Fnatic vs. Mousesports Betting Predictions | ESL Pro League Season 12 Picks

ESL Pro League Fnatic Vs Mousesports

Things are spicing up in both NA and EU ESL Pro League Season 12 events. The European group B has already packed quite a bit of surprise. I’m mainly referring to Faze Clan and Astralis losing their opening matches. Today, though, we’re not here to talk about the losers – we’re here to talk about the winners!

Fnatic and Mousesports cruised to opening-round wins against Faze and Spirit, respectively. Those results make our Fnatic vs. Mousesports predictions that much more complicated, but hey, they should make for better value too!

Before we venture deeper into our esports picks, here’s a short section for all you beginners out there reading this:

How to Bet on ESL Pro League Season 12?

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Fnatic vs. Mousesports Predictions

Coming into this match, Fnatic is portrayed as the favorite side.

All major bookies have them as the favorites, following a rough win against Spirit in the first round.

But, there’s more to it than just the last match. You see, Fnatic’s 2020 was a lot better than that of Mousesports. In fact, let’s move onto the first topic of our Fnatic vs. Mousesports predictions – form!


Which of the two teams is in better form? Well, if we look at Mousesports’ results in 2020 thus far, we’ll realize they’ve only had two good campaigns. First one, ICE Challenge 2020 trophy; second one, second-place finish on ESL Pro League Season 11 EU. In fact, that particular event ended with Fnatic beating Mousesports in the grand finals.

Fnatic’s 2020 can be summed up in similar terms. They also had just two solid campaigns and that’s it. They’ve been battling with consistency for the entire season, with no end to their issues in sight. They haven’t made any roster alterations yet, but it wouldn’t surprise me if we see some action soon… assuming their performances don’t improve overnight.

Head to Head Matches

Typically, this part of our Fnatic vs. Mousesports predictions is dedicated to map pool depth. However, I just couldn’t extract any valuable info from the stats of both teams, so I opted for a closer look into the most recent head to head matches.

However, that wasn’t too helpful either. You see, Fnatic has ten h2h wins, Mouz has nine. However, Mousesports is yet to win against Fnatic in 2020… but then again, this seems like the perfect opportunity.

Player Qualities

Which way is this section of our Fnatic vs. Mousesports heading? On one end, we have the likes of Brollan and KRIMZ. On the other end, we have in-form ropz and somewhat solid frozen. Experience-wise, I guess Mousesports fares slightly better. But, if we look at the overall roster quality, I’d reckon Fnatic makes up for the lack of experience.

Bymas could be the deciding factor coming into this one.

Looking back at his debut against his former team, Faze Clan, I must admit the 17-year-old blew me away. His performance on Inferno was superb.

He was good on Nuke too, but that Inferno gameplay of his took me by surprise, to say the least. If he shows up for the occasion, I reckon Mousesports will take care of this one.

Fnatic vs. Mousesports Predictions
Mousesports to Win!

Mousesports it is, huh? Yep, the team I was so strongly bashing on for the last few months is finally back on the plate! It’s true – Mousesports’ 2020 has been a wreckfest thus far, but they’re finally starting to budge and show their true potential. Woxic is out of the equation, and even though many fans think that’s a bad move, Bymas proved them wrong. He had an amazing match against his old team, and must’ve been one happy chap following the last round.

Faze Clan, on the other hand, expected a lot more from Kjaerbye right off the bat. However, he failed to deliver.

He wasn’t the worst player on the team, but he’s far from the form Faze Clan was hoping he’d be. There’s still time for him to improve, but I reckon it won’t be that soon.

That said, I believe we’re all done with our Fnatic vs. Mousesports predictions!

May the odds be in your favor…

Donnie out.

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