Fnatic vs. MIBR Betting Predictions | Flashpoint Season 2 Playoffs Analysis

Fnatic Vs MIBR Flashpoint Season 2

The second season of Flashpoint is in full flow, boys and girls! The first round of the playoffs is all done and we already know both upper bracket semifinal matchups and their lower bracket counterparts. Fnatic vs. MIBR predictions revolve around the upper bracket action. The winner of this one goes up against the winner of Virtus.pro vs. BIG for a spot in the grand finals.

CSGO betting demand in this part of the year usually isn’t that high. However, this year has been different in many ways, one of which is an absolute ton of top-tier events scheduled for the last two months. DreamHack Masters Winter kickstarted yesterday, Flashpoint 2 is in full flow, with BLAST Premier Fall Finals and IE MXV Global Challenge still to go. Which teams are going to step up to the occasion and finish 2020 with a proper bang? Well, that’s the million-dollar question, isn’t it?

There’s still one question left in the open – should you bet on CSGO? If you’re just starting out, I won’t try to chase you away. But what I will say is this – don’t invest too much right off the bat. Start off slowly, with a smaller investment, and use it to test the waters. If you like the whole esports betting feeling, then you can go for it and invest more time (and money) into your endeavors.

Fnatic vs. MIBR Predictions

Back to the main topic – Fnatic vs. MIBR predictions!

Both teams qualified for the playoffs via the lower bracket. MIBR was there since the first round, fighting their way through Envy and ForZe only to get stopped by BIG in the group stage finals. And it was a pretty close match too – 16:14 on the decider map in favor of BIG following exceptional performances by XANTARES and TabseN.

As for Fnatic, they defeated C0ntact Gaming in the opening round only to get served a reverse sweep by MAD Lions. They got thrown into the lower bracket final against Dignitas, a test they passed without too much hassle. To wrap the group stage up, Fnatic had their revenge against MAD Lions in the grand finals.

Recent Campaigns

Prior to Flashpoint Season 2, Fnatic had two unsuccessful campaigns – IEM XV Beijing and DreamHack Open Fall. IEM XV New York was a bit better; Fnatic reached the semifinals where they got swept away by in-form OG. Unfortunately, the last solid campaign by the Swedish team was way back in April when they had won ESL Pro League S11 EU, before succumbing to the pressure and tying one bad campaign after another. No wonder they’re hoping to end their drought with the Flashpoint S2 title… With the KRIMZ VAC ban saga done and dusted, they might even stand a chance.

The fiery Brazilians are once again coming into a match as underdogs. Can they take another scalp and get one step closer to the grand finals? Well, if we’re judging by their recent campaigns, things aren’t looking all that good.

The story is similar to that of Fnatic – plenty of international campaigns but pretty bad results.

The best one is MIBR’s grand finals’ finish on BLAST Premier Spring American Finals, but that was way back in June, back with a totally different MIBR roster.

As far as our Fnatic vs. MIBR predictions go, recent campaigns won’t be of much help. We need to dig deeper!

Individual Stats

kNgV- and v$m seem to be the best of what MIBR has to offer at the moment. They’ve been their key players throughout this competiton, and Brazilians CSGO fans must hope they show us more of the same coming into this important match.

Brollan and KRIMZ are still the main fraggers in this Fnatic roster.

As stated earlier, KRIMZ’s ban has been cleared up and he’ll be ready for action against MIBR. Heck, he’s played against DIGNITAS too, playing no small part in their 2:1 victory that pushed them through to this contest. KRIMZ’s and Brollan’s forms are definitely important for our final Fnatic vs. MIBR predictions!

Map Pool Stats

There’s not too much to talk about map-pool-wise because MIBR still hasn’t played enough matches for us to call certain maps in their favor. Remember, MIBR’s newest roster mixup was finalized in late October. With a little over a month of competitive CSGO, it’s definitely too early to be giving concrete map picks, don’t you agree?

Believe it or not, this will be the first head to head contest between MIBR and Fnatic. How is that possible? I really don’t know… What I know that it’s happening, and it’s a pretty important match too. There’s something else important besides that – our FNatic vs. MIBR predictions!

Fnatic vs. MIBR Predictions
Fnatic to win 2:1!

Another risky wager – no wonder we haven’t been doing so well in recent weeks. But, we have to get a few high-value wagers in.

If they go through, they’ll be of massive help for upcoming betting opportunities.

I guess that’s it, boys and girls. Thanks for reading the whole thing!

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