Fnatic vs. SK Gaming Predictions | 2021 LEC Spring Split Playoffs

The 2021 LEC Spring Split playoffs are finally here and, needless to say, they’ll surely deliver in all the right ways! That’s the only possibility, after all, when you have a slew of teams with a penchant for skirmishing and some of the best players in Western history.

So, it’s about time we go over a couple of predictions — we’ll focus on Fnatic vs. SK Gaming first!

This particular clash might not seem all that enticing, but you really shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. It is, in many ways, one of the most peculiar Best of 5s of the playoffs, which means you should definitely tune in if you have the time!

Fnatic will almost surely win!

That’s basically a foregone conclusion — but SK never goes down without a fight, so we’ll definitely be entertained regardless of the final outcome!

Fnatic vs. SK Gaming Predictions

Interestingly enough, LEC teams have had two whole weeks to recuperate and prepare for the playoffs, unlike in North America where the regular portion of the split was basically merged with the first-ever Mid-Season Showdown. Two weeks is quite a lot of time to prepare for just a single opponent, but not all teams can take advantage of such a luxurious time frame equally. It really depends on the line-up, its veterancy, and how experienced a coaching staff is leading the whole process.

Fnatic obviously has the edge in this department, much like they do in every other. They have the better players, the more experienced coaching staff, a higher skill ceiling, and a boatload of mechanical talent.

That’s pretty much why they’re so heavily favored.
Still, if SK Gaming cared much for the odds, they probably wouldn’t have even made it into the playoffs. No one gave them much of a shot, and yet SK continually managed to compete with the best teams in the LEC and had even won on a couple of occasions. Not too shabby for a team without any true superstar player or hardcarry worthy of such a title!

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They care very little for what people think of them, and that, in short, is arguably their biggest strength coming into the playoffs. Well, they’re pretty darn talented as well, which obviously doesn’t hurt. They do pale in comparison to Fnatic, though, which is quite a natural thing — the former “Kings of Europe” are pretty much stacked from top to bottom.

Still, both teams had their ups and downs throughout the regular portion of the split, and nothing should be taken for granted.

A Battle of Losing Streaks

The interesting thing about this specific Best of 5 is the fact that neither team will step foot on stage with a whole lot of momentum. In fact, we’re putting it mildly here. Fnatic are on a three-game losing streak, whereas SK — not to be outdone — went a “step further” and have accrued an even more dreadful streak of five losses. The last time they got their hands raised was a whole month ago which, in all fairness, isn’t a good look.

At least Fnatic have an excuse.

Their veteran support Hylissang and assistant coach Tolki have both tested positive for COVID-19 right before the final week of play which (obviously) affected their preparation and performance.

Losing your three final games (in just as many days) is not the way you want to finish things off, but it makes sense that they’d underperform given what they had to deal with.

Enough time has passed, though, and they’re hungry to get back in the win column. They have all the tools to outclass SK Gaming — of that we’re all aware.

Will they get it done in quick, 3-0 fashion?

It’s impossible to know at this point in time, but the potential is certainly there. It really depends on how well they’ve been preparing for this match and whether or not they’re still feeling the aftermath of that whole COVID-19 scare.

SK Gaming haven’t been “figured out,” but they have been underperforming, and doubly so.

Can they shore up their biggest weaknesses in just a couple of weeks’ time?

We’d be inclined to say “no,” but it’s far from impossible. Still, even at their best, they shouldn’t be able to compete with Fnatic on even footing. They lack in the most key areas of play (when compared to Fnatic, at least) and even though they’ll surely trade blows with the boys in black and orange, there’s almost no way they’ll ever be able to emerge victorious.

Regardless, they’ll surely fight their hearts out which should, in turn, result in a very entertaining Best of 5. Pretty much the perfect opener for what’ll undoubtedly end up as one of the most entertaining playoffs in recent history!

Match Winner
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