatic is statistically better on just two maps, both of which are typically MAD Lions’ permaban (they like to counter other teams with their permabans). In other words, MAD Lions’ stats are better on five maps.

They are at less than a 50% win rate on two of those, which just goes to show you pure stats won’t get you far in the esports betting sphere.

Realistically, I can’t say that MAD Lions is going to win easily win the map baning phase here. They have slightly better options, that’s true, but their roster alterations are bound to alter the way they pick and play certain maps.

Individual Stats

We all know teamwork makes the dream work, but players and their individual qualities are known for deciding tight contests… and from all we’ve seen thus far in these Fnatic vs. MAD Lions predictions, this has all the makings of a tight ordeal.

Which side has the better set of players that could influence crucial rounds?

Well, if it comes to that, I reckon Fnatic will take the win! Brollan and KRIMZ are the key players – all eyes will be on them once the first round kicks off!

The Swedes are the better team on paper, with plenty of experience in top-tier competitive CSGO. Plus, their form is slightly better than that of MAD Lions. Everything points to their win, so that’s what I’m going with!

Fnatic vs. MAD Lions Betting Predictions
Fnatic to Win!

The odds on Fnatic to take this one home are rather surprising. Honestly, with all we’ve seen thus far in our Fnatic vs. MAD Lions predictions, I expect to see something like -200 to -230. That said, -154 is like a jackpot here! I’m confident the Swedes will put our worries to rest and help us build towards our CSGO betting winning streak!

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